Wednesday, December 30, 2009

36m people have seen this - be one more

I bet - like me - you'll sit and wait to see how the bride will make her entrance.

I've never posted a viral on here before but this made me smile


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

yes lve enjoyed this once before and once again just now...thanks

Elizabeth said...

Fun but goes on FAR too long.
Watched 3 minutes before patience gave up!
Actually it is playing in the back ground as I comment.
Re: the everyday life as against vast issues of great import.
You can tell that I like little tiny details.
For me blogs should be quirky and personal.
Information one cannot get elsewhere......
people pontificating drive me quite wild with fury.
Ditto people striving to be funny.
As you can tell, I have OPINIONS and my opinions are always right.
BUT I absolutely believe people can do whatever they like on their blogs(like having silly dots on the background or blackbackgrounds!) --we just don't have to read them.
Happy new year and love from beyond frigid NY.

Eleonora said...

Well, I had never seen this clip and loved it. It made me happy and cry at the same time. Happiness is expressed in so many ways!

Thanks for sharing this, J.

Hugs to you
Ele (Lola) xx

the fly in the web said...

I wish I knew whether our local black cassocked fanatic had an e mail address...he would blow a gasket at this if I could send it him.
People doing their own thing...enjoying themselves....
thanks for the clip...I skipped the middle, though.

Berowne said...

Terrific. And I've got one I'm going to post one of these days.
By the way, thanx for having me on your blog list.
Happy New Year!

Veggie Carrie said...

Aww that is a little long but so cute and imaginative!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I blogged about this a little while ago = I just found it so joyous, FF! Deserves doing the rounds again and again methinks! Mwah! x

Kathy said...

hehe I enjoyed the grooms entrance the best it's a wonder they had the energy to get married after all that. We danced on a crowded train in Paris once lol, Kathy.

Dumdad said...

I've seen it before - like a zillion others - and it's great fun and worth another look. What a celebration of life and love and friendship it is!

bindu said...

These people are clearly having fun! What a great sense of humor. :)

French Fancy said...

FFF - I thought it was great and I'd not seen it before

Elizabeth - I surprised myself by watching it through to the end and then watching it again. Normally I have no patience for things like this.

Let's hope the year ahead is kind to us all

Lola - yes, it made me cry as well. At the end when the groom met her halfway down the aisle - it was so lovely

tfitw - did you see the plump man do the handstand - he was so graceful.

Berowne - you are very welcome and right back at you sir

Carrie - yes, it is long but I lasted

AWONI - oh, I'm always behind everyone. I was the last person in my crowd to appreciate Japanese films. Nothing changes.

Kathy - I bet lots of couples will now be planning weird and 'wacky' entrances down the aisle.

What fun to dance on a train though

Dummdad - there is no way I would have done it

bindu - what a day to look back on, eh?

Bill Stankus said...

It's funnier (and much better) with the music off ... and proof that middle class whites can't dance.

Steve said...

Saturday Night Fever has a lot to answer for...!

Vera said...

I have caught this one already, but wanted to say that I thought it was lovely that this couple did what they wanted to do, and had a fun time doing it. Blessings to them, and to you for posting it up so I could see it again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - I had never seen it before and I thought it was great!

the fly in the web said...

Yes, I saw the handstand...Goodness only knows what he managed on the honeymoon to beat that!

French Fancy said...

Bill - I thought it was so sweet and when the bride arrived I shed a tear - see how soppy I can be

Steve- maybe it's a woman thing

Vera - cheers, sweetie (how come all these virals take so long to come to my attention)

CA - hurrah for someone who also didn't know about it. Welcome back btw.

tfitw - I couldn't do a handstand and would never, no way ever, dance down an aisle in front of a church full of people (but then you probably would never see me in a church - I'm allergic to them)

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, this is so adorable! At my wedding I was so nervous I could barely walk straight.

Lisster said...

That's brilliant! Happy New Year, x

Larry M. Brow said...

Thanks for the video. In a small world moment, the wedding party is from my alma mater. Their video got mentioned in our alumni magazine, but I hadn't bothered to look it up. Again, thanks.

The college? Grinnell College, in Iowa.

How do you teach courage?

French Fancy said...

Angie - imagine being cool and calm and un-shy enough to dance like that on that sort of day!

Lissy - how lovely to see you here

Larry - small world eh? And how good to see you around again

marc aurel said...

It's grrreat.