Friday, February 19, 2010

The nervous tummy of excitement

When you first fell in love and had to be away from your adored for a day, days, weeks - and you were going to be seeing them in eight hours, do you remember the little knot of excitement that gradually built up in the days preceeding your reunion? That is me today because I am off to Paris in a few hours.

I've dusted off my Mulberry bag, not seen out of the cupboard for years, the Rocket Dogs have been abandoned for Roberto Cavalli boots* (also covered with dust despite being in a wardrobe) and my favourite gloves have come out of their box (black calf with a scarlet lining and cuff). I am going to the capital 1.7kg lighter than last week (3.75lbs) and my m-i-l is kindly doggy sitting. All this makes me feel a bit like a nervy teenager. I know it's silly but I've just got out of the city mode, despite a few trips to London and Paris over the time we've been here. Today just feels different.

The photo above is of my favourite thing in the whole of Paris (although there is much that almost rivals it in my mind). It is of the fountain in the Place de la Concorde and I have a similar shot (but without the people and the buildings and including the other fountain with the woman figures as well) as a huge framed poster in our hall. I can walk round this fountain for a long long time and never get fed up seeing it - just click on the photo to see a magnified version of OTT brilliance that to me symbolises Paris - the most beautiful city which I have ever seen. It far surpasses my home town of London, which has become cluttered with ugly buildings in the centre. Paris is open with its huge boulevards and avenues and - despite the odd modern monstrosity - has kept its C18/19 charm intact.

*Oh no they haven't - my feet must have spread because after two hours of wearing pointy black leather boots with heels my toes are hurting. Rocket Dogs back on now and at least they are colourful and comfortable.


Dash said...

FF, I feel so excited for you, reading this post has given me a knot in my tummy. It's so romantic I think you and Mr FF are going to have a fabulous time.

Steve said...

Ashamed to say I have never been but it is on our list of places to visit once Tom is old enough to handle a long journeys...!

Sarah said...

Hello FF, I'm over from Dash's blog. I hope you have decent weather for your foray to the capital. The weather has been so dismal!

Jean said...

FF - I am sooo jealous. Of your weight loss. 4lb (near enough) is superb. You should feel proud. I did dismally badly - put half a pound on. Not a good start.

Also hugely jealous of your trip to Paris. We haven't been for years and we love it.

Have a great time.

North West London Girl said...

What a fabulous trip to make. I adore Paris it is such a beautiful city and so easy to stroll around and simply lose yourself.. Have a wonderful time, flats are probably better than heels for all that walking..

French Fancy said...

Dash - I saw him two weeks ago but that was at home and I feel different now - schoolgirly and silly :)

Steve - I bet they would love to go to Disneyland Paris (nowhere near the centre) and then you could take in the capital's sights on one of those open top buses on the way back - two hours and takes you past all the famous and wondrous buildings

Sarah - hello and welcome to the blog. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and I have the curliest curly hair in the world, thus I am prepared to be frizzy - I've got all my anti-frizz stuff packed.

Jean - before getting on the scales on Wednesday I was so anxious. I knew I had stuck to it but even so, with hormones and the like there is always a chance one has not lost weight.

Hello again NWLG - Lots of strolling is on the agenda for the weekend, although a few of us are meeting up for Sunday lunch somewhere nice. I also plan to see Avatar in a VO (version originale, not dubbed into French - I hate and loathe dubbed films)

Kathy said...

Whoo Hoo! off you go girl and have a fabulous time with Mr FF in Paris, you so deserve this weekend. Vanni arrives here tomorrow and I am now going to try to drag him to the ferry for a lovely lunch in Boulogne, not quite Paris but yummy no less.
Cannot wait to hear all about it, you look a million dollars btw.
That is the prettiest place and I have to agree with the ugly buildings in London comment. Have fun, hugs, Kathy.

the fly in the web said...

Yes, I do know the knots in the tummy...I had that when returning from the U.K. and the last few minutes before seeing Mr. Fly again were just as they were in the early days.
Have a great time..but of course you will!

LadyFi said...

Fantastic job with your weight loss this week!

Have a lovely time with your beloved in Paris!

Eleonora said...

1.7kg WOW, very good!! Hooray for you (and WW)
In answer to your comment/question over at my place, the serving container is actually an old enamelled yellow stew pot with a black rim, the kind you find in any homeware store.
The hand painted terracotta plates are from Vietri, near Salerno, town famous for this craftwork. The pattern you saw is the hallmark design. I have a set in pale red and green too... I know, they are very "me" too.

click here for their catalog

willow said...

Hope those Rocket Dogs enjoy Paris!

Ayak said...

I love that is so beautiful.

Well done on the first week's weight loss...and have a lovely weekend.

Bill Stankus said...

Wife is preparing for another business trip. This time she'll be gone about 20 days. While I'm glad she can travel, I generally go nuts while she's gone and when she returns mainly is a big sigh if relief.

And I want to go to Paris.

Anonymous said...

That feeling? Oh yes, I do remember, and, I kid you not, still get it. though very rarely.

Godd to read in you updated profile that you are ploughing on with the OU...still enjoying it I hope...and yes, I know what you mean about trying not to sond like a plonker...that particular aptitude seems to get easier, almost normal for me these days. Ah well, c'est l'age n'est pas?

A Super Dilettante said...

OMG, my dear, I'm so excited for you. I wish I could fit in your Mulberry bag to go to Paris. I will of course go there one day with my lover ;) Enjoy your romantic weekend with Mr FF xx

Contemporary Troubadour said...

