Monday, May 18, 2009

Award time

I've got an award to blog about today but if you find any mistakes in this post blame it on the music that is blaring at full volume from very near to where I am sitting. We are on holiday at home this week and Mr FF has decided to decorate one of the bedrooms and the bathroom. Now, to save him the bother of changing CDs on a little machine beside him or sticking to what he is used to on his mp3 player, I've volunteered to be a) the CD chooser for our machine downstairs which is on at almost full volume so he can hear it good and loud upstairs, and b) the picker up of the steamed off wallpaper.

Anyway, the award is called Kreativ Blogger and it is from lovely Carol and I have to list seven things that I love.  A few months ago I was tagged to list some addictions and I chose blogging, our bichons, studying, reading the Daily Mail online* and lastly paying bills straight away. So now I'm going to have to come up with seven different things - oh, not so easy but here we go...

Tea - I just love a cup of tea. I don't drink it excessively, having just three or at the most four mugs a day. I do not like the 'one cup' bags; I prefer my tea nice and strong and the one cup bags just don't do it in a mug. So, our new tea of choice is PG tips, the one Johnny Vegas advertises - the pyramid bag and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Lord Byron - the more I read about him (from 'proper' books not just the sex and fame 'light' ones) the more fascinating I find him and his poetry. I am slowly purchasing various academic books about him ready for when I get the chance to select a subject  that will be suitable for a doctorate. You have to do original research for a Phd and there is not very much that has not been documented about England's greatest ever poet (my opinion obviously but of course I'm right). I've joined the Byron Society and for my eventual research I'll probably have to go off to Greece for a bit of LB time. Why Greece? He is classed as a hero there and that country has much of a Byronic nature to explore. Now, considering I am just about halfway through my Open University BA, I would reckon that I'll be getting my pension at the same time as being able to stick 'Doctor' in front of my name. 

Fresh flowers - we always have to have fresh flowers in a few rooms. One of my addictions used to be buying vases, handpainted Victorian ones and also Fifties primary colour ones and, well, any others that caught my eye. Obviously  at this time of year we can just pick flowers from the garden and we currently have mauve rhododendrons about the house.

Lemons - well, lemon-flavoured desserts actually. 

Dogs - I've always loved dogs, cats are tolerable but dogs just do it for me. When I was about five I was quite scared of dogs so my mum bought a dachshund to get me over the fear. It did, but now for me life would not be complete without a dog or two around. Misty and Poppy are our two bichons, each with their own personality and tastes (Poppy likes fresh fruit, Misty hates it, Misty is clingy, Poppy likes to be alone in a room sometimes) and they are both beautiful.

Music - I love all sorts of music, always have - opera, musicals, Indie, rock, folk, classical _ although there are also categories that I have no time (or ear) for. These include jazz, rap and drum n' bass.

Moving home - I just love moving on to a different house and area (or country with the last move) every few years. Even though I love our current home very much I still sometimes fantasise about moving away. I'd like to remain in France but maybe not stuck in this particular bit of it. Somewhere a bit buzzier would be good - and my ideal home would have a sea view.

Now I'm done I am meant to pick seven other bloggers on whom to bestow this award. However I don't do that any more - I just let any people who would like to have it take it (and it that isn't a perfect example of bad grammar then I don't know what is).

*I was more or less successful at giving up my daily read of the Mail online. I guess I look at it about once a fortnight - it's not changed at all; it's still dreadful


Mama said...

I'm first YAY!. Hello there picker up of the wallpaper person, I love it when the house is full of music and like you any music is good, congrats on your award, I am liking this Mr Byron too. I agree fresh flowers and lemon desserts are a must (I have just posted my lemon roulade come and have a laugh. Dachshunds are the happiest little dogs and I knw how much you love Misty and Poppy, happy decorating, huggs, Kathy.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

You do make me laugh! Why the reading of the Daily Mail when you hate it? Is is to stop you getting homesick by any chance?!

Yoli said...

Well deserved award.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Mauve rhododendrons ... ethereal :)

Dumdad said...

Yes, I think the Daily Mail online is pretty awful but, like chocolate being moreish, I can't help dipping into it daily....

lakeviewer said...

