Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bubble Buildings

Which is your favourite?

The first is the (Pierre) Cardin Foundation in the South of France. When Mr FF and I had a holiday there a few years ago ,(rather more stilted in the old days, my blog posts),we could see this set in the cliff as we drove around Cannes. It looks like nothing you have ever seen before and you cannot quite believe your eyes.

The second building is in Florida and its circular nature is meant to make it withstand hurricanes. I've been to lots of American states but never to that part - perhaps one day. I'd love to spend a couple of years touring America in a winnebago. That's on my wish list of things to do before I do.

What is one of the things on your list?


Lulu LaBonne said...

Loved both but especially the top one, made me think of the Ant Farm people, check out the Mojo Relic video here

I did the Winnebago road trip when I married The Director, we took his children along and spent 3 weeks touring through California/Nevada/Arizona it was fab!

Loads left on wish list but edging to the top is a sea kayaking adventure.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

I love the shape of the second one...but my selection is based on which one would I live in? I also would love to travel more but I think it has to be done sooner rather than later. It's difficult to travel a lot when you are unable to deal with the :-)

So if you must go...go soon-on your RV trip (US lingo)not the long non-returnable voyage. The traveling stress would be too hard to take (for a year?!!)once you get set in your ways.

I would love to explore Europe in more detail...we have to make sure our trips don't happen at the same time! (Maybe, we could meet for lunch somewhere?) I plan to travel through France some day in the not too far future-but nothing definite yet.

Steve said...

The first one definitely - it looks like a water ride at an amusement park! Loads of fun!

Carol said...

I love both of them but, for me, the first one has to be the winner!! It has lots of places to explore which makes it more exciting :-)

I have a list of places as long as my arm that I want to visit!! If I ever win the lottery (would help if I actually bought a ticket) I would travel the world in style!!

Hey, did you know that it was a year ago yesterday that you left your first comment on my blog? Tam over at Wordy Blog asked what we were doing a year ago around this time and when I went back to have a look I noticed that you had left your first comment :-) so Happy Blog Friend Anniversary *grins*

C x

Anonymous said...

The second one is beautiful; there is a completely square equivalent on the south coast somewhere - Camber, Hastings? Can't remember where. I am waiting for the Shard of Glass to be built by London Bridge Station - I am hoping that will be a beautiful as the designs suggested.

Elizabeth said...

The second one is prettier
but the Winnebago idea is the best.
You could have an amazing time in the US
and see so many different things

Anonymous said...

I liked the first house. It reminded me of a hamster attraction park.

If I had a ton of money, I'd visit all over the parts of Europe that I haven't seen yet.

LadyFi said...

They are both wonderful - but if I had to choose, I'd go for the first one.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I really like the first one and saw it featured on TV some time ago - It was lovely 'in person'...

Thank you for administering to me Nurse FF, I am so grateful...

Before I do, there are lots and lots of things I want to do, and my Winnebago is a VW Camper with Dachshunds replacing your lovely Bichons - Er, I think it'd be a little cramped - Your Winnebago sounds far roomier! x

Frankofile said...

A couple of YEARS in a winnebago? I like the way you think big!

I don't have a wish list and struggle to plan 10 minutes ahead...

Reasons said...

Very interesting. Second one is more pleasing on the eye but would love to see the first one for real. Bet it's good inside!

Suburbia said...

Thanks SO MUCH for all your lovely comments at mine :)

I like the second building but would be scared of the hurricanes never the less!

Veggie Carrie said...

It has to be the top building for me, as I like the water feature in it, and it looks more interesting, although the second building looks lovely too. I once stayed with my family in a round South African hut, it was quite special. I wonder why they don't build more round buildings?

I have quite a lot of places on my wish list - Australia being the main one, but closer to home I'd like to explore around the UK a bit.

Mark said...

I like the second one especially the way the shadows fall. Mind you, it would have to be sunny.

Things to do before I die? I'd like to travel to the Alps on a motor scooter - preferably a honda C90 like I used to have.

Blu said...

Wow I just love the second one! cool

French Fancy said...

Lulu - I never realised you and the Director were married (but then why should I have?). I thought of you as a free and easy spirit about town, living with A-listers - in a cooking way of course - and dispensing love when you felt in the mood.

Re travelling round the USA - I've done the West Coast a few times in a hire car and a short trip to NY but it has all been in a rush. If someone offered me a house in La Jolla or Santa Barbara I wouldn't exactly turn it down though.

Cynthia - I would love to meet up with you one day, either in your country or mine. Let's hope that it will eventually happen.

Steve - I'd love to live in a quirky house like either of them and have always hankered after a circular tower room.You sometimes see turrets added on to houses here but those properties are quite pricey. Have you ever seen Ruskin's house in Windermere? That has a perfect turret room with lovely views of the lake.

Carol - yes, Happy Blog Anniversary to you too, sweetie. It's lovely having regulars that now comment - my first three years saw hardly anyone come here - then I went pink (I used to be orange) and I think it made all the difference

CA - Oh now I feel really out of the London loop (and me born and bred in North London) - I don't even know what the Shard of Glass is - about to be remedied.

Dedene - I love travelling and if money was no object I would travel for half the year staying in beautiful hotels.

Elizabeth - I could never drive one of those big RVs though - Mr FF would have to do all the reversing manouevres anyway.

Ladyfi - I like them both equally actually, but I do prefer white houses so, perhaps, the second might just edge it. The first is a homage to the seventies hence the orange colour

AWONI - ah, you're a daxie lady. I grew up with a miniature daschund called Oscar Merryweather III.