So excited for you, FF!! I love that nervous tummy feeling. And your outfit, oh la la! Air-kisses, you darling. Hope you have a lovely, lovely time. When I first visited Paris at 16, my family stayed not far from Place de la Concorde, and it was the first sort of view I had of the city. It was also the first place my husband and I took pictures the day after we arrived for our honeymoon.

Berowne said...

Great picture. And we stayed right there, at the Hotel Crillon, our first trip to Paris.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend FF

Angie Muresan said...

How super exciting! I am sure you will have a romantic weekend filled with sweetness and love. Hugs!!!

Lulu LaBonne said...

The last bit made me laugh - I have so many lovely shoes that I can't wear

Phil Lowe said...

sob sob. sooo romantic FF. Have a super time avec Mr FF.

sob sob encore! I wanna be in Paris too!!!!

Vera said...

It says a lot for the love that you and your partner share, that you still have that knot in your stomach when you are going to see him. My heart still does a lurch when I look at my partner, which says that our love is alive and well. Hope you have a glorious trip.

Blu said...

My feet have spread too, so my lovely leather boots are of no use to me!

I hope that you have a wonderful time in Paris! xx

Jennysmith said...

A Mulberry bag AND Paris! That definitely is not fair! Either one or the other (I'll have the Mulberry bag!)

Hope you had a good time xxx

Anonymous said...

congrats on the weight loss and wishing you a lovely time in the City of Love!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I hope you have a fabulous time - I love Paris :)

Cynthia Pittmann said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful time in Paris...and enjoy your 'new romance'! xx

Cynthia Pittmann said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful time in Paris...and enjoy your 'new romance'! xx

e said...

Wishing you and Mr. FF a wonderful time. I was in Paris as a girl, and want to visit, so I'm researching accessible accommodation, etc.

Congratulations on your weight loss.

Lane said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and it's not too long before the Mulberry gets another airing.

That fountain is magnificent!

Ken Devine said...

I sense the excitement. Have a great time...and well done with the near 4lb loss.

Reasons said...

Buy new scales is on my to-do list. I shall be joining you in the battle of the bulge - any tips welcome. Have a wonderful time, in comfy boots.

Reasons said...

Buy new scales is on my to-do list. I shall be joining you in the battle of the bulge - any tips welcome. Have a wonderful time, in comfy boots.

Carol said...

OMG you have totally captured the excitement of long distance relationships!! I remember the feeling well...Chris and I spent our first year in separate cities and I could barely wait for the weekends we managed to get together!!

I adore Paris of my favourite cities in the world...we're hoping to visit there again soon (not been in about five years!). I hope you and Mr FF have a totally wonderful time!!

C x

Carol said...

Ps. I love the new look blog...tis very swanky :-)

C x

French Fancy said...

Kathy - oh I am glad you two are together now. Hope the lunch was good

tfitw - so glad it's not just me then :)

Thank you Lady Fi

Lola - oh, I don't think I dare click on the link (but I'm sure I will). I think I might have seen some of this range in John Lewis - a good department store in the UK

willow - Oh, Willow - my feet did hurt a bit - even in flats

Ayak - that fountain is the fountain to beat all other ones. Although, having said that, I've never been to Rome and seen the Trevi.

Bill - well you will just have to let it all out on your blog - and then she can read all the lovely tributes to her being so missed

Moannie - I bet you are a rock at the moment. It can't be easy

ASD - Paris never disappoints.

CT - isn't it the most fabulous use of space? I just love the way they've not crammed it full of sculptures. Everything there is as perfect as perfect can be

Berowne - wow, to stay at the Crillon (cheesy exclamation marks narrowly avoided). If you tell me you've also stayed at the Cipriani in Venice I will not be able to squash my green-eyed monster. I adore fancy hotels and they are history now.

CA and Angie - thank you, we did

Lu - my feet are little but broad and so many size 3 shoes are made narrow and pointy, more for the Asian type of foot. I've got squat broad bone structure - from little wide hands to little wide feet

Phil - Well, I did get a back ache from the seats on the train so the good was balanced by the bad.

Vera- aren't we a romantic bunch on here

Blu - it was great and I didn't even window shoe shop - just cakes. (looked but didn't touch)

Jen - the Mulberry bag is lovely but it is a big one - one I used to transport folders and files in when I worked. It weighs a lot when empty - my shoulder is pleased to be rid of it now. It was a birthday present from my dad (well, I bought it - he wouldn't have had a clue)

lowfatpie - great name and welcome to this low fat blog. And thank you

Hiya Rachel, thank you - I did.

Cynthia - I loved it but I also think the older I get the more I do actually prefer being in the country. Gosh - I'm so surprised I'm even putting this.

e - I have a very good recommendation for a lady that has a room in her large flat that has its own decking with a view of the Seine. €40 a night. I've not stayed there but people who have tell me it is just divine and very cheap for the centre of Paris.

Lane - It's been put back in its cover bag now and my little winter Radley has come back out again (yes, shoes, bags and gloves - my downfall)

Ken - thank you my friend. Fingers crossed for the next weigh in

Reasons - scales are the way to go. I'm weighing everything now - 30gm of cornflakes weighed out is nothing like I'd imagined.

Good luck

French Fancy said...

Carol - we cross posted, hence me missing you out. We had a lovely time and I suppose your days away at college find you feeling as I do - just longing to be back together

Thanks re the blog updated look


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I love Paris... I love this area too! I walked and walked so much on my last trip, I came back a lot lighter than when I went. I was there nearly 3 weeks...!!

Delana said...

Why is it we always think the great (big) bag and the fab shoes are going to make us feel so great in Paris. I do the same thing every time and I ache in the end. And I never really look great hunched over and limping with a pinched face. I know you had a wonderful time...go Rockets!