Thursday, November 05, 2009

Out of blogging ideas

I just can't think of anything to write about. I blame my Creative Writing course - all my ideas are going into the book that I am planning. Did I say book? Well, yes; the other night I awoke with a great character in mind and then spent the rest of the night dreaming up exploits for her. Like all middle of the night ideas it did seem very splendid at 3am and then a bit ott by breakfast time. Yet there is a germ of an idea sprouting and I do find myself sitting gazing at nothing thinking up narrative tricks involving my erstwhile heroine.

Other things that have been occupying me at the moment are:
  • a economy drive - yes, I have stopped buying boots and things that are not essential. In fact the Lakeland order that is currently on its way came to under £40 and if that is not stringent measures then I don't know what is!
  • How to avoid flat hair - due to all the rain and the daily dog walks my hair has been buried under a black trilby. Very chic when it is on, disgusting when it is suddenly pulled off.
  • Musing on the fact that I only got 71% for my first marked assignment. This was a short biographical piece about my father and his scene in Carry on up the Khyber. I know one should never assume but I was rather hoping for a higher mark.
  • Whether or not Mr FF will have to relocate to the UK for a short while to work on a contract there. We have seldom been apart in the twelve years that we have been together. Things are a bit unsettled at the moment.
  • What on earth t0 fill my blog with.

Oh and the photo at the top is the last photo I have of me with my parents. It is at someone else's house - my mother would never have allowed such dire paintings on the wall.


LadyFi said...

Love the photo of the three of you - happy memories.

As for blogging ideas, why not try writing some sample paragraphs for that character of yours? You could kill two birds in one stone... as it were.. and only metaphorically, because I wouldn't really want to kill birds.

Darned metaphor! ;-)

Bill Stankus said...

I've never understood the need or value of creative writing courses.

On the other hand, I do appreciate the company of creative people.

Dumdad said...

Nothing to blog about? This blogpost was pretty interesting!

Ken Devine said...

LadyFi has a great idea! Anyway, If you have an opinion, thought or are just down in the dumps, someone will always relate to or empathise with...cos we like the way you tell 'em.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Lovely pic, I loved reading about your father - it's about when I first came across you.

how about more about the area you're living in - got any crazy neighbours?

The Machinist's Wife said...

Well, you kept me amused and thinking and sparked thoughts and ideas off in my own mind with this post. I love the way you write - I'm with Bill - pondering the need for a creative writing course or the mental 'time and effort' one requires. You're obviously (obviously) a creative soul and can tell a story well. xx

Steve said...

You're such a perfectionist! 71% is a damned fine mark! As for the novel - buy yourself a notebook and right all your ideas down. Yes, most of them will seem dire when you go back to them but the good ones will stand out and stay with you...

mrwriteon said...

Lovely to be able to put a face to you -- makes it seem like more of a connection, and nice to have the chance to see your parents. Good luck with the book. I know what that's like. Oh, and don't entirely drop boot purchases. I confess to a weakness for women in stylish boots.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

A beautiful photo of you 3, FF... And I know that you will be successful as a writer (never mind your 70+%, you tinker, you! That's a great score! I can see that the character is coming to life for you and all the tips you seem to have received are wonderful - Great news, fab post - What do you mean, you can't think of ideas - This was lovely! Bonne chance! x

willow said...

Lovely pic of you and your parents. Let me know if you discover a secret to avoid flat hair. Mine's flat without any wearing of hats!

Frankofile said...

One thing to remember is that your mark is not a judgement of your writing, but of how well it met the course marking criteria

And it's not a judgement of you, it's only about how one tutor at one particular time felt about your one particular piece.

And 71% not a Bare Pass or a Clear Pass but a Good Pass. I'd call it promising!

And we all know you can write. Even if it's not fiction here (is it?)

Elizabeth said...

FF' what you need is a group of like minded people to thrash your ideas out with....
Yes, do do a book.
As regards your 71
well, who gave it to you?
what, pray tell, were their criteria?
How can you possibly score creative writing?

The best creative writing teacher (other than me, of course) is to read a gazillion books.
After that, try Brenda Ueland's "if you want to write".
Bill Stankus....I wrote a whole novel that got pubished by a real publisher before I ever took a creative writing course....
e-mail me if I can give you any help!!!

Angie Muresan said...

Oh I am so pleased those paintings do not belong to any of you! ;) Have a lovely weekend! And, I'm sure you'd get to see each other in the time your husband would work in the UK, wouldn't you?

Jennysmith said...

Lovely photo, FF, both you and your parents look super people.

There's always something to blog about. Tell us about your Lakeland things. xxx

Dedene said...

Yes, why not write about the 3am adventures of your fictional character?
Love the photo, you look splendid! You don't have flat hair at all.

Mark said...

71% is a very good mark in creative writing - my "first" at level 3 was marked at 75% . It is quite difficult to get much higher because of the way they award marks. When I get a moment I will tell you how the marking scheme works in detail.

Being stuck can be good too - Zen Buddhists spend years trying to think of nothing!

