Saturday, May 01, 2010

I was tempted - and then I gave in

It's difficult sometimes. You mean to be strong and not give in but then something happens and that weak person within comes stumbling out.

Yesterday, barely 48 hours after joining Glowria, my little white envelope was placed in the post box - the envelope containing my four selected films for the month (unlike a lot of online dvd clubs, Gloria send you your quota all at once - then on the 28th of each month I get my next lot).

I didn't receive Vicky Christina Barcelona in this lot. I got Thirteen, Borat, Milk and - joy of joys - Julie and Julia. Now, I'd already told Mr FF that this would be our Saturday or Sunday thing - catching up on movies and I'd promised myself that I would not watch anything until he was back home (he comes and goes rather). Oh, but I love Meryl more than any other actress and I'd wanted to see J&J ever so much.

Yes - last night I sat and revelled in one of the best films I've seen in ages. I knew the outline of the film but I didn't know it would feature the joy of blogging so much. It also has another of my favourites in it - Jane Lynch; you might know her as Sue in Glee.

I might even have to buy this film, that's how much I enjoyed it.


Sarah said...

I haven't seen J&J yet either but I should - a film about cooking and blogging with Meryl Streep is a Must See!! I'm glad it lived up to your expectations!

Steve said...

Forbidden pleasures are pleasures indeed! :-)

Phil Lowe said...

Tee hee. Who can blame you. J&J is one film I could watch again and again and again and again. Bon Appetit!!!

I just realised that I did a blog post about films on my other blog. Http://

Nora Johnson said...

I saw J & J recently on a long-haul flight. Excellent, despite all those **** interruptions!(No, I don't want to hear I'm flying into a tornado at X,OOO feet). The other option was "Bad Santa". Since this is translated in China as "Santa is a Pervert", I thought I'd give it a miss this time...

Enjoy the rest of those guilty pleasures!


PS Love to the beautiful bichons x

French Fancy said...

Sarah - I reckon all bloggers everywhere could really identify with 'Julie'

Steve - I did feel a moment's disloyalty though.

Phil - I seem to remember you covering J&J in one of your posts a while back

Mora - I never realised there would be so much about the French lifestyle in the 'Julia' part -Meryl, food, France, blogging - no wonder I enjoyed it so much.

Kisses back to the gorgeous Lola

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds like a sublime time :)

Ayak said...

Well I know I've said I'm not really into films in a big way, but this sounds very much like one I'd enjoy. Must look out for it x

Delana said...

I know, isn't it wonderful? I loved the book even more but Meryl is simply not to be missed. It's raining today and I need to figure out how to rent a movie since I haven't joined Glowria yet. But I will. 18 1/2 pounds. Holy smokes! You are cruisin'! Congratulations, my dear.

Carol said...

Ooohhh it sounds fab....I can't wait to see it now!!

C x

Lulu LaBonne said...

Great that it arrived - what a great christening for Glowria

C. Troubadour said...

Hee hee. Meryl Streep is quite amazing. I haven't seen J&J, but we did see Borat a few years back. I cannot wait to hear what you think of it. It's ... unique.

e said...

FF: J and J was a fun movie. I'll send further recs if you'll send an email. Enjoy!

Jean said...

I agree, I will watch it again, and again.
Same with Mama Mia and Wild Hogs.
We find any film with a "12" age rating is worth looking out for. That means it has no gratuitous violence, swearing or horror. All of which I find unpalatable these days.

Owen said...

Oh my, sounds like fun, all these films, just don't turn into a couch potato...

Merisi said...

Julia has been a household name for my children as far back as they can remember (I learned to cook with her books and TV shows), so it was a natural that we'd all go to the movies together to watch it. It was a feast of memories, of Julia and of the way she has touched all our lives. I agree, buying the DVD is a must!

Now I am curious as to the "Borat" film. My kids say that it is probably not the kind I'd enjoy. I am looking forward to your opinion about it!

Ken Devine said...

J&J sounds like my kind of film...especially if it's a 12 rating. I've made a note.

Was Wild Hogs about middle-aged men trying to regain their youth and freedom through a motorcycle adventure? If it's the same film, it had me in stitches.

French Fancy said...

Den - I can't imagine anyone who blogs not enjoying this film. The moment where Julie finds she has regular readers is one we can all share

Ayak - it is such a lovely film and I've Youtubed (sorry to rub it in) clips of Julia Child and Meryl has her down to a T

Delana - in the interests of fairness I must point out that (your money can go down instead of up - oh, wrong one) there are quite a few French dvd rental companies online. I just put a few of my favourite indie films into about four of them and Glowria was the only one that had all my target selection - thus I thought it would be ok.

Carol - you will love it. It might be a 'woman's film' (or a cook's film, or a blogger's film). When I told Mr FF I'd watched it he did not seem that bothered about missing it.

