Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The first meme I've done in ages

I've pinched this (with permission) from Jo over at Reasons to be Cheerful
It is a meme with one word answers and even though you have to c&p and then remove the previous answers what else are you going to do for five minutes? Iron? Weed? Cook?

1. Where is your mobile? bag

2. Your hair? curly

3. Your mother? dead

4. Your father? ditto

5. Your favorite food? icecream

6. Your dream last night? ballet

7.Your favorite drink? champagne

8. Your dream/goal? degree

9. What room are you in? dining

10. Your hobby? internet

11. Your fear? poverty

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? unsure

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something that you aren't? fit

15. Muffins? yum

16. Wish list item? windows

17. Where did you grow up? London

18. Last thing you did? haiku

19. What are you wearing? black

20. Your TV? off

21. Your pets? bichons

22. Friends? few

23. Your life? happyish

24. Your mood? reflective

25. Missing someone? parents

26. Vehicle? Fiat

27. Something you're not wearing? jumper

28. Your favorite store? Selfridges

29. Your favorite color? Black

30. When was the last time you laughed? Sunday

31. Last time you cried? unsure

32. Your best friend? husband

33. One place that I go to over and over? kitchen

34. One person who emails me regularly? Ann

35. Favorite place to eat? Christophe's

36. Phobia? Drowning

It sometimes is quite difficult to do one word answers to some of these but I feel in a quiet mood today so it suited me. Help yourself if you so wish. I actually added the last one so perhaps you could add one on as well.


Carol said...

These single word meme's are perfect when you don't feel like saying much aren't they!!

I loved your answers....especially your one to the question one place I go to over and over. That made me chortle :-)

C x

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much one can learn in a very brief time.
Hope you are feeling OK?

A Super Dilettante said...

How are you feeling my dear? Haikus are quite fun to do. I do believe in saying a good poet uses very few words. I read Byatt's Still Life awhile ago.

Bill Stankus said...


Steve said...

Your wishlist item intrigued me. I assume you don't mean the latest release from Bill Gates Inc. ?!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Weird - I dreamed about ballet last night too, were you also doing it in the nude at the grocers?

French Fancy said...

Carol - I'm always popping in and out of the kitchen - if the dogs are barking it is the easiest window to see what is going on and if they have a reason to bark or are just being stupid - usually the latter

Elizabeth - I love reading people's answers but do not often do memes mysef. Mind you they are perfect for the lazy blogger who can't think of anything to say (like me today)

I'm average today - the kine lady was a bit savage with me on Monday and has inadvertently set me back a little bit. I'll have to tell her off tomorrow - but nicely.

ASD - Haikus are quite fun but I'm not doing as many as I should - I've been a bit lazy so far with the course.

As for the Byatt - I've not really got into it yet and did not read the first book in the series - will it matter?

Bill - good

Steve - one thing we've never got around to doing is replacing some of the old windows. We did with the library (former second bathroom) and the balcony doors but the rest are the original single glazed and flaky wood ones. There always seemed better things to spend the money on - so that is top of my to do list when the spare cash appears (if ever)

French Fancy said...

Lu - I often dream I'm at the ballet - it is never me prancing about - that would be a nightmare actually. Are you back home now?

Mark said...

So let me get this right: th egood life is ice-cream, champagne and lots of trips to the kitchen?

Sounds good to me.


Ann said...

My dogs are always barking as well FF, mostly for no reason, liked the meme, your favourite drink, kind of like that myself.

Veggie Carrie said...

I like this - snagged!

elizabethm said...

The best memes are one word answers I now think, reading this.

Larry M. Brow said...

Friends? FEW?

Okay, none of us are bringing any homemade pies over to your house just cuz it's a fine Saturday afternoon, and I'm rather new to the group, but it seems to me that you have important reciprocal relationships with more than just a FEW friends.

Jesh, next thing ya know the Christmas sleepover thing is getting cancelled.

Keep smiling.

LadyFi said...

Amazing how much one-word answers can say about a person!

Now, tell me more about this wish of yours: windows! Don't you have any? Do you want more? Or ones with a view...

Reasons said...

Oh us champagne girls have to stick together! Great meme and like the addition too, good idea. How's the back?

French Fancy said...

Mark - I think I've inherited my ice cream love from my mum. It must be a race memory or something

Ann - we've opened 'look out point' today - a little window halfway up the stairs which is normally covered with the world's tiniest venetian blind. The girls love sitting there, looking out and barking at the air/leaves/grass/pebbles - anything. I open it now and then to give them the treat of a barkathon;then it gets closed again for another few weeks

Carrie - it's a good one, yes

Elizabethm - I agree with you - some of them go on for ever

French Fancy said...