Phil Lowe said...

You are a super writer FF. I always look forward to latest tale. You have a great talent for wit and under-statment. Just write for what amuses or interests you and your passion will gain an audience.

Nice photo of you three. xxxxx

French Fancy said...

Ladyfi - I couldn't talk about my character - I feel like she is almost real and it would be like divulging her secrets. Yes, I am taking it *that* seriously :)

Bill - I guess it's like people who can draw or paint a bit wanting to take lessons to become that little bit better. Of course everyone can right to a fair degree but there is a craft to the structure of books - although Jane Austen and Dickens did very well without them.

Ken - I've been looking at some fascinating blogs of a satirical political bent lately and they do make one's efforts seem very inadequate and 'fluffy'. I think it's made me feel a bit worthless and silly - in a bloggy way of course

Dumdad - thank you my friend. Sometimes one just dries up.

Lulu - yes, maybe I'll do some neighbour stories. None of them are real 'characters' though. Finding things to ramble on about used to be effortless - maybe I'm just having a temp block (she added hopefully).

TMW - thanks for such nice words. I picked the course because I'm doing an OU degree and I needed another level 2 course - preferably without an exam. My written course work is usually well marked - in the 80% but my exam technique (and nerves) lets me down - hence me seeking out a course that has an end of course assessment instead.

Steve - I won't admit to the number of notebooks I now have dotted around the place in case the muse strikes.

Ian - you could have seen my face before - here's a link to some pics

Fhina - aw, you say such nice things. Are you happier now the pressure to blog daily is off? I don't know how you did it for so long

Frankie - thanks for such wise words. I've now read the full commentary on what I wrote and I appreciate her remarks. She also said that anything over 85% would be publishable and that people must not expect too much too soon etc. So I am quite happy now with my 71% and I know how to improve.

As for fictitious blogging - everything I tell is 100% the truth. When I first met Mr FF (online) I lied about my age which got me into ever such a pickle in the long term. I vowed after that to only ever tell the absolute truth.

Elizabeth - thanks for another set of very wise and guidable (is there such a word) words. I've got a group of OU students - all expats in Europe and doing the same course - who I guess are a bit of a workshop. We're encouraged to swap ideas and talk about our pieces.
But with you and a few others on this commenting box who have written books - perhaps I will be joining your ranks one day.

As for my tutor - she has written plays for the BBC and is currently in Burma teaching a screenwriting course.

Angie - yes - aren't they awful! As for travelling back and forth - if I can prevail upon Mr FF's ma - who lives nearby - to bichon frise sit, yes I will be visiting him

Jen - an apron, a spatula, a tin opener and muffin cases. Yes, I could have looked for French alternatives but I get attached to certain things and have to replace them with exactly the same thing. Aren't I a saddo?

Dedene - I'd not been wearing a hat in the picture - or maybe my hair was just more fluffy (it's about 15 years old that pic)

Mark - I can daydream for England. I sit and hours can go by and my thoughts go in a million directions.

French Fancy said...

Phil - we cross posted. Just think, we were on here at the same time -spooky!
Thanks for al the lovely words.

cheshire wife said...

My husband is often away and I quite enjoy having the place to myself. But then I am not living in a foreign country. By the way it has been just as wet here in the UK.

French Fancy said...

cheshire wife - I don't mind the odd absence but it's the thought of, say, a six month contract. Him coming back every weekend will be very tiring for him and because of the dogs I'll have to prevail on m-i-l - which I don't like to abuse too often, if you know what I mean.

A Super Dilettante said...

FF, my dear, this lovely photo of you and your parent is the kind of photo you should be proud to have it on your work desk. I'm touched to read that you are being very careful with your money. I think it would do the world of good to live like "Tom and Barbara" (from the Good Life sit com). They seem to have such fun and contented life compared to The Daily Telegraph readers, "Margo and Jerry". But you know, if you were like me, one can't help admiring Margo's wildly extravagant outfits and expensive fur coats and turbans!!

A Super Dilettante said...

PS. Did you see my comment in my blog post "Mrs Ricketts"? x

French Fancy said...

ASD - actually the photo is in a frame and I can see it from my favourite seat in our living room. As for the 'Good Life' - oh I would never have the discipline to live like that. I'm far more a 'Margot' person in real life :)

I must go and see this comment of yours

...mmm... said...

I love llists like this. Very intersting. Well 71% is pretty good I would think.

If your hubs goes to the UK, you can pop over adn see him adn catch up with fam there, no doubt. nice.

Veggie Carrie said...

That's a lovely photo of you with your parents.

71 is a really good mark. Besides, I think it's a bit like Stricly Come Dancing - they can't give out 10's in week one!

Can't you relocate in the UK with Mr FF, or are you a bit like my parents and not able to leave the bichons?

Rob-bear said...

Loved the photo. Yes, 71 is a bit disappointing, but still respectable. And for someone with nothing to write about, you've spun a marvelous tale.

But how on earth will you live without your next set of Rocket Dogs?