Monday, August 10, 2009

Exams - bleurgh

Remember how well I did with my monthly marked assignments for the recent OU course? All those plaudits you laid on me? The endless revision I did in the run up to the Paris exam. The high hopes that my tutor had that I would finish the course with a very high mark?Well, it all came crashing down when I got my result last week. I ended up with a 2.2 for the course and was devastated. I really knew - or thought I knew - everything needed to do well with the exam and I wish there was feedback that told you where you had gone wrong. I'm not alone with my disappointment. Many of the students on the OU forum that did the same course are bemoaning their result and we are consoling ourselves with the comforting news that it is one of the hardest courses out there.

Anyway, I know now for sure what my next course will be. It is in Film and Television History and will only be provided up to 2011. It doesn't begin until next February which suits me rather as there is a chance that we might be in the UK for a few months later in the year . More about that another time when plans have been firmed up.

An apology I owe to fellow bloggers is the fact that I have not been around here much lately and have fallen a bit behind with visiting you all. We've had a friend staying and it does seem a bit churlish when someone has bothered to come out and visit us to then sit tapping awaywith the excuse that 'I've just got to do a bit of blogging'. Anyway, I am now back in the loop; I've recovered from my exam disappointment and I'm trying to stick to 22 WW points a day. There is a family wedding in the UK next May and I want to lose some weight for it. Well I'd like to lose weight regardless of a family get-together, but it does help to have something definite on the horizon.

Righty ho - off to pay my respects to you all now...


Steve said...

A 2:2 is still a result worthy of hearty congratulations and pride - especially in such a tough module. At the end of the day it's a pass at Honours level and that is what is important. Onwards and upwards!

Nora Johnson said...

Totally endorse Steve's wise words above! Per adua ad astra!

See you agai soon!


Frankofile said...

There's something wrong with exams. Is it having to write, when all we do is word-process these days? Anyway, I'm glad you've actually done well, you're 'over it' and keen to move on. There are so many benefits other than the mark.

I'm looking forward to your blogging about the next course! Is the course you mentioned before, Children's Literature, still in your planning?

Ayak said...

Don't be so hard on's still a good result...well done.

Good to see you back too. It's lovely having people to stay but it does rather throw our daily routine.

Ann said...

Not a bad result FF, don't be too disappointed, pity there is no feedback, then you learn where you went wrong so to speak, that will be interesting, Film and Television History.

Good luck with the losing of weight, keep away from sweeties, or gorgeous biscuits, they are so naughty, but so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the lack of feedback is a problem, but a pass is a pass and that is all I cared about. Who you gonna tell, apart from us? 'Yes, I have a degree, I'm a BA Humanities with lit....only a 2.2 though.'


the fly in the web said...

I'm sorry you're disappointed...still, if others have the same experience with the exam it might indicate that the course organisers and the examiners were not exactly siamese twins.

Dumdad said...

Congrats even if you felt you should have got a better result. It could have been worse!

LadyFi said...

Congrats on the 2:2!

And glad to hear you've had a lovely time with a friend.

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have a friend over. Don't worry about us!
The fact that you finished such a tough course is already great. What was the best possible score?
The next class sounds right up my alley!

Glad you're back!

Nora Johnson said...

Dear FF!

Many thanks for the lovely comment over at my place - totally agree with you about Sir Fred Goodwhine -but don't get me started!!

Am completely exhausted and off to have another siesta, having just interviewed myself in my just published post! (No, don't ask!!)

Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Lulu LaBonne said...

2:2 is great - understand that you'd like feedback though.

What did you think of "Rupert does Byron"?

Lola said...

Sorry about the unmet expectations, dear FF.
But if your next course will indeed be Film and TV History, well - I can be a resource for ya.First of all, the course description says "Italian cinema as early as the '70s," that's when Italian cinema was at its crappiest!

My grandfather was a very successful Neorealism (1940s/60's) director, so if there's any additional information you may need in that branch to gain more points, I'd be glad to provide it.

Lola xx

Ken Devine said...

It's better than I've ever done and you didn't fail.

I love the fact that you've moved on with such a positive attitude.

You get a mention today on my blog.

Bill Stankus said...

Ah, and who gets to test the testers?

French Fancy said...

Steve - I almost wish I hadn't knocked myself out mentally getting the monthly marked essays in. Hopefully next year I'll do better

Hola Lola and Nora. Muchos grazias

Frankie - I've had second thoughts about the Children's Literature course. As it is a brand new one I thought I'd let other students be the guinea pigs as to how it actually runs in practice. I'll pick it up either for the one after the February one or the one after that (and then I'll be done!)

Ayak - thank you my friend. Our routines have gone to pot here lately - and all my clothes are the tightest they have been for ages.

