Friday, May 08, 2009

What? Another pair?

If I had a penny for everyone who has said to me 'how can you buy footwear on line - how do you know you'll like it?' then I'd have (makes sucky breath through teeth) about 11p (wow!). I've never ordered a pair that either didn't fit me properly or that I didn't care for - until now.

You see here the second pair of Rocket Dog boots that I recently ordered. They looked much nicer in the website photos, despite being saddled with white laces (what was that designer thinking of using white ones?). Once they arrived I felt a few doubts and decided that purple laces would improve things. Being as I live in French backwater - where things like purple laces are deeemed too modern to be sold in the high street, I then had to trawl through ebay, select the pair, send my cheque off, wait for it to clear (no, I don't use French Paypal - it's rubbish) and for the supplier to send them on to me. Well, they arrived, got duly swapped with the white and I'm still not mad about them.

I usually go for a mid-calf boot, this is my first 'baseball' style and I think, even with the bright colours, that it is quite a butch look - and that is just not me. Despite living in trousers or jeans my look is quite a feminine one. Never mind, I've occasionally bought clothes that I wasn't too sure about at first and then they went on to be promoted in the French Fancy wardrobe league. Maybe this will happen with my purple splashy Rockets.

What one can learn from this is I guess that things are never going to be perfect all the time. Occasionally something will come along that looks bright and fine on the surface but underneath you know it is not really right for you. A lesson for life really. 

Have you ever bought something online that you didn't like at first and which then grew to be something you really loved?


Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I don't buy that many clothes online. I do buy groceries occasionally if my hands are bad and have been known to order ten bags of potatoes instead of just 10 potatoes.Made great soup!

LadyFi said...

I kind of like the bling bling look of the boots, though I guess you could dampen down the vividness with black laces too...

I buy clothes for the kids online, but not for myself...

Ayak said...

I like on-line shopping but I usually order from Turkey for delivery to the UK before I'm due to visit...such things as DVDs and M&S stuff that I know will fit. So that I can avoid going out to shop for them when I arrive.

I find on-line ordering invaluable when it comes to air tickets, gift vouchers for the odd birthday that I forget until the last minute. And for sending flowers for various occasions.

And I love those R.dogs FF!

A Super Dilettante said...

You can't never have enough shoes!! I'm delighted to announce that TK Maxx is going to have online shop for designers handbags and shoes!!

claire p said...

A handbag. It arrived and was nothing like the photo. I almost sent it back. But now I use it quite a lot.

FireLight said...

Hello there, FF!
I love your boots & and the tennis shoes with the purple laces!
I frequently but Dansko clogs online! They also make some great boots! I know they will always fit & they are sooo comfy...and I don't have to drive to Atlanta (110 miles) to find a selection!
Glad you stopped by my blog!

French Fancy said...

I used to love using Tesco direct when I was in the UK. I moved here before Ocada started or else I would have become a firm fan. You don't get supermarket online food ordering here (for some reason).

I loved the big spud order - it must have kept you going for months

Ladyfi - I've been wearing them around the house today and they are really comfortable. I have a spring in my step that I don't seem to have with other Rockets - must be the little wedge heel I guess

Ayak - that's a good idea about sending stuff to relatives who are awaiting your arrival. I did that once with our business colleagues and ended up with sending them eight different parcels (all for Mr FF to drag back)

ASD - I've never been to a TK Maax but have heard about them. I bet they won't deliver out of the UK - it's the first thing I check when I find a site I like, saves the disappointment at the check out stage

claire - it's funny how that often is the case - I've had urges to return clothes, have hung on to them and now wear them constantly

Firelight - right back at yer! Must check out your cloggy website - for the boots though, my feet are too short for clogs and just slip off whilst I slip over

French Fancy said...

Reasons - my apologies, I forgot to address the opening remark to you directly :)

The Dotterel said...

The only things we've ever bought online are things for Charlie (in the days when narcolepsy might creep up at any time - day or night - of we were in warm shops). Never again. Honestly - how different can babies be?

Blu said...

Guess what ..I have only bought things like Ferry tickets online..

I guess its just the same as buying from a book or catalogue and when it arrives you kid yourself that it is just what you wanted. I quite like the new baseball style, they will be ok for the summer me thinks!

La Belette Rouge said...

I just received a necklace I bought last week and it looks sooooooo cheap in person. I kept putting it on and taking it off to see if it grows on me. However, it didn't. I am going to take it back today. I am sure I will find something to replace it with.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I always buy my shoes 'live' trying them on in the shop and everything - only to find that once I get them home they don't seem to work after all.

Maybe I'll try the online route - might get better results

Anonymous said...

I bought an Adidas work-out outfit from les 3 Suisses. When it came, I hated it and it was too tight. It became my favorite gym wear after I lost a little weight. Was it the outfit that made me lose the weight?
PS, I like your shoes.

Elizabeth said...

Shoes are such amazingly personal things ----(DUH! -obviously)
Yes, all sorts of metaphors here -......oh this is Sat. and we are meant to be off duty.
Well, the purple is very fetching and Rocket Dog is an excellent make.........
I see all sorts of urban hotties tottering around on 5" heels around her
So glad it isn't me.
Wish you would come to visit NY.
We could talk all about long-lost England and Morny etc.
We were not a very sophisticated family.....

