Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Abbey Road

Come on - when you saw the title did you immediately think of that iconic image of the Beatles? I bet you did.

My cousin used to live in a block of flats that overlooked that crossing and we had quite a good time leaning out of her window taking photos of the people taking photos of their friends . There is even a webcam so you can see The Crossing Live

I was born just round the corner from there and it is a part of London that I love very much.

Over the years it has been seen as kudos for a band to have recorded in Studio Two. You all know who my favourite band is - here is an acoustic version of one of their best songs recorded at the most famous studio in the world.


Nora Johnson said...

Whenever I used to drive down Abbey Road, I was always amazed at the number of people (usually young foreign tourists) posing on *that* crossing photographing themselves and others. I once waited 10 minutes for the road to clear. Ah, it just seems like, err, *yesterday*!

Wonderful memories


French Fancy said...

I've just seen someone taking a photo of the crossing on the webcam. Unlike most cams I've seen this one is remarkably smooth and quick.

French Fancy said...

There's even a tv camera there now

willow said...

Fun memories of the famous crossing! I can just see you and your cousin leaning out the window!

LadyFi said...

Abbey Road and the Beatles... yes - definitely!

Steve said...

Have never ever been but one day, when I have the leisure to do all the things I want to do and see all the things I want to see you might just see me on that webcam...!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Ha, what fun! Watching everyone taking their pictures. When I lived in Dallas, tourists would walk to the place where JFK was shot, which is marked by a white X on the side of the road (the motorcade was passing that particular spot). From the office buildings overlooking that place, you can't see the X, but you do see random pedestrians just standing there pointing in an area that has no sidewalk as cars rush past. Odd and sad and weirdly entertaining.

Mark said...

I'm not very into music - except for my banjo. My staff laughed the other week when I said I'd never heard of (never mind actually heard) the Killers; so now I have!

e said...

Love this music; and yes, I did think of the Fab Four when you mentioned Abbey Road, even though I'd barely reached double digits when they broke up the band.

I hope your course is going along more smoothly.

Molly Potter said...

I found myself staring at the webcam image for some time...I always like them. it's something about being transported instantly live to another place that's magic for me!

However, I only saw cars...I'll have to revisit in the day.

Bill said...

There's no doubt the Beatles had influence ... in a weird way we watched them grow up in front of us ala Michael Jackson. At first they were just another bubble gum band. Then screaming girl popular. It wasn't until they turned on and dropped acid that their music improved. By the time of Abbey Road they were still doing new things but with a jaded outlook. About then, the general story line was, when are the breaking up?

For me, Haight Ashbury was far more interesting a place (state of mind) than Abbey Road.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I will go to Abbey road next week and wave at the cam

the fly in the web said...

I preferred the Rolling Stones...and I still think Queen have better lyrics than Lennon and McCartney.

But, more importantly..well done with your WW.
I really admire your strength of character.

Delana said...

Geez, FF, am I COMPLETELY out of the loop. I am not familiar with this band. Or I wasn't but I am now. I see why you like them. I've got to go look for more! Thank you so much.

French Fancy said...

willow - She and I used to pull our t-shirts down as low as was decent, lean over the window sill looking alluring (or so we hoped) and count how long it was until someone posing on the crossing looked up and noticed us. We would have competitions with each other.

Ladyfi - It's so long since I have driven or walked around there. I was about five when we moved but it was still a route I always took into central London, once I began driving.

Steve - you will have to tell me when you go and with my doddery old lady hands I will click on the webcam and watch you. Of course I'm not implying that it will be a long time coming, no, not at all :p

CT - yes, that would be odd. Is there a plaque? I suppose there must be. Oh that is sad.

Mark - I never had you down as a banjo fellow but I do imagine you sitting listening to Bach and Handel.

e - it's a great song but I love all their music - which is somewhat louder than this particular one. My course - well I am being a bit lazy as the next deadline is about a month away.

Molly - I've seen a few more people posing on it this morning.

