Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A meme for December

Back in October I was tagged by justme
but I wanted to wait until I was really in the mood (in other words when I felt a bit too rubbish to think up something original - like me like now). However, I have put a bit of thought into it - hence the brain on the right here.

I know memes aren't everyone's cup of tea but, just as I like finding out all about the bloggers who increasingly make up part of my day, I thought you might like to know a little bit more about me. Is this vanity? I'm not sure really. So what if it is.

My Ex - was from the world of casinos and betting.* He was a charming gambler who cost me a lot of money. I don't have the gambing gene at all - I'm really glad about this as I have seen first-hand what it can do.

Maybe I should
- finally lose the weight I put on when I gave up smoking eight years ago. It's something I've talked a lot about but being larger doesn't worry me as much as it maybe should.

I love
- living in our house in the French countryside. We back on to a wood -in fact our garden is a bit of sectioned-off wood which we have tried to tame. We can see rabbits playing in the field opposite the house and there are brown cows in the furthest field. I think this is what you call an idyll.

People would say - I was vain and talkative and a bit of a show-off. They are probably all true.

But really - I'll try not to interrupt you if you want to say something now.

I don't understand - people who can torture other people or animals for pleasure. I feel very violent towards such people and know that if I could take the law into my own hands and dole out retribution then I would.

When I wake up in the morning - I'm quite bright and affable. I'm what you call a 'lark'.

I lost - a beautiful ring that my father gave my mother many years ago. I'm sure it is somewhere in the house and every now and then I try to find it - without success.

My past is - full of escapades, adventures and secrets.

Parties are - something I used to love and yearn to be seen at. They are not part of my current life at all.

I wish - I had more patience.

Dogs - are the best creatures in the whole world and I'm glad I have two dogs and no children.

Cats - are okay, I suppose.

Tomorrow - I really will chop down the shrubs ready for the hard winter - I've talked about it for the last two months.

I have a low tolerance for - people who deny themselves a bit of fun in life. I'm at a stage now where I feel rested and at peace and with someone that I love dearly but, if I didn't have a past crammed with things I maybe shouldn't have done, I might feel that I had missed out. How awful to be old one day and feel that you have missed out. Go on - do something you've always wanted to do. Don't have regrets.

If I had a million pounds - my life would not really change. I already have everything I want.

I am totally terrified - of being buried alive. Do you know that in Victorian times you could be buried with a bell inside your coffin so that - if the unthinkable happened and you were still alive underground - you could alert people to your dilemma. It makes me shudder to even type it and cremation is going to be my choice of disposal

Anyway, that's it, over and done with. The rules of this meme are that there are no rules - if you want to take it then please be my guest.

*anyone re-reading this will see that I have changed his description slightly.After thinking about it I decided that from my previous entry he might be a bit identifiable if you were from that world. Although, in reality, anyone with a love of nightclubs, baccarat and gambling is hardly going to spend their time reading my blog.


Jessica said...

I like this meme! I might actually try try it. :) Nice to learn more about you...we are similar in many respects.

I'm so with you on people who deny themselves fun. Sometimes it seems that that those who deny themselves fun, bitch about how they never have any, but don't make an effort to change anything. Frustrating--LOL.

marc aurel said...

On the last bit of your meme: There is a family myth that one of my mother's great aunts was presumed dead. Her butler feared that he would not be given a ring she had promised him. It was stuck on her finger, so he chopped the finger off. The shock "brought her back to life". She lived on for many years. The butler was fired.

Henry the Dog said...

You little minx - juicy snippets of info there. Mum smiled all the way through it and laughed at the dogs and children bit. I think I was right that you two have something (or other) in common. Mum and me are with you 110% on the torture bit. It's one of the things mum can't abide either. Uncle Hugh sometimes has to make sure she doesn't see some of the stuff on the news or in the papers 'cause she's often lost sleep over things that she can't do anything about - she can work herself into a right tizzy:(

Lulu LaBonne said...

Funny how random our terrors are, I did not know that Victorians had bells, how dainty - I'm going to demand a loudhailer, foghorn and police siren be attached to my coffin

Dumdad said...

You seem to be in a good place with your life right now.

French Fancy said...

Jessica - I've met so many people - as I'm sure you have-who say 'i wish I'd done so and so when I was young'. shame, eh? The thing is that a lot of the time they could still do it - but they won't.

marc - that is awful. Simply awful and just confirms my darkest fear about being declared dead when you are not - it does happen.

Henry - we must be sisters under the skin - is that even a proper phrase? I've also dwelt on things long after the event.

Lulu -yes, now I think about it, a bell is a bit dainty. Stupid Victorians.

Dundad - indeed I am. Serene and calm. That's all anyone can wish for really - well, two stone lighter would be good toot :)

Mama said...

Hello FF, I like learning more about fellow bloggers, I think the meme's are a great idea, you do sound a lot like me in many ways, I used to drive my sister mad singing in the mornings she was so grumpy!
You are a lark I can tell, your French countryside does sound idyll :) enjoy.

I was on a flight once with my friend and we were watching a film about a man whacking a women over the head then burrying her alive!, we both jumped, screamed and gasped at the same time, luckily we had finished our dinner and glass of wine. I can understand your fear of that! YIKES. Kathy.

lady jicky said...

What a interesting Meme, I see some of those things in myself too. bravo for giving up the smokes!

Diane said...

