Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthday trophies

There was wine in the bottle at one stage and I stuck the candle in it to try and keep a trace of the wonderful perfume that had been there when the sommelier opened the cork.

It was a very celebratory lunch because our patron (who is the chef) and his wife told us that they had just been awarded a Michelin star.

The little painting was done by Mr FF and it is of the place that we picnicked on Saturday.

I've got another Mr FF present arriving today...I'll keep you posted.

I had lots of lovely comments from bloggers old and new and an award from Dumdad

No essay books will be opened today.


Lane said...

Lovely trophies!

cheshire wife said...

Happy Birthday. You deserve to have the day off.

Blu said...

Hey that bottle looks serious business. How lovely to have a hand pinted card Mr FF must be a romantic.

Enjoy your day. Blu x

A Super Dilettante said...

What a lovely gift! Mr. FF's painting is wonderfully thoughtful. Have a great day!

Henry the Dog said...

Wow, mum is envious, like Blu says, that looks like pretty serious grape juice. Also - a big AWWWW. Mr FF is a romantic guy n'est-ce pas?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday FFancy
Happy birthday to you....

The Dotterel said...

Wonderful - a hand-painted card! Looks a great place for a picnic, too. Happy Birthday!

The Accidental Fan said...

Mouton Rothschild 1964? I'm envious.

French Fancy said...

Lane - I feel so lucky sometimes and wonder how I ended up with just the right person. One of my regrets is that my mum never met him - they would have got on so well.

cheshire wife - yes, but the thing is that I have to give the essay in on Friday and I've got a few things on this week. However, I'll have to find time to do the essay.

Blu - Mr FF has often painted my cards for special occasions. I just use Moonpig because I can't draw or paint at all.

ASD - thanks you.

Henry - I wish you were here right now running about with the bichons.

The Dotterel - it was beautiful there but a bit silly of me not to have taken a jacket.

TAF - indeed it was. A crazy spontaneous gesture and it has now spoilt me for ever drinking wine again.

Anonymous said...

That is a really nice, and personal, card! Have a lovely birthday and don't give the OU a thought! You can do the essay tomorrow; I always end up leaving it to the last minute.

claire p said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a day late. Hope you enjoye your meal, sounds lovely x.

I used to leave TMA's as well. Sometimes you can think about them too much.

nikkicrumpet said...

Just not having to do the school work is a present in itself. Hope the day was stellar!

willow said...

Happy Birthday!! :D

Phil Lowe said...

Have a wonderful Birthday FrenchFancy. xx

French Fancy said...

CA - hello there. I like to spend about a fortnight planning and doing my essay and I've done a lot of planning with this chemistry one and not a lot of doing. It will be a rush job this week and I doubt the marks will be in the same league

clairep - hello.You're not late actually - today is my birthday and I'm sat here waiting for a present to be delivered. Oh well - it's been a fabulous birthday weekend

nikki - I know it's sad but I quite miss opening my books - I've got the learning bug I'm afraid and I love it

willow - thanks so much

Phil, I'll raise my cup of tea to you. Thanks a lot

Frankofile said...

joyeux anniversaire! and congrats to the chef as well. What a weekend.

Larry M. Brow said...

Happy Birthday, and good of you for doing something memorable with it. Many of my friends have started skimming over the day, and I think it's a mistake.

Must dash, today I've got errands.

p.s. I've not stopped writing my blog. I just took a trip this weekend, and this week I'm learning to fit in a fourth part time job.

LadyFi said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! And tell Mr FF that I love his painting!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Sounds great - I love the painting and I bet the meal was delish

Deb said...


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Ms Fancy!!!!

Now you do everything YOU want this day! maybe more of that wine??

Contemporary Troubadour said...

A day off much deserved! :)

justme said...

Arrrgh! I am late! But delighted to hear you had such a womderful day. Belated Greetings xx

Carol and Chris said...

Sorry I'm late hon!! Happy Birthday I hope you had a wonderful day!!

I love the picture Mr FF did for you....a special picture for a special lady :-)

C x

French Fancy said...

Frankie - merci mille fois. I'm delighted for the chef. He took the restaurant over about the time we came to France - six years ago - and we've watched him go from strength to strength - it's a fabulous place (in mur de bretagne)

Larry - I'd never skim over a birthday. I get quite childish about the whole thing. I have a 93 year old great aunt who still gets all worked up about her b'day - I'll be just the same

LadyFi - I've had a lovely weekend and I'll tell him

Lulu - the meal was fabulous. Mr FF had hare and I had sea bass (but the morcel I had of hare was out of this world). They do lots of little extra courses on the house - 3 amuse bouche and then 2 avant-desserts - you eat so many different things.

Deb - thanks sweetie

ladyj - I don't think we'll be having more of that wine for a long long time somehow

ContemTroub - panicking a bit now, although I could easily ask for an extension but I never like to - it looks weak.

justme - you weren't late at all. You picked the right day actually.Our fancy meal was early.

Carol - hello you, no worries. You've got more things on your plate - hope it all goes well

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

It took me a while to give myself permission to ask for extensions when I needed them. I was like that too for most of my life as a student -- I didn't think I could request extra time because I thought it would imply I'd been slacking or procrastinating, etc. But sometimes life just gets in the way.

natural attrill said...

Happy Birthday!

French Fancy said...

Lynne - hello there and thank you

ContemTroub - I've done it a couple of times last year but I didn't like the feeling I got afterwards

Pen - thanks a lot