DJ Kirkby said...

OMG! Those basketball boots (Canadian) are fabulous. I want some.

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear, I just saw that you've been ill with cold! I hope you are getting better when you are reading this. I got this last week if you recall. It's the most awful virus I got and I'm still coughing but I passed the worst bit! Touch wood! Get well soon x

A Super Dilettante said...

PS. I've been told to stay away from Bacon Sandwiches...I don't know what it's got to do with the flu ;-)

French Fancy said...

The Dotterel - imagine if I had kids - I'd be shopping all the time for them - the kids websites are so gorgeous (gives up prayer of thanks to a deity she does't believe in)

Blu - yes, remember the days when one had to go to travel agents and sit there for hours waiting your turn. I used to think (in my naive way)what a glamorous job it was - now of course all these ABTA agents are probably appearing down at the dole office (or whatever it is called)

LBR - you see, you have the sensible approach. You buy from a physical shop that you can return things to, not just a web presence. Good thinking and shame about the necklace

Lulu - Oh don't get me wrong - I do stll love a shoe shop (Mr FF can testify to this). When we first go to a new pretty French town, the second thing I do is check out the shoe shops. The first thing is - check out where to have lunch and use their loo.

Dedene - I've seen the 3 Suisses shops here and there but never gone in. I think I might be a bit too much on the large side for it. (she said ruefully, whilst eating a piece of baguette)

Elizabeth - it's a deal. In nine years time (unless you visit France first) we will 'do' NY. Well, actually, you'll show me the unusual sights and I'll sit and wish I lived there.

I love anything that smells of Lily of the Valley. I have some Dior perfume that does but my actual favourite is Crabtree & Evelyn - a third of the price and a nicer smell.

DJ - Oh, I'm glad you like them. I like Ladyfi's suggestion about trying black laces.

ASD - hello sweet thing. I haven't had a cold but a headachy achy thing where I felt exhausted. Back to normal today. Thanks for asking

Frankofile said...

I'm proud of you downshifting from high stilettos to comfy shoes. Perhaps I should upshift just a bit from crocs?

Phil Lowe said...

I do like to shop online for books and dvds through Amazon usually with no probs, however I occasionally shop for my clothes through La Redoute (bien sur) and once thought I'd ordered a couple of collarless shirts (granddad shirts) one in white and another brown. The parcel arrived and I pulled out the white one and was somewhat suprised to find a sweet strappy little summer top (ladies)instead of my expected old hippy yet trendy bloke style shirt enclosed. Well no matter how I accessorised it and played with my make up and hair it did not suit me at all and after several flounces around the front room I decided to send it back and get a return on my money.LOL

Lane said...

I've ordered through Boden (though not for years - they've gone all mumsy) and La Redoute no problem and art stuff etc from ebay. Also bought a wooden chandelier from ebay once that I was very dubious about when it arrived but it's still swinging happily from the kitchen ceiling:-)

Love the boots!

The Accidental Fan said...

I like the boots!

But then I shop at Iceland.

Cynthia said...

Well, I think they are 'cool' both of my kids would like them...they are spunky and the Converse shoes my son wears...
Just as you wrote, shoes are so personal...and you like a feminine touch...maybe the jeans can have a more flirty look? (-to balance out the toughness?
I don't have a lot of luck buying on line. I have trouble with getting the correct dresses and shoes. But it's fun to get a package in the mail.

Love to you <3

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I just found some Rocket Dogs in a nearby branch of TK Maxx - Unfortunately none of them actually fit me, which I felt was a great shame as they were very cool pumps... there were no boots, to speak of, FF.

I have no idea where they could be sought in the NE of England, which is a great shame, as they look so darned comfortable!

LadyFi said...

Never fear - I will never ever buy Crocs for myself! They look so ugly, even if they are comfy (so people say)...

French Fancy said...

Frankie - I didn't realise you wore crocs - sorry to have criticised them (me and my big mouth)

Phil - I bet they didn't reimburse you for your postage though. This is a bete noire (why can't I do French accents on this notepad which uses Linux) of mine - the losing out of about £5-8, returning things that are incorrectly described or, as in your case, aimed at turning you into a tranny. I bet it would have brought out your feminine side though

Lane - your wooden chandelier sounds good - I bet the postage was a fair whack.

TAF - is there Iceland in your part of the world? Or do you live in that geyser-ridden country? Or are you Kerry Katona?

Cynthia - oo er - spunky is something different in Englishaise but I love that you love the boots. Yes, packages in the mail rock.

AWONI - ebay is a great source for Rocket Dogs but what a shame none of the shoes fit. Their size 3 is always too big for me in shoes - but in boots it is just right.

Ladyfi - with you on this one (runs away from Frankofile in case she throws one at me)

Carol and Chris said...

I kinda like them...they are very rock chick :-). Hey, you could wear them when you go to the music festival you were talking about!! Failing that, if they are comfy, you could always paint them?

