Thursday, October 23, 2008

I ate some dog food

I recently blogged about the non-delivery of some organic dog food that I'd ordered online. Following on from that I decided that I would return to home cooking for the dogs, something I did about two years ago. The reason I stopped it back then was that I was concerned they would not be getting all the vitamins and minerals they needed. The thing is that commercial dog food was not around in our grandparents' days, yet dogs way back when grew up healthy and happy.

So, back I've gone, and my first concoction - as seen above - is tinned tuna, brown rice, pureed carrots and some sunflower oil. It was so delicious that I had a few spoonfuls,(yes, in front of them - they weren't pleased because they know that the blue bowl is their prep bowl). They also have a cheese course (I know, I know) which is enriched with calcium and into that I press an Omega oil 3,6,9 capsule and a multi vitamin. Their treats are now fresh apple, pear and carrot slices and it's been a joy to say goodbye to the vagaries of delivery vans and the sort of intensive dog food marketing that is aimed at suckers like me.

I know I sound like a doggy nutter and I suppose I am really. I draw the line, however, at clothes for dogs. You'd be surprised at how many dog websites there are now with items like dresses and matching shoes (four of course, be a bit silly with two shoes on four paws), little matching hats and knickers (with a hole for...the tail of course). The only silly dog thing I almost bought was a doggy umberella and a matching human one. Thank goodness I was talked out of it. I want it on record that it was a long time ago and I'm normal again.


Dumdad said...

That looks really yummy. Not.

Crescendo said...

Nice blog ! Bravo !

French Fancy said...

Dumdad, have you ever seen dog food (or catfood I guess) that looked yummy? At least mine tasted delicious, although I admit a big bowl of slop is not a good look. They do seem to enjoy it I'm happy to say.

French Fancy said...

crescendo, I've just looked at your blog and it is dazzling, so I thank you very much for your compliment.