Frankie - perhaps a couple of years would be pushing it - I'd start to miss a proper home.

Reasons - when we saw it in the cliffs we had no idea what it was, it looked so weird and of course we had to go to a bar in the nearby Port Galere and quiz the owner. You can rent it apparently but I suppose the cost would be phenomenal

Suburbia - I know someone who has never wanted to go to California in case there was a hurricane. It is such an amazing state though. I love it there. Florida has never appealed that much because of the mosquito epidemics they have.

Carrie - I've never wanted to visit Australia but have liked the thought of New Zealand, which is on our long term wish list (after seeing the Aurora).

Mark - didn't you go to the Alps quite recently? Imagine some of those passes on a scooter!

Blu - Isn't it lovely. Imagine living in a building as pretty as that - although both you and I have pretty Breton houses.

ModernMom said...

Oh I do think I prefer the second home..although still think I am partial to the good ol box shapes!
Great post!

Mark said...

On a totally different subject - I'm trying a little writing experiment and as you are doing OU creative writing degree I thought you might help.

I have put two of the pieces of writing that I submitted for my level 3 course onto google documents. I want to see if ths works as a way of sharing my writing, possibly via the blog.

Try this link to view them

and this one

You don't need to read them - though you can if you wish (they'll tell you a bit about me I guess). But can you tell me if

The links work and do take you to the document- they do for me but I am the account holder

The paragraphs are formatted correctly.

You can print them as if they were normal word docs.

Normally I'd do this myself but I have limited access here in Wales and no printer.

Sorry for such a long memo but don't have Facebook and don't have your email.

Cheers - like I said, no need to read but you can if you wish.


Jennysmith said...

Both of them fabulous and amazing buildings. Yes, I'd love to travel in one of those too

Hope back is a bit better xxx

French Fancy said...

ModernMom - hello there and thanks for stopping by. I've always loved circular and arched shapes best of all.Imagine having an octagonal room - my idea of perfection.

Mark - I feel privileged - thank you for access to these. I will try and view them after lunch.

I don't have an email I use for my blog. I tried once to set up an alternative one just for the blog and got into a real pickle with accessing it - things really didn't work out.

Jen - I knew you'd like them :)
Re back - yes, it is much better ta for asking

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, I have lists about what should be on my wish list! As there are so many things on there, I feel it's only right that I cut some off.
I love the idea of a couple years in a winnebago touring the USA. Hubby and I plan on doing the same thing once the kids are a little older.

Mark said...

Thanks for looking at the writing - and for the very kind words of encouragements. And it seems the link works even if it is a bit of a clunky way to share writing. I'm glad you found them interesting. One of the problems with publishing a lot of what I write is that it is personal and honest - ironically this means those close to it can be affected too. For example I've written about my difficult relationship with my ageing mother - - much though I think it is good work and a subject which needs airing I know that publishing it would deeply upset her. Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read them.

As for your own writing, inspiration can be difficult and the 'freeing up' exercises don't always work. The painter Paul Cezanne used to say ' if you are stuck, paint the stove' - I think writing about what is around us can be interesting - in many ways that is what blogs are. And look at Raymond Carver's books, not much happens in his stories yet they are riveting.

cheshire wife said...

I prefer the American building. Despite my globe trotting reputation I have not been to the US but would like to go.

Lulu LaBonne said...

We're hitting 10 years in wedded bliss this solstice (I blogged about the wedding on our last anniversary).

Maybe it works so well because we rarely actually have to live together.

I'm always in the mood to dispense love sister!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

I think the first photo invites me to explore much more than the second, but the second has fun symmetry.

As for something on my destination wish list, hmmm ... I think Australia and New Zealand are on there for sure!

French Fancy said...

Angie - yes, wouldn't it be great to see the States really slowly and properly and get to meet some local people, not just be tourists

Mark - For my TMA this week (the first of the course) I've written about my father and his life as a pianist. It made me remember a lot about my childhood and I got rather upset (not because I had a traumatic childhood but it reminded me what it was like to have parents). This writing lark is like therapy but it can also be very unsettling - as, indeed, I suppose is proper therapy.

cheshire wife - oh that West Coast of the USA is just so beautiful. Venice, Malibu, Santa Monica, Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey. Each time I visit there I do not want to leave. My dream home would either be in Laguna Beach or Santa Barbara.

Lulu - yes, with the Director being away so often yours must be like a long distance romance. Mr FF is in the Uk for a few days and I miss him ever so much. We're a close distance couple.

ContemTroub - I'd love to go to New Zealand. I used to have family in Australia but they've all returned to the UK now - they were not really suited to the place.

A Super Dilettante said...

I love anything which has a name of Pierre Cardin!!

Clarity said...

How lovely of you, X, MERCI.

As for Chemist Direct, hahahaa, touche.

I can't decide; the first would be fun, it also has more foliage, thus is warmer. The second I find really needs curved windows to complement the shape.

The first would do, in white and with an extra tube shoot going into the outdoor pool. Whoopee!

I'm a "Falling Water" girl at heart.

P.S. If we're talking travel, then one of my dreams is to have a Riad in Morocco either by the sea or in my favourite city.

French Fancy said...

ASD - you and your labels, my fashionable friend. I think you are the most chic person I know.

Hello Clarity - I agree with you about the first house looking better in white. That's my favourite colour for a houe - I really don't like red brick or, in this cae, orange something or other

Ann said...

Neither, if I had to chose it would be an art deco house, such wonderful shapes.

French Fancy said...

Yes, I love that period as well, Ann. My favourite house is Ruskin's house overlooking Windermere though.