Monday, March 01, 2010

It's my birthday

I've never been alone for my birthday before. There have either been parents, boyfriends, friends, colleagues or Mr FF to spend the time with and give a vague feeling (well, not so vague on lots of occasions - I've always celebrated with gusto - don't you just love that word?) that a special day was being recognised.

I'm meeting my m-i-l for coffee this morning, but that is the extent of anything I will be doing. She invited me round for a meal but, to be honest, now I am going to Wednesday Weight Watchers I don't like to eat too much the night before.

This introspective birthday state of mind makes me think of a job I once had (in the sales office of a wine company in Camden) when nobody was free in the evening to come to the pub with me to have a birthday drink. I went home and felt very sorry for myself. I was about 22, outgoing and okay to look at (photo* below of how I looked around this time); in fact my desk faced a street along which quite a few people passed, most of them men because we were next door to a garage that repaired luxury cars. It got to be quite entertaining peeking out at people and on a few occasions some of the owners of these cars came into reception and asked to have a few words with the curly headed girl they could see as they went by? I only actually went out with one of these chancers though - I called him Conrad the Cadillac (as that was his name and his car) and it was a short-lived thing. the moral of this tale being - never go out with someone who has admired you through a window**.

*curious to see a few other photos? - look here, but you might have seen them before

**unless it is a window in a certain area of Amsterdam and they are your key to a new life

Edited to add the plant that just got delivered, sent by a certain someone


Contemporary Troubadour said...

Happy birthday, FF. Am thinking of you on your special day, even if I can't have a proper drink with you in your honor. Hope you do something out of the ordinary just for you to celebrate.

What a lovely photograph, by the way! Love the expression in those eyes :)

Clarity said...

Darling, darling. Happy Birthday and Spring Day. I am annoyed you are alone and hope that next time you catch a Eurostar over here and we can chomp at Pattiserie Valerie (salads of course! Yeah, OK).

What is your favourite non-Byronic poem?

Peace and love and fantastic curly hair, xxx

P.S. "Never go out with someone who has admired you through a window" I'll remember that :)

Ayak said...

Happy Birthday FF. I've spent a few birthdays on my own so I'm used to it. To be honest no-one makes a big deal of birthdays in Turkey, so I never feel I'm missing out on anything.
Have a good day!

French Fancy said...

CT - I'm racking my brains here trying to think of something novel to do. I could go to the biggest hypermarket in the area and perhaps have a browse, I guess. I've never driven myself there - it's through a very crowded bit of motorway so it would be an achievement, not to mention actually finding the place.

Clarity - hello, it's always lovely to see you here. As for favourite non-Byronic poem, there are so many. For years it was always the Donne metaphysical poem 'Song, Go and Catch a Falling Star', which I memorised at quite a young age and would then be called upon to recite it at family get-togethers (proud parents beaming in the background). I just wanted to know what a mandrake root was and why i couldn't find one.

Ayak - As an only child of older parents my birthdays were like the birthdays every child should ever have.All through my life my special day has had monumental importance to me - I can't treat it as any other day really. I have to go and spoil myself in some way (racks brains)

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Julie, (it sucks being on your own) have a lovely breakfast with your MIL and I expect you will take a lovely long walk wtih those gorgeous doggies of yours. Well done on the WW that is awesome. I have put on about 10 pounds since being in the UK, I have eaten all my old faves now and am feeling pretty ugh.
Love that photo of you, you so remind me of my sister Debbie (in looks and manner) and guess what, her bday is on Sunday lol. Conrad the Cadillac haha sounds a hoot hehe.
I wanted to go to Camden this trip and I never went to Scotland with Vanni either (far to cold and snowy).

Enjoy the rest of your bday and have fun just doing exactly what you want (that is one good thing about being by oneself). Cheers, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Sorry you're alone, but maybe DH will make it up to you when you get together next.
Hope all is well there and that you didn't have too much trouble with the tempête.

Steve said...

Happy birthday, FF - have a good one, despite a certain someone being away from home. 2 consolations: a gorgeous bunch of flowers and you're still a fox. ;-)

Dumdad said...

Bon anniversaire! Sorry I'm a day late...

Frankofile said...

Hope it turned out to be a hoppy bright day xxx

Nora Johnson said...