Bill - A few years back I went to Haight Ashbury and was surprised at how dilapidated it was. There were lots of people begging for money and some tatty old head shops. I thought it would somehow be a bit more, well - if not exactly upmarket, a bit more something or other.

Lulu - tell me the place and the time and I'll be watching, although we will have to establish if it is your time or my time (with this hour's difference)

tfitw - I like some Beatles tracks but usually when heard by chance somewhere - I have most of the later albums on vinyl but never play them.

and thank you - it's been ok really, I'm still 'in the zone'.

Delana - google Brandon Flowers (their singer) and you will see how popular he - and the band - have become. Their music is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I've never been there, but it makes me very nostalgic.

The Dotterel said...

The last time I was on Abbey Road it was behind the wheel of a school mini-bus... and not one - not a single one I tell you - of my adolescent passengers looked up from their phones or iPods.

Disgusted of Tonbridge School

Lulu LaBonne said...

I'll do an Abbey Road Crossing Dance Tuesday morning 9.30am UK time.

French Fancy said...

Dedene - when you see it in person it's just a crossing, but it is fun to watch people who have no idea about the story behind the crossing then watch people go silly about it. (and that has to be one of my worst-constructed sentences in the history of my blog)

Tim - gawd, are you a designated driver of kids for school outings? Oh you poor poor man

Lulu - I've put it on the calendar npw - I shall be watching you

lady macleod said...

How fun!

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.Decades back when I was around 17 or 18 my workmate used to live in a flat overlooking the army parade ground - a visual feast.I'm sure the drill sergeant was well aware of our flirty little carry-ons up there on the fourth floor window.Entirely innocent, not even a pulling down the t-shirt low,or up for that matter!!...but then who knows what other windows offered!The guys attentions were probably rivited on a couple of levels above us!Couldn't resist your Crossing webcam, even though I knew it would be dark as I sit here in Oz having breakfast.

Angie Muresan said...

I like your taste in music. The Killers are in my top ten favorite bands. We listen to them so much in the car, my kids sing along.

Carol said... The Killers :-)

C x

Debs said...

Love the song and enjoyed watching that Webcam. I would never have known that was THE crossing. How wonderful that there is a webcam there.

Anonymous said...

Regeneration is excellent.
You might also try
Siegfried's Journey (SAssoon's own account of the years immediately following WW1.

Ken Devine said...

I actually looked at the was fascinating. I was surprised at how many people were crossing at 9:50 pm.

The Killers song is brilliant!

French Fancy said...

Hello LadyM and welcome to the blog

Pam - there is something so tempting about leaning out of a window gazing at men and practicing looking alluring. I'm not saying I did look that way but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Shame the webcam didn't offer up anything interesting in the middle of the night.

Angie - aren't they marvellous? I play their music over and over again and never ever get sick of it. In fact I recently deleted everything bar their albums from my mp3 player, ready to load other new stuff on, but I've just left it bare except for the four Killers albums

Carol -yay, another vote for Brandon and the boys. That acoustic version of Sam's Town is one of my favourites.

Debs - third in a row for the best band around today.

Elizabeth - I've got all three books in the one book if you know what I mean. It's going to take me months to read it - I read good things so very slowly

Ken - the cam is fascinating. I keep clicking on it, as I do the video of the Killers - I love this so much but it is a shame it has Brandon with his moutache. He looks much better without it

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Award for you over at mine!

French Fancy said...

Thank you Hade

Clippy Mat said...

love that webcam.
not too up on the killers but when the music started the singer sounded very paul mccartney-ish to me.
The Beatles were and still are IMHO the best band in the world.

e said...

The opera was great, all in French as it was done by a French composer. If you go to the Met's website, you can see where in Europe these are presented in theatres. There are several for France.

French Fancy said...

Clippy - Yes, I suppose Brandon Flowers voice has a touch of Macca - only loads better imo.

e- I am glad to hear that. I've not been to the opera for years - I love Puccini operas best of all.