Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Molly Potter's test shows that I am AR

Just when I think I am a free spirit able to amble around in a semi-sloppy fashion, practical but with slight hippy ideals I am woken up to the fact that I am in fact an anally retentive angst-ridden person who is too clean and organised for her own good (how Mr FF will laugh if/when he sees this).

Want to try Molly's test to see if you are also an AR type person? You will find it here and you will also find one of the happiest and most interesting blogs that I've found lately.


Lulu LaBonne said...

You're right, it's funny at Molly's. I've realised that I'm more AR than I like to think - but not actually AR enough to count my score.

Carol said...

It's a fab blog isn't it!!

I'm slightly more AR than I thought but that was down to the shopping lists...and that is a necessity or I come home empty handed!!

C x

French Fancy said...

Lu - well, Mr FF has often said I'm a bit controlling but I never thought that I was AR. Floaty and flitty me?

Carol - I love shopping lists - and todo lists - and lists. Oops - proving the point really :)

Steve said...

All the best people are "anally retentive angst-ridden" people. Honest, we are.

willow said...

I'm a slob.

the fly in the web said...

I scored 16 and I was worried. I tried it on my sister in law and she SAYS she scored 5!
As she is the control freak of all time I be PC about this...she is in denial!

Jean said...

I got 18. Somewhere in the middle, I think.

It's interesting that being tidy is no longer perceived as sexy. I'm sure it used to be.
Didn't it ??

Rob-bear said...

I came in at eight, But I really don't know what that means.

I'm guessing it means I have a more relaxed approach to life. Which is probably appropriate for where I am on the life continuum.

French Fancy said...

I'M 30


Rob-bear said...

Well, 30's young. You've got most of your life ahead of you. And, . . .

Oh, wait.

You mean you got 30 on the Ms Potter's test. That's different.

Well, you don't have to do the dishes right after every meal. The world won't end if there are miscellaneous bits of stuff on your desk. Think of your filing system as being "dynamic." What's a shopping list? The shoes belong wherever I put them (as long as the dog doesn't get them).

Any help at all???

Jean said...

You don't need help, you need a medal.
My old domestic science teacher would have been proud of you. I remember my very first domestic science lesson. We had to write an essay entitled "how to care for your dishcloth". I got a gold star for mine.

Molly Potter said...

Ah FF - thank you for inviting your friends over to my place and an anal retention test result is certainly the best introduction anyone could want - yes?

Hi I'm Molly and I really could do with some more anal retention. Nice to meet you
P.S. I don't think anyone who scores over 20 would let me in their home - bits fall off me all the time and I haven't managed a right angle - anywhere - for years.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Hee hee, I got 22. That is a significant improvement from what I would have gotten several years ago!

Rob-bear said...

I think the time has come for all of us — including the ARs among us — to just relax.

We'll start with G&T at FF's place, and see where we go from there.


Jennysmith said...

Wah! That test was painful. Couldn't get through all of it. Too close to home. Its not for the weak-stomached like me.

Bless you and hope you are well xxx

Eleonora said...

Huh! I thought I was terribly AR and... I only scored 15! I must be a chaotic AR person (wonky picture vs rotting fruit bowl kinda thing).

Thanks for introducing me to Molly, she's quite a character.

Ciao friend
Lola xx

Ken Devine said...

I scored 32 I think but I'm more disorganised if I'm allowed to...probably akin to my shoe size.

French Fancy said...

I'm not going to do individual remarks because they would all be of the same amazed reaction that you are all at the opposite spectrum to me.

what I am going to do is list the points that I scored on so I can see it here and wonder why others do not have these same - what is the word - foibles, habits, peculiarities?

1. I put my shoes by the front door because they are usually muddy 2 pts
(how come nobody else does?)

2.milk goes in the door, salad stuff at the bottom, random things in the middle. 3pts
(how come nobody else does?)

4..How can you find CDs out of hundreds and hundreds if you don't have some sort of system? 1pt

5. In France booking train tickets in advance saves a lot of money 2pts

7. How can you ever do anything if you have a messy desk 2pts

8. why not put your keys/bag in the same place so you never have to search for them 3pts

9. I hate being late - it is rude to the other person who is waiting for you

11. how can you remember what you need if you don't have a list? 4pts

13. I can't do wonky pictures 3pts

15. I hoover once a week because I try and keep the dust mites down 1pt

17. I can't cook in a mess 2pts

18. How can you balance your finances and bank statement if you don't keep a note of the cheque book stubs 2pts

19. I like people to read what I write qed I write neatly (I'm not a doctor) 2pts

there you have it - 29 points of things that I do not think are particularly anal - they make perfect sense. But then an anal person would think so :p

Rob-bear said...

Here are some thoughts. (Too bed we don't have an e-mail address for you.)