You love moving? That's so bohemian-romantic of you. It must the Byronesque exhuberance you feel in trying new things. Vive la difference.

Nora Johnson said...

French Fancy: I think maybe our blogo-lines might have crossed! As I was replying (on my site) to yr earlier comment, you were adding another about the President? (I only caught the first couple of words!). Anyway it seems to have disappeared somewhere into the blogosphere! If you'd like to have another attempt, I'll do my best to ensure it doesn't get lost this time!!
Take care
Nora :)

claire p said...

What a pretty award. And some very intresting answers. I'm with you on the tea, and lemmony things. But there is no way on earth I would ever move again! Not after the last time, nightmare!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Lovely about the award. Well done!

I'm with you on lemony desserts and will certainly be looking at Mama's roulade. My favourite summer dessert is a semi-frozen lemon and lime mousse in a dark chocolate casing - suddenly feels like that time of year again!

Carol and Chris said...

I am loving your answers!!! I couldn't agree with you more on the tea, music, fresh flowers and lemons but I can honestly say (having just done it and still being surrounded by boxes) that moving house is definately not one of my favourite things :-)

Hope the decorating goes well

C x

Blu said...

Having moved several times I have no urge to do it again. If I had pots of money twould be good to buy a second home somewhere in Greece, yes with a sea view.

Tea I hate, but would love some lemon cake.

Best wishes Blu

Veggie Carrie said...

Congratuations, a very pretty award indeed. I agree with you about music & dogs (of course!) although I too used to have a dog phobia until we got Sky when I was 16, and I'm still scared of some dogs.

French Fancy said...

Mama - my time to begin picking up the steamy sloppy wallpaper is almost upon me - blast! It's a horrible job

Reasons - The Mail online used to be a daily addiction, together with the eating of biscuits. I gave up the bikkies but I still occasionally creep back to the schlock horror headlines about celebs with cellulite and worse!

Contem Troub - they do look pretty and means I don't have to buy any flowers this month

Dumdad - I can't imagine you reading it somehow - maybe just for inspiration with the cartoons, eh?

Hello Yoli and thank you

lakeviewer - I find settling into a new house very exciting - although agreed, it is a big upheaval

Nora - how weird - I just went and checked and my post about bichons and President Obama was still there

claire - I think Mr FF would like to stay in this house for the rest of his life. Maybe if our very elusive ship ever comes - not home but maybe into view in the far distance - we'll get a little studio place by the sea. One can dream

Lulu - that does sound nice - do you make it or buy it? I have a great lemon dessert recipe under food in my index. The best and easiest dessert you will ever get lots of compliments for producing

Carol - yuk, decorating. moving house - lovely

Steve said...

Wow - you actually like moving house?! I found it very stressful though the feeling you get when you're finally unpacked is a wonderful high. A friend of mine loves it and has moved about 5 times in as many years - overkill for me!

LadyFi said...

Love your answers! Especially the lemon desserts! And, of course, I totally agree with you about dogs. Love them!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

It was lovely to get to know even more about la mystere de FF!

I hadn't known that you could do a PhD with the OU, FF - That sounds fabulous, and a little research tripette to Greece (and Italy?) sounds like the icing on the French Fancy cake...

Best of luck with your research - Don't work too hard, and I wish you luck too in your new carriere as a DJ! x

nikkicrumpet said...

I like your list...I agree about so many of them...especially the dogs and a home with a sea view. And thank you so much for your sweet made me tear up...crap I'm going to have to buy some waterproof mascara if you guys keep making me cry!

French Fancy said...

Blu - a second home in Greece would be fabulous. I've seen quite a lot of countries but for some reason I have never been to Greece.

Carrie - please take the award. You are creative and you are a blogger.

In fact everyone that likes it - please take it, then I will have done my duty, albeit in a roundabout way

Steve - I like the sorting out prior to moving (and the mass chuck-out), I like getting to know new areas - in fact I like it all. It's an adventure - I realise that I am of course completely mad.

Ladyfi - I've begun squirting lemon juice into water now and drinking copious amounts of it. I'll probably end up pale yellow.