C x

david mcmahon said...

It's good for the soul, er, sole!

Kat said...


I have a whole drawer dedicated to Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time clothes. Sometimes they get the occasional I Shall Persevere trip out, but more often than not I admit defeat and the charity shop gets them. Poor things.

Thanks for stopping by my blog btw, glad to have made you smile

K x

Mama said...

Awww thanks FF, there is still a lot to do out there but it was good to be back amongst my bloggy friends, hope you are having a wonderful week, hugs, Kathy.

Ann said...

I will be back FF, with a very humble apology.
Footnote, once I take a dislike to something, it stays.

Maternal Tales said...

I'm sure I commented on this ages ago, but it's not here - darn I can't remember what I wrote!! Hmph. It was probably something along the lines of you can never have too many Rocket Dogs!! Love 'em x

bindu said...

The purple laces do give them a lot of character!

Jewels said...

I'm picky about my shoes and would probably never buy them online. Great post!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, this is a fun post! And a great life lesson, too! Congrats on POTD! ~Janine

erin said...

congrats on the POTD...which brings me here to read your post which of course i loved.
now those wild purple ankle highs are quite interesting and actually i like them. they are conversation starters, the show your boldness, your devil may care attitude...wear them, enjoy them...they are a fashion statement!

French Fancy said...

Carol - for the festival I've got my waterproof tartan Rocket boots - in fact I've got my whole outfit sorted - black linen top and bottom - and a canvas chair to sit in (too old to squat on the grass)

David - ouch!

Kat - Me too - clothes that aren't suitable and will never be right.

Mama - missed you, glad you are back

Ann - apology? what have I missed?

Maternal - I think that was my previous post, also about rocket dog boots - don't worry, you are not going mad

bindu - aw, that's such a polite way of putting it

Jewels - I'm such a shoe addict that I'll buy them anywhere

sniffles and smiles - hello and thank you

erin - hello, you do make my boots sound much more fun than they are :)

Ann said...

I have been playing catch up FF, and came across this on your posting,

" Ann - how nice of you to put it like that. I've done loads of dopey things lately - this was just one more. I want to send you a present btw (as mentioned in my post)"

FF, I honestly had no idea you were talking about me, I did see the post, it was to an Ann from Dublin, it did cross my mind it might be me, then I thought, no it must be somebody else, I live about 3 hours from Dublin, much further south.
So please accept my humble apology, I was not ignoring what you had written, I would never ever do that, I did not see it, sorry.
I will have your dad's Art Deco cabinet, bit of Limoges, house by the sea in Brittany, and all your Rocket Dogs, your bags, the Oyster Bay glass tile, the figurines, think that should do it.
Just thinking about the cabinet, and the Rennie Mackintosh tulips, the inner door of our hall had dull frosted glass, found a man who made stained glass windows, I designed them just like your dad's beautiful cabinet tulips, looks beautiful, the other inner glass door in the kitchen, dull frosted glass again, designed the half moons Art Deco, that too looks so beautiful, if I ever get a chance, one day you will see the doors.
Once again FF, it was not intentional, I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, and thought, oh jeez I hope FF does not think, well you know what I thought.

Merisi said...

I must have posted my comment on the wrong blog - how embarrassing (somebody out there will be wondering what the dickens those shoes have to do with her/his post!).

So, all that is left is to say congratulations on your POTD Award listing!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

In shopping, as well as life, we win some and we lose some. Purple laces and all.

Congrats on you POTD from David. Well deserved! Fun!

justme said...

I like the boots!
Practically every item of clothing I buy, either on line or not, has to spend some time in the wardrobe 'maturing' before I decide eventually that I like it and can wear it! That is appart from the ones that go straight back.
I am hopeless with shoes though. They NEVER fit if I buy them on line. Have given up.

Val Erde said...

Guess who's got a blogspot blog now!!!

I still live in sandals... yeah, I know! Found some that I love called FlyFlot (cheapish Italian - doesn't that sound like an oxymoron?) really comfortable, I get those online.

Oh yes, heck, I've bought lots of things online that haven't lived up to expectations.

Come and visit my blog - it's for my artwork and more.


French Fancy said...

Ann - don't worry duckie. I've just reminded our mutual friend that he is to drop you a line, worm your address out of you - then hey presto we'll be moving in to your spare room next Thursday morning. Please meet us at the airport.

Your glass doors sound fabulous - I really hope I do get to see them one day - perhaps you'll even visit and see my cabinets

Merisis - thanks so much - I've also left comments in the wrong places - honestly, people should just be grateful to have us there - regardless if our message makes sense or not!

Elizabeth - thanks so much. Yep, win some and lose some

justme - I love the idea of things maturing in the cupboard. I've got lots of well-matured things that still don't fit :)

Val Erde - how lovely to see you here.
that was the sound of me rushing to your blog!

Ann said...

Will do when the mutual one asks.

Shall pick you up on Thursday, hope you don't mind lots of rain, Ireland is green and lush, and we know why.
I do have one concern though FF, the cabinet, do you have enough bubble wrap to protect this beauty, and I hope the postage to Ireland is not astronomical.