Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why is it that

My hair never looks as good the next day as the hairdresser has made it look the afternoon before?

On the mornings when I have early starts to make I am always tired?

On mornings where I can loaf at home I wake bright and chirpy?

On dog grooming days it always rains?

They never have the shoes I want in my size - why do they not stock lots of small sizes?

Our nearest branch of Sephora closed?

Weeding is so boring?

Ryanair treat their customers so badly? Flybe don't and they are almost as cheap

That cheap sound shoddy and inexpensive sounds value for money?

Time seem to go so much more quickly when you are older?

Some bloggers use word verification and blog moderation.

Can you think of any more?


Steve said...

Why do I have to go out to work again when I did it yesterday?

Nora Johnson said...

Disregarding the old chestnut about the buttered toast, what about politicians (as shallow as their promises):

"This will NEVER happen again!" (just before another child abuse case surfaces)

"I'm getting on with the job" (just before next affair is revealed in the press)

"We'll be open & transparent" (just before another set of privileges is wrapped up)

etc etc

xx LOLA:)

Lulu LaBonne said...

I always thought it was my size (39) that the shoe shops never have enough of.

My hair always looks better the day after I needed it to look good

and I will never fly Ryanair again

Mark said...

Why do I always get stuck behind a tractor on the A40?

Why is there a posh cafe in Tenby claled the Caffe (with accent over the e)? It should be caffi in Welsh so its a sort of Welsh / French mix up.

Why do craft fairs sell such tat when there are so many great artists out there?

Why does anyone watch BBC3?

Why does anyone eat marmite?

I could go on...


Ayak said...

Can't think of anything offhand..must have a perfect life..haha!

My hair used to look better the day after the hairdressers. I hate the "just done" look when I come out of the salon. However, I've got my hairdresser well-trained now...I don't let him blow dry it and he lets me tweak it with the hairgel. As long as the cut is good..the blow-dry isn't necessary.

French Fancy said...

Steve -when your novel is a roaring success you will just have to spend your time at home writing the best-selling sequel

Lola and Nora - I went through a phase of retaining my right to vote in the UK. Then I saw sense - All politicans are lying scumbags basically, with very few idealistic exceptions.

Lulu - the last time I had tickets booked with Ryanair (apart from the trip I cancelled last autumn because of my back) - we got to the airport and then decided to go by train instead.

Mark - I watch the occasional thing on BBC3 - a rock music documentary, say. As for marmite - until I met Mr FF I had never tasted it. I do like it from time to time on hot toast.

Ayak - I have a mop of curls that the hairdresser makes look much bushier. We don't blow dry - I am put under the accelerator for natural drying albeit speeded up. It looked full and lush yesterday - today it is back in its usual little corkscrews.

the fly in the web said...

Why is it that some bloggers use their blog to promote their business or their book - both of which activities are fine in themselves - but pretend that they're not?

Thus word verification - which I still don't know how I got - and moderation on mine.

Ken Devine said...

I'm not keen on verification and won't use it, but I thought the moderation meant that I will be made aware of comments over a week old. Am I wrong?

Don't get me started on the other things...especially Ryanair, because I haven't got that long to live.
ps,I'm in good health.

Angie Muresan said...

My thing is, why does the train always have to cross when I get to the railroad track? It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

Molly Potter said...

Don't get me started on 'whys' as I will lose myself. it's all wnys to me!!! I am a perpetual chaotic ball of whying.

Why are we here for example!!

Molly Potter said...

I am also confused about how I got word verification (that's to stop SPAM yes) and what's moderation?

I had the need to prevent Spam explained by my friend Mr T as this:
The reason why you need to delete SPAM fast....
If you're selling something, in that case it was Asian dating, you need to get as many live links onto the internet as possible, blogs are a quick way to do that, as people don't always realise if they can't see the link. The link can be seen by google, the more links a site has the more ways people can find it the greater the traffic, it's an annoying form of marketing, usually for dubious sites who have a lot of competition, ie prostitution, drugs, prescription drugs and gambling, usually asian or russian.

French Fancy said...

tfitw - some of the blogs I go to do have a side blog in which they 'flog their wares', but I seldom go to those

Word veri facility is in the Comments part of the Blogger page - there are various options one can select.

Ken - re the moderation, you can set the time scale you desire. For instance I actually use blogger moderation on posts older than ten days - those seem to be the one the spammers pick, they seldom appear on current posts.

The choice is yours.

Angie - I love travelling by train - as long as the seat is comfortable. Sometimes they slope back too much and after two or three hours my back is killing me

Word verification is a choice - you have it on the Comments section on the Blogger page. See previous remarks about moderation (gosh, I am getting lazy (lazier!)

