Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keeping myself busy

I know I am very behind with visiting all you lovely people but it has been a conscious decision. It would be very easy for me - with Mr FF now in Paris- to sit here all day long, going from one blog to another and, indeed, investigating new ones. The thing is that I don't want to turn to the internet to keep me occupied. Instead I have been doing some OU course work - writing poetry (which I adore), sorting out boxes and boxes of stuff crammed into cupboards and generally pottering around. The only new skill I practiced has been the bleeding of the bathroom radiator and it was fine.

One problem I have had occurred yesterday when I fell on the icy balcony step and banged my head, neck and arm. Of course I did what anyone self-respecting woman does - burst into tears - and then crawled back into the living room on all fours. 24 hours later I don't think any lasting damage has happened but I am having trouble putting my left arm behind my back (will have to go bra-less for a few days I reckon, swinging proudly) and my fingers are a little numb - hence not wanting to type too much at the moment.

Oh well, at least I won't have to dig my snow-bound car out because I don't think I could turn the wheel safely. I hope you have all fared a bit better.


Molly Potter said...

Poor you....I hope it's all back up and running and you can strap up again before long!

I am absolute fan of crying.

Not engaging with the internet and moving in a 3D world like you are puts you sooooo on the moral high ground.

I drew a map of Blogsville a few days ago (on my blog) that depicts the hazards...they are REAL.

Mend well

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Oh FF! You poor dear. Ice is the WORST. I did just about the same thing you did a year or two ago when I was by myself at Little U. on the Prairie, and it was all I could do to pick myself up and go limping into my apartment. I have enormous sympathy. Tears were definitely warranted!

I know what you mean about the temptation to take comfort in blogs and blogging. Good for you, pottering about elsewhere. Sorting boxes was also a favorite activity of mine whenever D and I were starting up a long stretch of apart-ness.

Thinking of you.

willow said...

Oh dear, glad to hear you're okay. Falling is the worst. Maybe you'll show us some of that poetry?

Steve said...

You have my sympathies and my admiration for coping on your own. Hope your injuries are negligible but do see a doctor if it persists. Coping on your own in this weather is a real test of mettle. Good for you!

Vera said...

Hope your bruises go away soon - take care of yourself, and hope the creative genius rises up within you.

Vera said...

Oops - sorry......"and hope the creative genius continues to rise up with you!"

the fly in the web said...

Not nice having an accident with no one around to make you a coffee and sympathise.

With you on the bra problems...having a frozen shoulder a few years ago, my routine used to be, pick up bra and one handedly get it hooked up back to front. Then one handedly stretch strap on affected side to a cup size that would have won prizes in a porno magazine, twitch bra round and insert arm, squealing the while. Reduce bra strap to something approaching normal,and find had not got other arm in.

cheshire wife said...

Weather is keeping me in too and I am also taking the opportunity to do some sorting out, but if the weather goes on for too long I may have to resort to surfing the Internet.

Keep warm and look after yourself.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Poor you - what a pair we make, great that you're getting on with being literary.

Mark said...

It is so easy to get distracted - here am I saying I am going to write and then I get distracted again.

Hope the arm gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is nothing serious, though massive bruises are no fun either. Keep up the good OU work; I will be getting on with mine at the weekend. I shall be glad to see the back of the snow. I did have to dig my car out and the girls are not particularly happy at having to come out with me whenever I have to turn it round - we live in a narrow cul de sac with no turning circle, very limited space, a very odd camber and loads of lovely ice. i get stuck every time! And they have to push! Thank goodness they can't drive!

Ayak said...

Being on your own most of the time, as I am, does bring its problems. I've had a few accidents where I would have loved to have OH around for tea and sympathy....but after a while when you realise there is no-one to pick you just get on with it, and you find the bursting into tears doesn't happen anymore.

You may also in time relish the positive aspects of being on your own. Being able to just please yourself, not having to consider another person when it comes to cooking meals etc. And I find I have to do much less housework when my OH isn't here!