1. Sometimes I come in the back door; sometimes the front door.

2. This only works if the things you buy are consistently the same size. Not true in my case.

4. Some of us don't have that many CDs.

5. Makes sense.

7. Move stuff around.

8. Because sometimes I change clothes, and just move things from one pair of pants to another.

9. I agree.

11. List is for essentials, agreed. Sometimes I forget to put things on list — shop by "instant memory."

15. Good point. But sometimes more than once a week — depends on how dirty things are.

17. A few dishes in the sink do not constitute a mess. I batch cook and freeze things. (One meal = bowl, container from freezer, and fork.) So I don't clean up after every meal.

18. Some of us are very old-fashioned; we pay by cash.

19. Some of our hands don't work so well; we can type easier than write.

Julie; you're not AR; you're sensible. The test is wonky. Like most of these kinds of tests, it is based on assumptions which are not always accurate for those who take the test, as my remarks show. That's why real tests are "standardized."

You can trust the Bear on this one.

French Fancy said...

Rob - your point no. 7 did make me laugh. When I told Mr FF of my results he said he wasn't surprised. I am quite a pernickety person I guess - the thing is that when I open certain cupboards I still shut them again very quickly because they are a mess and things fall out.

If I was really that AR they would be immaculate.

Good to see you here again, Rob.

Rob-bear said...

That's why I said we should all relax and start with G&T at your place.

Rob-bear said...

P.S.: Love your new blog design!

Angie Muresan said...

Oh Ms. French Fancy, you make me laugh out loud! I will go take this test as well and see how I stack up in that field. By the way, I LOVE the look of your blog. It is a beautiful reminder of spring!

cheshire wife said...

I scored 22. I am sure that my score would be different if I did not live with the worlds most untidy man, but different in what way I am not sure.

North West London Girl said...

19, quite surprising really, I thought my score would be higher, perhaps my standards have slipped since leaving London..

French Fancy said...

I don't want to pick the last few to do comments to as I didn't do specific replies for the previous commenters. This is not like me - I love doing comments to each and everyone usually and that for me is the best part of blogging.

I will say one thing though - NW London girl - take it from me, once in the country you do start to make little changes. I don't wear much make-up now and I always used to put on quite a lot of slap.

Kathy said...

Molly's blog is fun FF and I am loving your new design here, spring is my fave season. oh and I like a lot of ice and a slice of lemon in my G&T :-). Happy weekend to you, Kathy.

LadyFi said...

Ha ha! But on INSIDE that angst-ridden person you're a free spirit, right?

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I can see that you had've been popping over that picket fence a few times? I love that. (Love the new style BTW.) :)

French Fancy said...

Bisous a tous

Still not singling people out - I know I know, it's not on really.However I have loved everyone sharing their scores, their wit and - dare I say it? - their love. I do feel very close to all my bloggy pals


the fly in the web said...

Re my sister in law...her husband says she was so shocked at what she scored - but he won't tell me what that was - that she shot to the other end of the spectrum to...get this...'appear normal'. Her phrase, it seems.

the fly in the web said...

I see Anonymous has migrated to you......
I may owe you an apology over Ayak's blog....
I made the remark about PC, if that had any bearing on things, it's my fault.
Not the place to go into it all on your comments form, do e mail me if you like and I'll try to explain what I meant.

French Fancy said...

tfitw - yes, it can be a bit of a wake up call to find out that everyone else can sit quite easily looking at wonky pictures on their wall or want to search around for their car keys. Mr FF said he was not surprised at all at my high score - oo er, I must have a reputation :)

Inspector Clueless said...

I had a laugh doing the AR test, but scored only 5 points. If that makes me a lost soul, does a high score make someone an AR soul? Probably the other way round, some would say.

Anonymous said...

What a great test. I've gotten less anal over the years, is that possible?

Don't worry about your score, sounds like you're totally normal.

Laura [What I Like] said... I'm only partially retentive? Nice to know...

French Fancy said...

Hello Inspector Clueless - I love your name. So we would appear to be opposites on the AR scale

Dedene - I'm normal half the time - I have an equal mix of incredibly ordered and messily chaotic shelves and cupboard

Laura - partial anal retentiveness sounds so weird, almost medical

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I was 18. Kinda in the middle.
To be fair, if it hadn't been for the crooked picture and the ironing and vacuuming... I would be a total bohemian. Oh, and I have to clean the kitchen after meals. But that's it, I swear.

Suburbia said...

Gonna look now. Like your new look :)
(well I think it's new, I haven't visited for a while)


French Fancy said...

Pamela, T&E - I'm with you on the wonky pictures sister - in fact I'm with you on everything

suburbia - yes it's new :)

Marinela said...

Your blog is just lovely :)