Jean said...

Why is it that I always wake up at 6.30 am except for the day I need to get out of bed at 6.35 and forget to set the alarm?

Why is it the mother in law always phones just as dinner hits the table, whatever time that may be?

That the dog rolls in fox poo when I take her to the field on the way to work because I am late because the alarm didn't go off.

That the first appointment of the day always cancels when I've bust a gut to get to work on time when the alarm didn't go off and.....

That the first thing I want to do when I get home from the hairdressers is wash it and redo it so it looks like me, not some sleek and straightened somebody else.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

All excellent questions. I have the same thing with mornings -- if it has to be an early one, I'm impossibly groggy; if I have no appointments to keep, I'm awake with the birds.

Anonymous said...

These are great, Julie. And why is it when you reach the stage you can afford the great clothes and fab car that are bound to attract empty-headed pretty females you are too old for them to consider -- unless you have a limitless amount of money?

Mark said...

Missed your comm on my blog - reply there now

LadyFi said...

Love your list! (That last one really gets me annoyed!)

Why is that... it's called the rush hour but nothing moves?

... that I always wake up before my alarm clock at 5.45 - even at weekends?

... that hairdressers won't accept my thin hair and always want to give it volume so that it ends up looking like the Mad Hatter's hat?

the fly in the web said...

Ah, I must have pressed something then.
As to open advertising on the side of a blog - like Inspector Gadget's wonderful police badge - that's fine, I know what it is, but people who talk about architecture, or the countryside and then plug their chateau or whatever in a throwaway line annoy me.
So do the pseudo intellectuals who hope you'll get so intrigued by them you'll check them out and find that they write books.

By the way, I loved 'eysies'.

French Fancy said...

Jean - you need to train m-i-l better. We never answer the phone if we are eating - unless of course we are expecting a specific phone call or someone we know is very ill

CT - oh that heavy-headed feeling is so awful, it's like a hangover without the pleasure of drinking the night before. I wonder why it happens.

Ian - you wouldn't want empty-headed bimbos, Ian, I am sure - well, maybe occasionally :p

Mark - oh good

Fi - That word veri and then that phrase ' your comment is awaiting moderation' also gets me. Have one or the other fairy nuff but both - lots of cheesy exclamation marks narrowly avoided here

tfitw - I also loved eyesies and it has now joined my vocabulary.

Phil Lowe said...

Ryanair!!!! Grrrr! The beggars always have hidden extras that pass you by and cause you grief at the airport the day you fly. "Ah Mr Lowe we know that it is 3am however you didn't register with us and print off a boarding pass therefore we are going to charge an extra £40! And... if you do the same thing on the return route we wiil screw you again (without the pleasure).

Plus a bottle of wine drunk whilst cooking never lasts long.

Laura [What I Like] said...

Ha! You are most certainly right on all counts...I personally would like to know why the poor weather tends to fall on the weekends rather than weekdays when I wouldn't be outside anyway.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I have changed my moderation since reading this .. whoops.. I have had certain comments left from links I do not wish to visit.. I have done the 10 days posts.. so lets see what happens.

French Fancy said...

Phil - I hate the way they always pick the terminal furthest away and you have to walk for ages to the boarding lounge - and then they change their minds and you walk back to the beginning again

Laura - good point

Anne - good luck with it. It does seem to save a lot of time though - with one click you can eliminate all the spam at once

A Super Dilettante said...

I think I realise why mother would go to see her hairdresser 2 times a week! She would go and have her hair done and set and she wouldn't believe if the young girls nowadays wash their hair every day. I remember the smell of the hairdresser shop....strong chemical smell and the laides shouting over their hair dryers "BEEN TO ANY HOLIDAY YET??!"

French Fancy said...

ASD - I know what you mean about the smell. When I was young my mother used to have my hair straightened at the hairdressers and the smell of all the chemicals used to make me gag.

Nomad said...

Why is it that the second cup of coffee never tastes as good as the first one?

Why is it that the better the film trailer the worst the film?

cheshire wife said...

Why is the weather often better during the working week than at the weekend?

Delana said...

Why is it the day after I put out my patio ALWAYS snows! And it even happened here in the south of France. Thank for the heads up on verification and moderation. When I set mine up, I had no idea what I was doing so after your post I checked into it. People kept telling me it was hard to comment but I didn't know why. I've changed mine and taken off veri. Next time you comment on my blog, will you tell me if it's easier? I need all the help I can get!

French Fancy said...

Nomad - yes, both of these are absolutely spot on

CW - yes, I give you this as well

Delana- glad it got sorted.