Ann - I adore this picture of you, you look gorgeous! As for sweeties - I have eaten them all now - with a bit of help from the 'guys' - when I cared to share them. They were delicious and I ate them guilt-free knowing what I had decided to do come today.

I lost weight with WW years ago and know their points system very well - will do it at home and hopefull lose the few stone that I need to. Once I summon it I do have willpower

Moannie - now I'm going to backpedal - A 2.2 is very good but I think my hopes (and my tutor's) became high because of the TMA marks and also the fact that last year's course got me a 2.1

Listen, I just want to get the bloomin' degree, so the class doesn't really matter. Although, if I want to go on to an MA, I will need a 2.1 or higher (in my dreams for anything higher)

French Fancy said...

Will continue with the next lot of replies later on if that's okay - :)

French Fancy said...

flyintheweb - I just think my exam technique must be very poor because I could not have revised any harder. If I had just coasted it I wouldn't have been as upset as I was. Oh well, I must move on.

dumdad - yep, some people did fail. In fact out of the 624 people that took it, 3% came in the 0-13% racket. I got in the lower 60s.

Ladyfi - it was actually Mr FF's friend and mine by proxy - it was a good time. It's my turn at the end of the month when my Paris-based cousin comes to stay

Dedene - a few people got Firsts - anything over 84%. No chance of that for me but I had reckoned on a 2.1

Nora - I'm not surprised you need a lie down. You put so much into your blog (I'm a bit of a lazy blogger really - you and AWONI with all your uploads put me to shame)

Lulu - ta for that my friend. As for Rupert - I only watched the first part. I thought it was very self-indulgent and very very predictable about LB's peccadilloes. I'd have liked more about his amazing literary talent.

Lola - that is fascinating; yes, of course - you are in the business.

The course does stress that it is history related as opposed to criticism of the films. I'll be blogging about it incessantly I imagine

Ken, aw thanks for everything you put

Bill - indeed. Boo to them

Veggie Carrie said...

Well done on passing with a 2:2, and I am sorry for all of your enthusiasm and good marks in the past that you didn't get the 2:1 you wished for. At least you got to learn more about Byron though.

This is the problem with humanities subjects - there is no right or wrong answers, and it is done to the subjectivity of the examiner. Your exam questions also looked really difficult!

Anonymous said...

I think you are to be commended for how well you did. And, you will now move on and continue to do well.

claire p said...

I think the fact that you did it at all is worthy of congratultions. Fitting OU courses around everything else is hard work, so well done.

Carol said...

*slaps FF on the hand* for being waaaay to hard on herself!!

2:2 is a good mark hon!! You should be really proud of what you have accomplished!!

(But if you, and your tutor, expected a higher mark then that says something to me about the actual marking!! If you are really unhappy about it then appeal the have nothing to lose!!)

*Sending lots of congratulatory vibes across the interweb at you*

C x

A Super Dilettante said...

I know how you feel, FF. You set yourself a very high standard. You worked so hard in the course. I'm so proud of you for getting 2:2. If any consolation to you, I once got a 2:2 in my Russian Literature. I mispelt the word "Peasants" incorrectly in criticism on a Tolstoy's novel. It was exam and as you know, how much under pressure the exams can give you and so I spelt "Pheasants". Like you I wanted to know where I got wrong. The Professor (very Oxbridge in his eternal tweed jacket, now retired probably I might have despaired him!!) wrote, "ASD, Peasants are people. Pheasants are birds". Keep your chin up!! Exam results are not be all and end all.

cheshire wife said...

Congratulations! There is nothing wrong with a 2.2. Exams are always harder than course work. Hope that you can enjoy some study free time.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Forgive me, FF -- I'm not sure what 2:2 means in the scoring system? Do enlighten the ignorant reader on the other side of the pond :). It certainly sounds like you did well, even if you didn't meet your goal.

As for WW, you have all my encouragement. You can do it!

The Accidental Fan said...

Exam technique is easy to lose and hard to pick up. What is important is what you are capable of, and you are clearly capable of a 1st if your percentages are anything to go by... ....however this may not be reflected in your end result.

Blu said...

Sorry that you didnt get the result that you wanted. You did really enjoy the course though, that must count for a lot.

Glad to hear that you have been busy with company it is that time of year eh!

Take care and best wishes Blu x

Rob-bear said...

Sorry, FF, but I'm with Contemporary Troubadour -- I haven't a clue what 2.2 means. Is that just a notch off a double first (which I assume is 1.1)? Non?

Film and Television history sounds delightful. do have fun.

As for WW and 22 points, and getting ready for the big wedding, you might want to check out my latest: And then, you might not.

French Fancy said...

Carrie - I've still got three more courses to try and claw my way up to a 2:1. I would like to try and do it, especially as I would like to go on and do a Masters and I can'd do it with 2:2.