This is one of the best memes I've seen and I love your answers... I might have to steal it (the meme, that is, not your answers... I'll try to come with my own ;)

Lane said...

Nice meme. Always nice to learn a little bit more about each other.

Agree with Dumdad. It sounds like you're in a 'good place'. A very good place:-)

Blu said...

I am having a blonde moment..I dont understand the meme. However I enjoyed reading it. Personally I really get hacked off with negative people, I need happy positive people who smile. PS..your blog makes me smile. Blu x

nikkicrumpet said...

The best one...."I already have everything I want" wow...what a wonderful place to be!!!! Great meme...was fun to learn more about you...you're right..we do want to know!

justme said...

Ooooo I DID enjoy that! Had quite forgotten the MEME! But you reminded me, that my partner (now ex) lost two rings once....we emptied the bins, searched everywhere..had to be in the house.......nothing.....18 months later they amazingly turned up!! In the cupboard under the stairs....huh???
Dont give up hope on that one hun!

Lee said...

An interesting snapshot, thank you.

French Fancy said...

Mama - I wonder if it was that film - SPOILER ALERT - The Vanishing? I saw the Dutch original which is the most frightening film I have ever seen and then I read that they remade it Hollywood style with Sandra Bullock. The Dutch film used to give me nightmares, then I read an Edgar Allan Poe story about a similar thing and it became a bit of an obsessional fear.

ladyj - if only you had a blog, the things we could find out about you

Dianae - thanks for that and I'd love to find out your answers. As well as being vain (although less so now I'm getting older), talkative and a bit of a show-off, I am incredibly curious about people. Blogs are perfect for me - I love to read the minutiae (oops, I ought to go and check the spelling of that - it looks wrong) of daily lives

Lane -I've been in some bad places really - literally and figuratively. If only my ma had lived to meet Mr FF - how she would have loved him; I was with Mr Gambler when she died -I know she wasn't happy about it but what is it that they say - you can't live your childrens' lives for them. That is one of the main reasons I didn't want kids. I'd been so wayward and given my folks so many worries that I couldn't bear to suffer that same angst.

Blu - The meme is just the bold type - you tailor the answers to give your view of what they mean to you. Go on - have a bash.

nikki - I'm sure I could find a good use of 1m (not sterling though, better make it platinum blocks). I'd probably open an animal sanctuary and get a small place overlooking the sea -as a holiday home though. I wouldn't want to leave where we are.

justme - I was going to pop along and tell you I'd done it. It didn't suit me then but it just fitted the bill yesterday. Feel very excited for your weekend- can't wait to find out more

French Fancy said...

Lee -sorry, I do rush away and then type too fast and make lots of typos. Thanks for that - I'm hoping you will pick it up - on your 'naughty' blog. Now that would be interesting

Henry the Dog said...

FFancy - only me - not sure if I responded to your post on my blog yesterday afternoon - I deleted the whole post that evening, 'cause it upset Lady Jicky, but I'd hate you to think I was ignoring you - I would never do that:)

French Fancy said...

Henry, I know, sweetie - you mustn't worry really - you and I understand each other perfectly :)

Larry M. Brow said...

I regret having too little to regret.

Of course there are all kinds of things one might regret. Cruelty, for instance.

As to larks, I used to think that cheerfulness was the sexiest of all female attributes. Not that I don't any longer, it's just that I've noticed my personal tendency to be a comforter. I have the good shoulders to cry on. And so, I end up with the sad ones, because it seems like the larks don't need me.

Probably over-thinking things. I usually do.

Thanks for the tutorial on meme. Perhaps I'll try it tomorrow.


Brother Tobias said...

Enjoyed this. We too love having cows and rabbits playing in the adjoining field. They're the devil when they get in and start burrowing, though (and the rabbits can be a nuisance too...)

Goin Fishin said...

Hey that was a really cool meme! How are ya Frenchie?

French Fancy said...

Larry - hello there. You'd better start making up for lost time with things to look back on and regret. Find a good cheerful woman and break her heart. (oops, not very sisterly, am I?)

BroTob - not only do you have the rabbits and the cows, I bet you've got trillions of shops open on a Sunday.

Goin Fishin - how are you? I must pop over and follow the saga of the computer game wars. I bet you are very busy running around after the kids.

Carol and Chris said...

Fabulous Meme hon....I do love finding out random things about the people who's blogs I read :-)

I'm also not a fan of people who deny themselves fun in life....they always seems to dislike/disapprove of people that do!!

I am so glad that you have everything you want :-))

C x

French Fancy said...

Carol - hello there you. I've thought a bit about what I'd do if I got all that money out of the blue - probably start a dog sanctuary or something to do with animals.

Indrani said...

It was fun reading your answers. Don't worry nobody gets buried alive these days. :)

Thank you very much for the visit, sorry couldn't make it earlier.Happy Festival greetings to you!

Can Bass 1 said...

Well personally, I regret having too much to regret. But the General Confession and Absolution does it every time for me!

French Fancy said...

Indrani - don't you believe it. About six months or so ago there was a story about a woman in Italy who shocked undertakers when she sat up from the slab they had laid her body on to. Imagine if she had been an hour or two later.

Anyway, have a great winter festival.

Can Bass - this must be one of your favourite times of the year.I hope you have a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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...mmm... said...

Wow, i totally love this post! how incredible that you feel your life is where you want it to be. I am in envy in a good way. Smiles from here. BTw, I LOVE reading other's memes.