Wednesday, November 12, 2008

mud mud glorious mud - not

  • 2002 - Iggy Pop; Marianne Faithful
  • 2003 - Pretenders; Supergrass; REM
  • 2004 - Starsailor; Patti Smith; The Streets; Kings of Leon
  • 2005 - Deep Purple; New Order; The Stooges; Franz Ferdinand
  • 2006 - Pixies; Placebo (yes, again);Tracy Chapman
  • 2007 - Peter Gabriel; Bryan Ferry; Kasabian
  • 2008 - The Kooks; Ben Harper; Motorhead; ZZ Top; Duffy; Morcheeba

  • Listed above are some of the acts that have played at a summer festival that is held very near to where I live. I've listed the ones that I consider famous, but people that prefer rap or French bands might find some of the other acts that I haven't listed more their sort of thing. David Bowie was meant to play in 2004 but he had his heart problem and had to pull out.

    Now wouldn't you think that I would have gone to see some of the best bands around today? It is a 15-minute drive from our house to the festival ground; it is well run and people come from all over France to be part of this event, the largest festival in France. It is called Vieilles Charrues which means Old Ploughs.

    So why haven't I gone? I guess I like my comfort too much and little things would irk me somewhat, such as queuing for less than clean loos, being part of a huge crowd, the dirt and mud, if the band wasn't great live I might moan a bit - in general I've become a bit fixed in my ways.

    When I was young and wayward I would hear my parents tell each other 'she'll get over it - it's only a phase'. Well, they were right - parents usually are but you never think so at the time. Years ago I went to quite a few summer festivals, usually having to travel a long way to get to them. I'd have been overjoyed to have one virtually on my doorstep.

    I really must try and make an effort for 2009*. I could even get myself one of these, but imagine how I'd feel when they checked my bag at the entrance.

    *Edit - I'm going to go to the festival this year and you can read about it here


    Kathy said...

    haha you are so funny, some great bands there, maybe you could pop home for the loo. We have all but given up concerts and festivals, my kids go to V festival every year with their tents and wellies, "my worst nightmare" I would rather go see Tom Jones at the Veterans Hall in San Raphael (oh! yes I did). Kathy

    Blu said...

    you have brought tears to my eyes...looking at that pee thing..what a great list of performers..The French sure love people like Duffy and Bryan Ferry and so do I.

    French Fancy... said...

    mama - yes, but did you throw your undies at him, Kathy?

    blu - every year well before it starts I announce that this year I'm actually going but I never do. I Could just go for half a day, break myself in gently.

    Don't either of you eat cake? You've not done my poll because I know the two others that have done it.

    will said...

    Soon some of the performers will be using walkers to get on stage.

    Age being what it is and what it does to bladder retention - I'm betting the loo lines (here they are often referred to as 'honey buckets') - well, those lines will be REALLY long!

    Anonymous said...

    The French would think that it was a device connected to wine-no problem there at all!! :))

    Tess Kincaid said...

    Cute little gadget, but a tad awkward to use in public, I would think! ;^)

    I'm with you on the crowds and mud.

    Lulu LaBonne said...

    I thought that I'd grown out of festivals too, but I went along to one in the summer (no mud and very civilised loos) and it was great. Give it a whirl girl

    nikkicrumpet said...

    I think I'd just turn on the radio and snuggle in my jammies too. I'm a real homebody and don't like crowds. Unless it's a sporting even...then I'm there!

    Lane Mathias said...

    Thought I'd come to have a nose and what do I find but cake! And a cakie poll. I've come home:-)

    I went to a festival in the summer only because it was on my doorstop so no camping. Was surprised at how civilised they are nowadays and most festival goers were middle aged. Which is as it should be:-)

    But the loos....Let's just say I held on:-)

    French Fancy... said...

    bill - how long can some of those old rockers keep going? Of course Jagger/Richards spring to mind.
    'honey buckets' - I can honestly say I've never ever heard that before :)

    anonymous - hehehe, I don't think I could even fit one of those devices into my bag. The spout would stick out.

    willow - yet looking at those amazon reviews some women wouldn't leave home without one. Mind you, some of the loos on the French motorway leave a lot to be desired - maybe I should get one.

    lulu - well I'm really going to give it a try next year. Mind you I said that this year and last year and etc etc

    nikki - I've also gone off crowds. I'm just about going into winter hibernation mode atm

    lane - when I watch Glastonbury on tv I'm always pleased to note that during crowd shots so many people look years older than me. So you've also got a festival on your doorstep. I must go to Vieille Charrues- there's no excuse

    cheshire wife said...

    I can not imagine what one does with that gadget!

    I am sure the festival would be fine if you do not have to stay overnight.

    I have not gone to any sort of festival which lasted all night or involved sleeping in a tent since the night I finished my A levels, when I went to an all night concert and was violently sick at 3am. I just wished that I could have been at home in bed. The last place I wanted to be was in a field in the middle of nowhere.

    Brother Tobias said...

    I looked up you gadget. Amazon are offering 7 used or new. Used? Aaach!

    French Fancy... said...

    cheshire wife - I think if I go it will just be for half a day. It will probably take me half a day to find a smooth bit of ground to sit on = not that I like my comfort or anything

    brother tobias - Yuk, no? I just love the name = shewee. How could they come up with such a good name?

    Carol said... are the second person I know who has mentioned those in the last few days!!! I'm not what that says about me and the people I associate with....

    C x

    French Fancy... said...

    what, the shewee? Isn't that a great name? I'd love to have been at the brainstorming meeting when they were trying to come up with a name for that product.