Friday, September 25, 2009

and the treatment will be

I had a long session with our doctor a couple of days ago whilst he went through my x-rays. The good news is that there is no operation that could successfully be achieved and no referral to a consultant. We are going to do pain control and physiotherapy. I've got some mild painkillers for days when I'm not too bad and some cracking ones for bad days. They are tramadol, which is related to morphine and - to quote Wiki - tramadol can produce a very pleasant high in many users. So, roll on the bad days (only joking). He told me to chuck away the anti-inflammatories that he'd given me the other day - of which I'd only taken a couple anyway. I've also got an initial prescription for 20 sessions of physio which will be largely massage. He said I could have that for the rest of my life if it helped and I'm going to see the (female) physio next Friday.

He did say that it was one of the worst set of x-rays he had ever seen and I assured him - as I do you - that I am not about to become a Sick Person. There is nothing more boring than someone going on about their pain all the time - people can't help and it just reinforces the negativity. Hence from now on I will try and avoid all mention of it in future blog posts - except for maybe descriptions of my (legally induced) drug euphoria. No, I've not taken one yet - I really am going to save them for bad days and incredibly I do not feel too bad today.

My next post will be about an old bloggy friend that some of you know and might have wondered how she is getting on - Henry the Dog's mum


LadyFi said...

So glad to hear that you have got a positive attitude and some pleasant drugs! ;-)

Ooh - I do so miss Henry the dog's mum.. please post about her soon. And give her a big HUG from me...

Steve said...

It's always nice when drugs have a positive side-effect!

Dumdad said...

Good luck with the treatment and I hope you don't have too many bad, bad days.

I saw your comment about David Kossoff. His son Paul was a very talented guitarist but his addiction to drugs did him in. He was ridiculously young when he died (25) and it was on a flight to New York. Tragic.

Free were a lovely band and might have had more success if Paul's ill health due to drugs hadn't broken up the band. But that's the rock business for you.

Paul Rodgers, of course, went on to further success and still tours and records and is considered one of the best by his peers.

the fly in the web said...

So, the creative writing will be something on the lines of confessions of a legal opium eater?
Really relieved that it has worked out this way for you...back pain is such a downer in life.

Mark said...

20 sessions of physio! How can we tell you live in France - with a proper health service! Around here you'd have to be in a terrible state to get 20 sessions.

That said, our local physio is evidently pretty attractive to the ladies - one of Jane's friends told her she'd feigned a bad back just so he would give her a massage.


Anonymous said...

You do manage to sound quite positive about what must be very dreary and distressing.
The pills sound interesting........!
I'm a great believer in massage for everything - not that it can cure spine stuff, but if you get relaxed and aligned a bit, you will likely have less pain.
Do you ever read ?
A wonderful writer and blogger and real world friend who lives in Washington and is a healer.

Carol said...

I'm glad to hear that there is something that can be done!! My Mum is going through something similar (vertebra has turned round!!) and the physio is really helping!!

Haha, wonder if the pills will help you 'creatively' if you know what I mean :-)

I don't read her blog but I had noticed that she'd stopped commenting.

C x

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear, it must be a huge relief for you that there is no need for operation. I would never mind you talking about health - it's one of the most important things in life. I don't see this as moan or complain. It's rather a part of therapuetic process xxx

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I'll have what you're having!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you don't have to face an operation. The superdrugs sound rather good - I still have fond memories of a pre-med I had before a (minor operation). Being wheeled for miles around Dartford hospital was amazing good fun! I look forward to hearing about them, though I hope you don't have too many bad days.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've got such a good attitude. However, watch out for the Tramadol, it's quite addicting and tough to kick.
At least, you get to go to the kiné.
Take care of yourself!

Lola said...

I love the positive attitude, J!
Take care and keep that smile beaming
Lola xx

French Fancy said...

Thank you Ladyfi - as for the drugs, I've ordered some daily cod liver oil pills from the UK. They are meant to be very effective with joint pain - I'll save the heavy duty stuff for when I'm much worse than I at atm.

Steve - I got all excited when I read about it and then common sense prevailed. Gone are my days of over-indulgence - I'm an adult now :p

Hello Dumdad - I've got the vinyl album with the blue cover and the figure with legs akimbo. In fact, since getting a deck from Mr FF a couple of Xmas's ago there is no reason for me not to dig it out and play it.