Larry - of course, I do have friends - blog friends. :) I'm very picky about people I let in to my real world and once they are there they are there for life. I used to have loads and loads but then I began the next stage of my life without artificial stimulants and thus became much more particular

Ladyfi - see my reply to Steve. I feel really cheap now - we must be the last household without double glazing (except on the balcony doors and the library window). We had secondary glazing but had to remove it when we put the venetian blinds up (for the fixings)

Reasons - I just adore champagne but I do prefer the demi-sec; I've not got a very refined palate.

Ann said...

Our two sit on the sill in the dining room FF, massive windows,( I sometimes sit there myself barking away at the world ), which is covered in dog breath, saliva, theirs, not mine, they bark at anything, Charlie boy seems to bark at any imaginary thing, when the barking gets really giddy, Tommy boy jumps up to joins in.

The only problem is the beautiful leather couch they use to jump onto the ledge, I have covered it in dog blankets, bought a single quilt last week, as you do for dogs, and these things keep slipping off the couch, so decided to stop looking for scratches, and let them get on with it.

They both sleep on the couch when I am here in the dining room.

French Fancy said...

Dogs and furniture, Ann eh? Ours prefer their bean bags which are on the living room floor and there is also their old toy basket (actually it is a dog bed lined with a squashy pillow) which they fight (in a jokey way) over.

Watching two dogs egg each other on with the barking can wear one down sometimes. I'm always conscious of Mr FF down in his basement office trying to concentrate - if I were here alone I'd probably not even try to stop them


French Fancy said...

Ann - ps - how lovely to have a sill big enough to sit on. I've always wanted a window seat. We once had one in a cottage that we rented in Winchester and I'd lie along it with my first bichon, Toto.


Anonymous said...

One word answers would be beyond me, I think, but yours were very revealing: Missing...parents. Me too.

Keri said...

Hello, Friend.. I like your answers here. I stopped doing them a couple of years ago, just to be contrary. Love your blog, thanks, Keri

Angie Muresan said...

As I don't swim, I fear drowning too. My biggest fear is dying while my babies are young. The thought of another woman raising them fills me with dread.

Ken Devine said...

Haiku??? What is it?
One word answers reveal a great deal, don't they?

Clarity said...

The Savoy or The Ritz? well that would be a treat for me too.

I have been "memed" too but haven't done the list yet. Yours is interesting though and I like the one word limit.

You should post your Haiku, that is one form of poetry I have not mastered.

French Fancy said...

Moannie - I don't think the missing of parents ever goes away. I still want my mum when I feel poorly.

Keri - You contrary thing. I never pass them on now or tag people and I used to incessantly - that is my show of rebellion

Oh Angie - you're going to be around to watch them have grandchildren - and I'm not going to drown either (I never go in the sea - well maybe a big ferry occasionally)

Ken - Haikus are Japanese 3 line poems with a certain rhythmn

French Fancy said...

Clarity - The Savoy just edges it really - it's my favourite London hotel. I've never stayed there but have eaten and drunk there a few times.

The thing with posting Haikus - all my OU work (and every student's actually) is subject to a plagiarism check through some magic software. If I've published here it will come up as already done by someone else - I know I know.

Dumdad said...

I've just looked at the different menus at Christophe's and I shouldn't have - I'm hungry now! It all looks great albeit a bit pricey.

Phil Lowe said...

In champagne
Dogs bark.
Ice cream
All well
In France.

There you go. Instant haiku, of sorts.

Phil Lowe said...

another one!!!!

From last post.

Thai girls
Ping Pong
Tight thong
Ouch, ouch.


Owen said...

Dear Fancy, Hope you can escape poverty so as to be able to continue to eat at Christophes !

French Fancy said...

Dumdad - it is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in though and every centime is justified. I love it, simply love it there and we've followed his career from when he first arrived from Paris to being awarded his Michelin etoile a few months ago.

Phil - love your Haikus and won't even mention the layout :p

Owen - we've not been there since May, such is the crise de finance

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Very sweet, FF, and so close to mine own - Missing parents - Always - You never feel quite the same again, non?

As for the restaurant - I shall continue to rever my dahlink = I think it is the closest I shall come to chez Christophe! Love to you = Have a fine weekend! x