Many happy returns, dear FF! I have a similar problem (with my birthday, that is!) as it's in the middle of August when everyone's away on holiday! Played havoc with any planning during childhood (and still to be honest!).

"Never go out with someone who has admired you through a window" - reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13 "For now we see through a glass darkly...".

Love to Misty & Poppy!


A Super Dilettante said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Many Happy Returns...The card is on its way. I only realised it I put it in the post yesterday...sorry!!! I haven't been on Facebook to check out whose birthdays are coming up! Thanks for sharing the story. I've always loved this black and white picture of you. It should go on the back or front of your cover once you publish your book one of these days. I learn so much from reading your blog - how you started out and how you spent your birthday - it's all very inspirational to know that love is possible and one day, we will all meet the right person to spend the time with...the one who would send you flowers and make you feel special! It's funny about the story about the window. At least, guys who came to speak to you are admirers of your beauty. If I sat on the window, the only question I might get asked by men would be "how much?" :) Lots of love xxx

French Fancy said...

Kathy - it is so easy to put on weight for the likes of you and me. I know people whose weight has not altered in 30 years, how unfair life can be - imagine, never having to watch what one ate?

You'll have to send me a photo of Debbie so I can see what she looks like :p. We must get together on Facebook I think

Dedene - I've just popped into yours and read about your garden. We didn't have it as bad as you but the other day I had to detour a lot due to flooded roads - as in people boating down the road!

Steve - aw, that's the nicest thing anyone has said for ages

Dumdad - thank you and you're not - you are right on time

Frankie - well, it's not been too bad. I went on my own somewhere I've always been a bit wary about - due to lots of motorway traffic - and it was fine

Nora - Conrad and I just weren't to be.

ASD - your newsy letter was worth five cards. I know how busy people are and am always surprised and appreciative when they take the time to leave comments here, on Facebook or - indeed - write me lovely long letters like you do.

Yes, love is possible and I am the proof. If 20 years ago someone had told me I would meet a young man and be married to him and living in France - well I would have thought them crazy. You will find the one - of that I am sure


Anonymous said...

Hug and kiss for you, dear fellow Piscean. We are the most intuitive sign. Love the photo(s)

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, Ms. FF, you were such a gorgeous and sophisticated 22 year old. Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you a future of great joy and filled with love. So happy to know you!

French Fancy said...

Ian - thank you so much for the greetings, the message and the compliment

Angie - such kind words. thank you so much

LadyFi said...

Ah, a lovely bouquet from Mr FF.. hope he'll be coming home to celebrate you in style and with gusto sometime soon!

Once again - happy birthday!

And you look good in that photo!

e said...

You are ao pretty in that photo! I hope you do find something to enjoy on your birthday, and I also hope the MIL has a wonderful surprise or two for you. The flowers from Mr. FF are beautiful!

I hope you saw my question to you on the previous post?

Molly Potter said...

Hallo lovely.....sending you happiness on your birthday. You're not really alone...your bloggy pals are sending you much deserved warmth and love.


Lane said...

Am I late? I hope not.

Happy Birthday!

Beautiful flowers and beautiful photo.

I hope you have an extra special celebration when Mr FF is home again.

A Heron's View said...

May you have a wonderful Birthday filled with happiness, light, sweet music and good wine; such that you end this your special day totally enamoured with life!

That is my wish for you.

Peggy and Teabag said...

We just want to remind Misty and Poppy to give lots of extra fuss to their Mama today. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever you did in the end, I hope you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

Been a bit of a day today [first time in three months I got in the car and drove away] so just now seen that it is, or is it was your birthday? Have a happy what is left of the day..

What a stunner you were, with that bone structure no doubt you still are. Surely some Latin blood in there somewhere. JP would claim you instantly for one of his own clan.

Clarity said...

Funny about the mandrake root, Julie. He is one of my top 3 poets and that poem, ah Pre-Anne and his true love.

- Since this is about YOU, favourite Byron poem?

You can only narrow it down to three.

the fly in the web said...

Happy birthday, though belated. Mr. Fly doesn´t like them but I do still harbour the wish that just once we would go out to celebrate...even though round here the wine and food is probably better at home!
That plant arrangement looked lovely...and isn´t that a stunning photo of you!
You´re being so positive about all the changes in your life, too.
well done and good luck at WW.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Birthday, Hope you were not too lonely ... ..your flowers are beautiful :-)

Lulu LaBonne said...