Jean said...

Poor you. Falling is for children and teenagers as they bounce and mend better. The last time I fell (over the dog as it happens) I was only bruised but felt really poorly for quite a few hours afterwards.
I slipped on ice and broke my arm 15 years ago and I am still a nervous wreck in winter in case I do it again.
The snow and ice won't last forever.
Do keep blogging.

Carol said...

Oh hon that sounds really painful!! Have a long soak in a hot bath...might help relax the muscles.

There is definitely a temptation to spend a lot of time online when your on your own so good on you for resisting (just don't resist too much cause we'll miss you!!)

Sending love and hugs your way

C x

French Fancy said...

Molly - me and the high moral ground! What a laugh,eh?

Contem Troub - I'm glad it's not just me that has to cry when I fall over. I think we all become little girls again.

willow - You never know, I might put a poem or two on here - after they've been submitted for evaluation though. Otherwise the plagiarism software the Uni uses will pick my stuff up as having been copied from the internet

Steve - I can lift my arm higher today so I know it is not lasting damage. Of course at the time I thought it had to be broken :)

Vera - I'm the laziest writer in the world and that's why I prefer writing poetry. It seems to come much more naturally.

tfitw - I've been experimenting this morning with novel ways bra putting on - and so far have managed to break the strap on one of my favourite ones. Au naturelle again today. Must be careful not to run - as if!

cw - probably the day drifts by in your country area, much as it does here. I'm always amazed the days go so quickly

Lu - I must come and catch up on your news.

Mark - I'm typing faster today so on the mend for sure

CA - oh imagine if you had additional worrries about them being out on the road in this weather; yes, thank goodness they can't drive yet

Ayak - I don't need much encouragement to turn into the opposite of a domestic goddess. In fact I have only just loaded the dishwasher with all yesterday's lunch plates.

Hello Jean - I must add you and some others to my sidebar. I keep missing your blogs. As for going out in the ice - I am petrified now

Carol - hello sweetie and thank you

Jennysmith said...

Oooh, my poor sweetie. Hope you're recovering. I don't care old one is, when you fall over, you want to be cuddled and warmed up and have a plaster put on you.

Yes, the internet can really absorb your time. I have to be disciplined myself. No, don't take that car out! xxxx

French Fancy said...

Hiya Jen - well I put a huge plaster on my bleeding elbow, rubbed my arm and neck with an anti-inflammatory gel, held a pack of frozen runner beans against the bit of head that I banged and now - almost 48 hours later - I am much much better.

One of our neighbours has dug my car out and cleared my path. My m-i-l has done a big shop for me and the bichons; I've got Abba hits blasting out and I do not feel too bad at all.


LadyFi said...

Swinging proudly - love that!

Slipping on ice is very painful.. I know because I do it every year...

Glad you're enjoying your pottering and poetry writing.

French Fancy said...

Fi - do you ever get used to falling? Do you make yourself floppy when you go down or do you tense up? My fall happened so quickly and then banging my head made everything go black just for about 5 secs. It was all very weird. Maybe I'll be cleverer now that everything has been shaken about.

Rachel - why did you delete your comment (I saw it via my email notification) it was lovely.

Angie Muresan said...

Dear Julie you are in France after all, go braless as long as you need to. So sorry to hear about your fall though, but pleased nothing's broken. And your decision to immerse yourself in new things is a wonderful one. Good luck with your poetry class. Post some up, will you?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I just found your link on AGLIO, OLIO & PEPERONCINO's blog...I know exactly what you mean when you have a fall. I did the same thing last saturday night, all down my left had side,
I hit my face and my shoulder and cried so much. I had been out for drink , excuse, maybe but NO it was so icy! Hope you recover soon.