Shame about Paul Kossof. My parents went to visit the Kossofs shortly after it happened - I was away - and it took Paul's mum a long time to get over it. But then does one ever get over something like that happening? One of my early bf's died from a drugs overdose and I still get the odd nightmare about it all, despite me having tucked it well away

fitw - I'll be the new De Quincy - only I'll try and do shorter sentences :)

Mark - I wanted a lady physio so I could be totally relaxed. I think being massaged by a local Breton male would make me feel very uncomfortable. I'd be tensed whilst the treatment was going on. Luckily I didn't even need to say anything like that to the doc - the best person is female.

ewix - I don't know that blog but I'm about to discover it. The funny thing is that I do feel better than I did a while back. After the July concert I literally had to crawl out of bed the next day - I was unale to stand. Currently the worst thing is that I am limping - my right leg hurts a bit but it is very very tolerable.

Carol - fingers crosssed that the physio solves your mum's problems. Bloody backs!

ASD - I must train myself not to think about it, let alone talk about it. I'm trying to practice this mind over matter malarkey.

Reasons - I'll meet you on the corner - a pound a pill.

CA - premeds are the biz. My best drug (legal) was some morphine when I had my gall bladder out (old blog entry - under medical). I had one of those machines that you press the button when you want some. It was a very wild time in my hospital room - in my own little world. Me and my imaginery friends.

Dedene - I do have an addictive personality and that is the main reason I've not tried them yet. Don't want to be strung out too early - and anyway my pain is manageable now.

Lola - you're still around. Good luck with the film. I'll miss you

Jennysmith said...

Poor sweetie, I will keep you in my heart for the rest of the day.
You really have been strong about this xxx

French Fancy said...

Jen - that is such a nice thing to say and thank you very much

Rob-bear said...

Interesting comment: "one of the worst set of x-rays he had ever seen."

Sorry to hear that you're not that photogenic. ;)

Do hope the pills and the physio work wonders. But we won't sign you up for the Rocket Dogs Marathon this year.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Mmmm - proper drugs, you could invite a few friends round to share and turn the bad days into a rave!

claire p said...

I'm glad you've got some positive news, sort of. Legal highs are always good to ;)

Laura [What I Like] said...

You have really got the best attitude, and i could not agree more about the futility of complaining about this sort of thing. It depresses both the complainer and the complainer's friends! Here's hoping that you enjoy the drugs and that you have more good days than bad.

French Fancy said...

Rob - well I hobbled round a lake just now, being dragged by two bichons so I'm not due for the wheelchair just yet :)

Lulu - and I still haven't taken one yet. See - age does bring wisdom

claire - I feel better than I did but it does come and go rather

Laura - hello and thanks for such a heartfelt message. Yes, who wants to be a sicky bore?

cheshire wife said...

Lets hope that the treatment works. You would not get 20 sessions of physio on the good old NHS.

French Fancy said...

cheshire wife - funnily enough I feel loads better today - hope the physio doesn't set me back

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi FF, Glad you had a good session with the doc. I agree with you about going on about illness so I'm going to knock mine on the head shortly.

Good for you - like your attitude! Get well soon and good luck with the physio. Hadriana xx

Clarity said...

OK, what happened, when did you get sick and how come I did not know?

I feel awful and rather out of it. Here for you, xxx.

P.S. Bloody doctors (pardon me), please avoid that pill if you can, I have heard that one gets "used" to it, which is scary although I don't want you in pain.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

A prescribed lifetime of massages -- that doesn't sound bad at all! Glad you are in good spirits. Hope pain management continues to go well. Hugs ...

French Fancy said...

Hade - right back at yer, sweetie

Clarity - well I've had quite a bad back ache for about three months and a regular steady one on and off for about five years - yes, I really should have done something about it before now.

As for the meds - I'm going to put off taking the strong pills for as long as I can.

ContemTroub- oh thank you sweetie, :) My first massage is this Friday.

Rob-bear said...

Instead of hobbling around the lake, hitch the Bichons to a dog cart and let them give you a ride.

Great exercise for them; gives you a chance to enjoy the view.