I hope it was a lovely one - with gourmet soup!

Clippy Mat said...

just got in under the wire to wish you a happy birthday before the day ends over here. I know, you are already in the land of nod in your neck of the woods. Hope it was a lovely day anyway.

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy belated birthday!

Dash said...

FF, I noticed it was your birthday, by your icon on my sidebar, I tried to send you a comment via the iphone, using one finger, Ha, that did not work! So belated happy returns, I hope you had a good day despite the temporary solitude. lovely photo of you, you look like someone famous.

French Fancy said...

thank you Fi - and from your sick bed too. wishing you better

e - thank you for the kind words and I will go and check what I have missed

Hello Polly Motter - you are lovely too. It's not exclusive

Lane - I think he will be home the weekend after next and if I feel strong enough (self control wise) to go to our favourite restaurant, well I reckon a table could be booked

AHV - that is such a lovely message - my thanks to you

misty and poppy bichon said...

Well what we did, Pegg and Teas - we decided to bark extra long all day so that she wouldn't feel lonely and neglected. We've got very good at hearing noises from up to 1km away and for every noise we try and outbark each other.

In the end she went out and we felt very unappreciated; when she came back we barked extra long all evening.

French Fancy said...

Alienne - I went and ordered a new zapper car key which I had been putting off for a long long time. I wasn't very comfortable with the motorway driving to get to it (very busy roads and I'm just not used to them any more) - however I feel more confident atm and they were no trouble. So a little victory for me - especially as in that area are lots of shops waiting to be discovered another time

Moannie - good for you getting out and about independently again. As for Latin blood - I have lots of white Russian in me (cue for a joke I think)

Clarity - hello again, lovely to see you back here twice. I love the opening and closing few verses of Childe Harolde so much. One of my favourite poems is his 'Epistle to Augusta' and this is my favourite verse from it:

With false Ambition what had I to do?
Little with Love, and least of all with Fame
And yet they came unsought, and with me grew
And made me all which they can make—a Name.
Yet this was not the end I did pursue
Surely I once beheld a nobler aim.
But all is over—I am one the more
To baffled millions which have gone before.

(the formatting is way off in this litle box but i just love this verse - as he indeed loved Augusta)

tfitw - you weren't late at all and thank you for all those lovely compliments. Yes - WW is this afternoon, fingers crossed.

Anne - I got by and thank you very much

Lulu - my food yesterday was very uninspiring actually because I couldn't be bothered to go food shopping. I had tuna salad for lunch and then a salad sarnie for supper - go me!

Oh Clippy - thank you for creeping in.

French Fancy said...

DJ - ooh, we cross-posted then. Thank you very much Den

Dash - funny how sometimes we can't leave messages on certain pages. It seems to happen quite frequently to me atm. Thanks for the compliment - famous? I dunno but I did used to be very posey.

Nora Johnson said...

Hi Misty & Poppy!

Please don't mention the sun - haven't seen it for MONTHS!

Raining cats and bichons here all the time - think we're getting some of yr nasty French mauvais temps!! Hard enough to keep my undercarriage nice & clean as it is!



PS You are both sooo beautiful, sooo photogenic- and I'm sooo jealous!!xx

Jennysmith said...

Happy birthday sweetie. I most often spend the day of my birthday alone - kids and husband at school and work - it doesn't bother me really.

What is it about you, FF? I now want to go to Camden again! What a London girl you are!

Stunning photo. xxx

Miscellany said...

I don't get anything more than indifferent regarding my birthday. Generally, I say in advance - no cake, no presents, no cards (I really hate cards) ... it's just another day. Really.

Sarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday, FF. I hope you had a nice time anyway. It can be quite restful being on one's own for these occasions.

Suburbia said...

You are not alone! We are all here!


Hope you can celebrate when Mr. FF gets home :)

Vera said...

Just tagging on a Happy Birthday to you, probably belated now.... wishing you a marvelous year ahead full of happy times, and reams and reams of writing for your blog, the OU course, and your book.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Julie
Well, it certainly seems you weren't alone.
Did you tackle the driving in the end?
You remind me a little bit of Cher in that photograph. Do you still have the necklace?

Anyway, hope you had a really nice day.

misty and poppy bichon said...

Lola - we know just what you mean. Every time we go out at the moment we have a great time and then we come back and do you know what She does - she gets out these two towels and gives us a rub down. It wouldn't be so bad but all we are waiting for is our AFM (after walk Markie)

French Fancy said...

