Friday, October 24, 2008

Stand by your phone at 7pm

Monday evening I have my first telephone tutorial of this year's OU course*. All you OU-ers back in the UK, how lucky you are each month to sit in a library or classroom somewhere and have a conventional lesson.I believe you can also attend other tutorials from other courses if you so desire. Spare a thought for us expats; not only do we have to pay more than twice as much as you, we have nowhere to hide when asked a question over the phone. You lot can avert your eyes when the tutor looks around prior to selecting a questionee; you can drop a pen or look down at your doodles and hope you are not the one about to stutter that you don't really know the answer.

Over a phone there is nowhere to go. It is just you and some voices and I believe for this forthcoming lesson there is also a piano.

this *is my course.



Dumdad said...


I've just seen your comment about my dad's poem. Many thanks. It's odd you should comment on my Pause for Poetry series because I was thinking today I hadn't done one for a while and will do soon.

BB's one and only poem (that I know of) makes its appearance in my series. There are other tributes to some poet pals as well.

Good luck with your course. I had a look at what you're tackling - that's a lot of work but, hopefully, enjoyable!

marc aurel said...

Well even further away we have no OU at all. I do wonder whether people sell their CD's on ebay or somewhere. Maybe an intellectual car boot sale, (we always go to the not particularly intellectual ones on our summer hols in England). My brother lives in France and has just retired, mmm; maybe we could share a course.

Blu said...

I look forward to you enlightening us readers. Sounds interesting but way over my head.

Traveller said...

Extremely interesting course.........wish I had 10 lives to follow all my interests.Seeing your course highlights things I would like to do.

French Fancy said...

dumdad - It is a lot of work, not helped by the fact that I have rediscovered my love of blogging. But I can only study hard for an hour at a time and this here is my breaktime.

I'm working my way through your Pause for Poetry - excellent series.

French Fancy said...

marc - it's not just cds for an OU course. You get about a dozen books, a few DVDs and a lot of other paraphanalia as well as the cds.

There is an OU magazine that is sent out to students and you often see second hand courses for sale. This is now my fourth course with them - only another three or four and I'll get my humanities degree.

French Fancy said...

blue- good pun on enlightening. I thought OU stuff might be a bit too dull to blog about intensively, but maybe I will. I have already got an OU section in my chapter headings on the right here, if you are interested.

French Fancy said...

traveller, so far it is fascinating. Up to the French Revolution now, despite the fact that next week I'll be starting my essay on Don Giovanni. My reading is overtaking the essay planning.

You mean there's more??? said...

It's very odd reading your blog, we have a house that cannot be far from you and Guerledan is one of our favourite places.


French Fancy said...

Hope it does not make it too odd for you to read about an area you know so well from somebody else's perspective.

(WOOSH - that was the sound of my grip on English grammar disappearing once again)