AWONI - to be able to do a Phd with the OU, my BA will need to be a 2:1 (or higher - as it), I'll then need the MA, and then I'll need a further 5-6 years and about £8,000. Although, by the time I'm ready it will probably have doubled in price

nikki - I guess most of us like the same things in life - well, maybe I'm the only person who quite enjoys moving

Ann said...

You have no roots, neither do I.
Have to confess, I too read the Daily Mail online, if only to make myself annoyed at the worthless waste of oxygen Spice woman.
I have two cups of tea a day, use Lyons tea bags, put the tea in the microwave until it bubbles, let it cool, and drink a lovely cup of very strong tea, and I call my Bull Terrier weird.

Love the sound of the music at full volume, sounds like my house, or car.

Music, now your talking, similar, though I do love rap, Eminem being a particular fav, hate panpipes, had to sit back and shudder there, and modern jazz, Cleo Laine, Johnny Dankworth, if the police picked me up, put me in an interview room, and played those two for 10 minutes, I would admit to anything, Brinks Matt bullion robbery, helping Blood steal the crown jewels, being Jack the Ripper, anything at all.

Lola said...

I'm ready to move myself, although it's only happening in my dreams at the moment. I'm with you on the exhilaration that comes with it. Ciao (I've missed reading your posts)

david mcmahon said...

Byron was a literary hero for all time.

Ayak said...

Well done on another award...always well deserved. I agree with you about dogs but as you know I'm pretty fed up with moving.

I also like fresh flowers in the house..but I don't listen to music often. If I'm busy I find music distracting and I don't like it playing if I'm in a car. I'm probably in the minority with this I think!

A Super Dilettante said...

Congratulations!! We have so much in common!! I don't think I need to make a list because I would be writing mostly what you have from your list. Fresh flowers, English tea, buying vases...are we separated at birth? one wonders .... :)

Nora Johnson said...

French Fancy: Me again! Assumed (wrongly!) yr last comment was on CURRENT post! Just to add Lola has left a message (ie on previous post!)for you (& Misty & Poppy!)
See you again hopefully soon
Take care

Anonymous said...

PG Tips reminds me of the year I lived in England, and lemon desserts are the best.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I make my lemon dessert but need good freezer space which I don't have here...

People go on about French patisserie but
I prefer English cakes and desserts

Anonymous said...

That was good fun! Your doggies are adorable. I agree with you about moving regularly. It's good for the soul.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I've put the shoes up for you...

I'll make the dessert soon and post it on my site as it needs a picture really

French Fancy said...

Ann - I'd forgotten Dankworth/Laine. Both were acquaintances of my dad and I guess their music was okay. Actually, talking of jazz - I've been getting into 'Hejirah', the old Joni Mitchell Cd and that is quite jazzy - and I love it.

Lola - we've somehow slipped from each other's radar. I'll rememdy it later. Good to see you here.

David - the man was a colossus, an absolute one-off - 'there will never be his like again'

Ayak - I know what you mean about music in a car being distracting. I almost drove off a country lane the other month because I was so carried away with the music. I don't often play it in the car since then.

ASD - it's lovely to think we both like the same things (I bet loads of people love music and flowers though, tea - vases too) - but we'll imagine it is just us.

Nora - ah, penny drops now. :)

mwo - how nice to see you here I'll be over later to investigate you - assume the position please

Lulu - (whispers back) me too, I don't like their flaky pastry at all. And I'm sick of fruit tarts gelled on top to within an inch of their lives. (I love chelsea buns and doughnuts and I have the hips to prove it)

Dedene - you are my favourite person of the day - I owe my new purchases to you :)

Lulu - yes, good idea

Lulu LaBonne said...

Hooray for the news about RDs being shipped directly to your door from now on - will you build a granny annexe to house them all?

Marinela said...

Your doggies are adorable I like them a lot :):)

French Fancy said...

Lulu - I'm keeping the news quiet around here. I had a pair of b&w ones arrive (with little dice all over them) this week and got 'what! another pair! How many more are you going to buy?!. It was later that day I found out about Amazon. Oops

Marinela - thanks for that and hello :)

Man of Roma said...

I am a Byron fan. I never did any research on him. I just enjoyed his poetry and letters immensely.

Best regards

Man of Roma

French Fancy said...

Hello man of Roma. How nice we share love of Lord B. Thanks for stopping by. Ciao.