Lulu - I hope they don't let us down like the other one did. They were also great at first

CT - Borat was on tv the other night and I watched a third of it before feeling too tired to appreciate it any more (I'm an hour ahead of UK telly). I loved it and I can't wait to see the rest. I know SBC has his critics but I think he is very funny

e- I'm going to be doing a post asking people to recommend their favourite films to me - you beat me too it. Glad the job worked out - I'm ever so pleased for you.

Jean - I'm going to put Wild Hogs on the list now - thanks for the tip. I hate a knife block shown early on in a thriller. I know it means there is going to be blood and gore and I hate it. I love The Sopranos though - so I am contradicting myself rather here

Owen - I sit so much at my little notepad tapping away I think I am a chair potato already - with the derriere to prove it. We have a stepper, rower and exercise bike in the basement and I am doing a few minutes on the bike and stepper a few times a day. I can't use the rower because of a disc removal I had a long time ago.

Merisi -Like a lot of Brits I had never heard of Julia Child until this film came out. She certainly had an individual quirky style. As for Borat - it is crude, vulgar, non-pc and very very funny

Ken - I saw a trailer for Wild Hogs and it did look funny. First Jean and now you recommending it - I'm off to add it to my queue of films right now

French Fancy said...

Just to show the French translation of 'Wild Hogs' - it's Bande de sauvages

Anonymous said...

I split my sides at Borat.. even if it was rather inappropriate in places.

Must must must buy or rent J and J!

If you enjoyed Madagascar 1, you might enjoy number 2 too...

willow said...

Fun that you get the whole month's selections at once! Isn't Julie and Julia fun? We all connect on the blogging level, for sure. Streep is amazing, I kept wishing there was a bit more of her in the film.

French Fancy said...

Fi - I even laughed at the Ali G film - the one in the House of Commons. I didn't know there was a sequel to Madagascar. I wonder if it is as good as the first. so often the follow-ups are a disappointment

willow - when we were with the DVD rental company that went bust we got the films one a week and you sent it back before you got the next. This way is much better. I've already booked ma-in-law to join me in rewatching J&J later in the month.

I agree there should have been more Meryl. I've blogged before about my admiration of her - she is simply magnificent and Out of Africa is my all-time favourite film.

C. Troubadour said...

Hee hee, FF; enjoy the rest when you have the chance :). SBC's a daring one! I haven't gotten to see Da Ali G show, but I have a feeling I'd enjoy it more than the long form of his pranks (I need to appreciate his work in smaller doses).

Larry M. Brow said...

See if they have "The Tango Lesson", or for an amazing movie, "The Brother from Another Planet." Both are unconventional and transporting. And for distinctly French experiences, I like to show my friends, "Diva," though not in it's dubbed version, and even the subtitled versions vary humourously.

Angie Muresan said...

I don't blame you, I bought it myself, although all I have to watch it on is my puny laptop.

I just finished watching It's Complicated, and I loved it. So did my husband, by the way. If you haven't seen it and get a chance, do. Love and hugs to you.

French Fancy said...

CT - I totally agree with you about SBC. Small doses is best

Larry - oh good, you've pre-empted me. I'm about to ask for recommendations and I'm off to the site now to check out your two.

Hope life is going well

Angie - lovely, another film for me to see if they have it.

Love and hugs back to you and the most beautiful family I have ever seen

(going off now to check out these three films)

French Fancy said...

Larry - they've got a film called 'Tango' dir. Saura. I don't know if it's the same one you meant but I loved his film of Carmen so I've just added 'Tango' to my list.

I can't see your second choice there but there is a Korean film 'Save the Green Planet' which I am off to check out now - now I've read the reviews I don't think this can be the one you meant.

As for Diva - yes, it's a marvellous film and one we own.

Angie - aw, it wasn't on there. Shame

French Fancy said...

Angie - guess what, I've already ordered it - I didn't recognise the title because here it is called 'pas si simple' - yay, another Meryl one. It's not out yet but I've reserved it. I don't know as a new member whether I will get things first (so they make a good impression) or last (so people who've paid for months and months get the benefit of new releases)

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear, you must be spoilt for choice. I first thought I would recommend you French films but would that be like taking coal to Newcastle? So instead here are my two recommendations both are old classics (one is black in white & my all time favourite)and another one is chic mystery film with the script written by Harold Pinter and starring with Sir Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier.

1. Sleuth (1972 version) with Michael Caine and Olivier. The re-make version with Jude Law has damning reviews!

2. Random Harvest (1942) it's a classic for a rainy day, starring with debonair Ronald Colman & Greer Garson.

Failing these DVDs for rent,
there is always ever-stylish and never out-of-date or style British movie from the 60s.

3. Blow up, starring Vanessa Redgrave, David Hemmings & Sarah Miles

French Fancy said...

ASD - I've taken most of the films from your sidebar already for my list. You have the same taste as me in these. I must say that my days of the old b&w are passed a bit now. I used to belong to a vintage film club at the Mayfair Hotel - you'd have loved it there

Mark said...

Meryl Steep - fabulous and long on my secret list of movie stars I'd like to .... shall we say, get to know personally!

Actually, she looks a little like my wife.