Oh how great that you will be moving nearer to Paris, which I adore. My husband and I used to be together, all the time ..but 8 years ago he started work for Formula 1 and he is away most of the year, travelling all over the world. It was very hard at first but now, I get used to it, once the first trips of the year are done.

I see your husband will be renting a studio, at least you will have the chance to go there too!

Anonymous said...

Gosh this sounds rather alarming and I do hope you are OK?
I worry that you will have hurt your back in the fall.
Good for you keeping off the computer a bit
I need to exercise restraint.
Send some poems privately to my e-mail
here's hoping you feel better

Ken Devine said...

Aaaagh! You've just reminded me of the boxes of papers I still need to sort out. They've been sitting here for 7 years now.

I love the 'Burst into tears' bit.

I hope you feel better now and clad appropriately.

Reasons said...

Oh dear...lie low and take it easy..sometimes these things are a way of telling us to slow down!

Suburbia said...

Sorry to hear you have hurt yourself. Perhaps you should get a Dr. to look at you?

French Fancy said...

Angie - it's back on today because I could at last reach behind myself - gosh, that sounds so odd.

Hello Anne in Oxon. How nice to see a new face here and one who also is doing love at a distance. I will be over soon

ewix - hello you. I'm much better today thanks and hope you are avoiding slippery pavements.

Ken - we've still got boxes belonging to my dad in the basement and he died two years ago. It will be a long haul sorting everything out but I must make a start ready for a move in about 12 -18 mths time (all being well with the housing market)

Reasons - I wouldn't say I overdo it at all - I am quite a lazy person by nature - but also a clumsy one

Veggie Carrie said...

Hi, I've been away for work (without internet) for three days so have just read this blog. I hope you are feeling a bit better now 4 days on. I hate walking on ice too, I'm always slipping, & can't wait for it to all go away! I didn't realise it had been snowy in Brittany too. Hope Mr FF is enjoying his new job by the way.

Frankofile said...

Yay it's the weekend - I just hope Mr FF isn't too shocked by your bruises.

French Fancy said...

Carrie - the rain is here today and at last we can see the grass again. I've not been out for 12 days now - apart from the balcony :)

Frankie - funnily enough I've not bruised and the nasty cut on my elbow is now healing. I'm still taking pain killers though.

It's not this weekend he's back - it's (probably) going to be next weekend.

DJ Kirkby said...

Glad to see that a sore arm is the worst you suffered from a fall like that. I am impressed that you do your bra up by reaching around to the back, I have to do it up in front then move it into position.

A Super Dilettante said...

Darling, I'm so sorry to hear that. What a frightful thing to happen especially when Mr FF is away and you're on your own. Hope you haven't broken anything. Believe me, it was awful when I fell on the ice two years ago and broke my elbow, taken into A&E on Saturday night. I cried among the drunks in the waiting lounge because it was so painful. Now, be very careful and don't be lifting anything heavy. Big hugs xxx

Rob-bear said...

SO SORRY to hear of your "misadventure." Having fallen three times this winter, I think I understand something of the feeling. (OK, only once outside; twice I tripped over Sadie-puppy in the night. Since then I've taken remedial action.)

If you bashed your head, you should get it checked out. (Not getting your head "read"; just "photographed" — as in x-rayed.) We don't want you to be the next Natasha Richardson!

Bear hugs from across the pond.

French Fancy said...

DJ - isn't it funny the things we take for granted - I just assumed all women and trannies reached behind themselves and did bras up at the back. Just as I always thought people wiped their bums standing up - until I learnt that some people did it whilst still sitting on the loo seat.

ASD - aw thank you my sweet. Some days it seems to be so stiff I cannot reach up to comb my hair on the left side. I think it is muscular though because for a couple of years I have had the odd problem with the left arm

Rob - I think I've got away with minimal head damage. I would know by now I'm sure if there was lasting damage (she said stubbornly :)

Anonymous said...

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Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi there FF. Hope you are feeling better now. Lots of hugs, H xx