Mr WO - yes, I have moved on; it's no longer a disappointment, just one of those things

claire - I do have it easier than some other OU-ers - there are people posting on the student forum who have full-time jobs and families. I just don't know how they do it

Carol - you cannot appeal against an OU decision - well not relating to an exam mark anyway - it's in the small print and the large print

ASD -aw, thank you and it is lovely to see you back here after your busy time of late. So you had to do a module in Russian Literature? What other non-art subjects did you sit as part of your two degrees? Educational things are just fascinating to me.

cheshire wife - thank you so much. I do take it a little bit too seriously I think

Contem Troub - well, first of all this is not my final degree mark - just the 3rd out of 6 courses I have to take to get my Honours degree. The best mark is called a First; then there is an Upper Second (a 2:1) and then a Lower Second (a 2:2); then a Third - after that is is degrees of not passing - Fail, Bad Fail.

TAF - A couple of the courses I still have to do will not have an exam but something called an End of Course Assessment (ECA) - I'm hoping to do better with those. Oviously exams are not for me.

Blu - you know what - you are right. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it counts for a lot.

Rob-bear - how nice to see you here again.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Aw not fair! We all know you did better - bad examiner if you ask moi.

Am with you on the weight loss thing - well I would be if I were losing any!

French Fancy said...

Oh Reasons - at least I didn't cry but I did have to choke back the tears for a moment or two. I'll never assume anything again

As for weight loss - I've just had some midget gems and a Snickers Bar from my lovely bloggy friend Ann in Ireland - I just couldn't resist :)

Elizabeth said...

Good to see you back in the blogging loop while I am feeling a little summer ennui.........
for what it's worth I got a 2.2 in my degree which shows what a mediocre academic I am
And I LOVE reading

The Priory was so wonderful I can't help forcing it upon people.........
I am about to embark on Olivia Manning's Levan't Trilogy.
She is quite quirky and sometimes hard to love but clear eyed.
Good luck losing weight........
I sort of gave up on that one but endlessly walk about with the dog.......!!

Snowbrush said...

Well, here's hoping that 2.2 is a passing grade.

French Fancy said...

Elizabeth - well my willpower is waning. I am quite admiring Dawn French's attitude - this is me, big, just accept it. The thing is that I feel so much better lighter.

I also walk with the dogs, well I actually amble with Poppy whilst Mr FF runs ahead with Misty - running is not on my agenda!

Thanks Snowbrush :) It's not my final result - I've got three more courses to go.

Mark said...

I hate waiting for results.

I am still waiting for the grades of my creative writing degree module - I'm confident of the assignments I submitted but that doesn't mean the tutors will like them. Marking is always a value judgement at best.

And a 2.2 is still a good mark. We used to call a 2.2 a 'Desmond' - after Desmond Tutu! Funny what brings back memories

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Dear FF/Julie,

Oh please don't beat yourself up about the 2:2 and if you can do extra work to increase the much the better! (All the best people I know got 2:2s..they are more rounded individuals. I say that in the sense of the character rather than the body!)

I think, as a nation, we have got too hung up and exams and results. They are fine in their place. They are not the be all and end all.

I can understand your disappointment though. I was choked when I didn't get on this guiding course initially.

Is it impossible to get feedback? Is there anyone in OU you can talk to about it? It may help. :)

I'd love to blog more and to be honest I feel as if I let my blogging friends down quite a bit. Since I've got the children to look after myself I thought I would have more time to blog...not less!

I'd also post more often but I feel bad about not getting round everyone's blogs enough.

You are a great blogger and put loads of thought and detail into yours. I'm quite jealous as a matter of fact! ;)

P.S. Good luck with the slimming. I seem to be stuck on 11 stone. Let me know how WW goes. Maybe it is what I need for the last stage.


French Fancy said...

Mark - ha, so my course ended up with a Desmond - love it!.

Hadriana - you are a lovely blogger - I can't get any more feedback really apart from finding out it was my third question - the one on how the concept known as the 'sublime' changed from the period 1780 - 1830. It was hard to revise for and hard to assemble it for the exam.

As for dieting - I seem to have been on one all my life. My most successful slimming was all done via pills and injections from a Harley Street doctor (to the stars) who has since been struck off!

Val said...

Hi, I'm reading your blog late again! I'm so glad you got a pass, even if it's not the one you wanted. Best to look forward to your next course I expect (which I'm sure you are doing).

Hey - if you get to England, and feel you might manage a skip across the border, I'd love for you to come and visit us! Drop me an email if it's a possibility!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Pills. Hmmm. That's a thought! I think I just need to get out and walk more.

I'll second what Val says...if you are ever up this way...let me know! Cx