(bichons creep in to type a reply)

Lola - We know exactly what you mean - when we come back from our walks we have to suffer being wrapped in a warm towel. We have to do it though - else we don't get the AFM - after walk markie

As for being jealous - don't be a silly bichon billy, you are the real deal - you have a long show coat - you are much fluffier than we are. Anyway, all bichons are beautiful.

Jen - yes, but they come back to you in the evening; nobody comes back to me now. Gosh, that sounds so self-pitying, (slaps self) - fine now.

Bill - Imagine a little girl of about six, waiting for her cards - yes, that's me. I'm currently cross with a cousin who didn't send one to me.

Sarah - well I'll swap restful for having a loving man any day

Sub - aw thank you sweetie

Vera - oh the book, the book - it's just sort of been abandoned. I don't have your discipline and Mr FF and his ma have given me books about writing books as presents to spur me on. But the muse has flown away for the time being

Ken - Cher? Nobody has ever said that to me before. Yes- I drove to the busy place and ordered my new zapper but it was very windy and on some of the motorways with the high banks my car wobbled a bit. I only got nervy for a moment though. I'll have to go back next week and collect them though - I might even visit some shops whilst I am there

As for the necklace - my mum gave me that and I still have it, but I prefer to wear a necklace Mr FF gave me - in fact I never take it off. It is platinum with a diamond pendant

French Fancy said...

(I thought the bichons did not know how to type so I did it for them the second time - I hadn't realised those little dogs did in fact creep in while I wasn't looking)

Nora Johnson said...

Dear Misty & Poppy!

For French bichons (I'm assuming you're French since you live in France), you certainly write excellent English! Only wish my puppy-nephew Alfie & his girl-friend Tamara (both bichons) were half as talented!


Delana said...

Oh FF, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. I completely missed the post. So I wish you a wonderful Birth MONTH. Continue celebrating for the remainder of the month and you're sure to have company sometime! I love birthdays, but hate to be alone on them. In fact, every year I really expect a parade in my honor and I'm always a teeny bit disappointed that is never happens. I'm marching up and down the hallway now, waving a flag and playing the recorder, in your honor (by the way, this is not easy to do). Bon Anniversaire...en retard.

cheshire wife said...

Better late than never. Belated Happy Birthday! You have not been forgotten by Mr FF or me. My computer has been ill.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've missed your birthday, but I do hope you'll accept my belated birthday wishes.

Gorgeous flowers!

You asked why I gave up driving. I had no choice. I am epileptic and had a bout of seizures last November which means I can't drive for a year. It's very inconvenient and does limit me very much.

CJ xx

misty and poppy bichon said...

Lola - we can say all our favourite words in quite a few languages. All these words have a connecting theme - we can eat them

French Fancy said...

Delana - not to worry, sweetie. I know what it is like to miss an event on someone's blog, but the person concerned knows that all her blogger friends do have lives outside the blogosphere and completely understands.

As for parades in one's honour - yes, you are my twin and I claim my €5.

cw - oh I'm sorry to hear you've been offline. I couldn't cope if that were me - in fact what would I do? My internet doctor is no longer at home

Hello CJ and it goes for you too - no worries about the birthday. Oh what a shame about having to give up driving. the very same thing happened to an old neighbour of ours and after three years without an 'episode' she was able to go behind the wheel again. I hope this will be you in 2013. Till then just revel in the luxury of being a passenger.

French Fancy said...

CJ - I should have digested what you put more carefully - it's only a year now? I'm sure it used to be three.

Larry M. Brow said...

Happy Belated Birthday. The 'alone' thing is always an interesting challenge. And thanks for the picture. I've been going along on images of boots and dogs.

Sorry I've been away so long, too. More later, but I must rush to go to breakfast with visiting in-laws. My favorite brother-in-law is visiting from Seattle.

Big hug, enjoy the return of Spring.


French Fancy said...

Larry - it has been a long time. I hope you and the Brow family are doing well. It's always lovely to see you here

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Happy belated birthday and well done on losing those pounds. I'm trying to do the same as you but not with WW...with a nutritionist I've used before.

Hope you had a wonderful day!

French Fancy said...

Hade - well done to you as well - with getting a nutritionist in. Thanks for the good wishes