Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You always remember the first...

Whatever it is, the first time you receive/buy/experience something it is always a special and memorable moment

My first kiss that wasn't given by a relative was whilst at school and was from a boy named Ian.

The first man (well he wasn't a man and he wasn't a boy - perhaps he was a mabo) I spent the night with was coincidentally also called Ian. The only bf I've ever had who rode a big motorbike.

My first car was an old Honda Civic. It was bright orange and sadly I managed to dent it a few times. In the end it was too rusty to pass its MOT and got sold for £100 and some fashion jewellery.

The first time I ever went on holiday alone I went to the Edinburgh Festival. It was a lot of fun and I followed the festival with a week touring around the Highlands where it rained everyday.

The first thing I ever bought with my very first pay packet (a Saturday job in Boots at Muswell Hill) was a kettle. I wanted to have it in my bedroom so that I could offer my friends tea and coffee and appear a little grown-up.

The first time I left home it was to a flat share above a secondhand clothes shop in Blenheim Crescent off Portobello Road. Most of my friends had stayed on at school to do their'A' levels and I was the only person with their own place, somewhere where they could bring their boyfriends and be 'alone'. Alone if you didn't count me there wishing they'd stop it and go to sleep. I was home three months later with exhaustion.

The first ever blog award I got was yesterday from Dumdad - that's it at the top of the page - and I'm very pleased with it. I've seen so many awards on so many blogs and I have to admit to having felt a slight yearning for one. It's also special because Dumdad is a journalist and words are his business. He's a Brit living in Paris and his blog is an interesting and funny read.

What's the first thing you ever did, bought or experienced that meant a lot?


Brother Tobias said...

My first holiday alone was when I was 16, and needed a break from home. I pretended I was going camping with friends, took off by train with a tent and camped in a farmer's field by a weir on the River Severn near Welshpool. I spent a week walking the Black Mountain, writing poetry in my head and smoking a pipe which made me look ridiculous and feel sick! I can remember the solitude and the roar of water as if it were yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I remember very clearly the first time I lied. I was not allowed to walk to school through the woods but had taken to do doing so. Somehow my mother got wind of this (muddy shoes probably) and quizzed me about it. I remember taking a deep breath and saying that I had not gone through the woods.

Afterwards it felt scary but exhilirating and I did it a few more times just for the thrill of it. Then of course I was found out and felt silly and never really did it again (well I do sometimes!!).

What an interesting meme type thing. I may well tackle this some time - I think it might provoke some interesting comments and would be appealing to write!

Anonymous said...

French Fancy,
A very thought provoking post here. Yes, I agree, first time experiences seem to hold a special place in our hearts. You are so kind to come and visit my blog. Let keep in touch. Here in the US our Thanksgiving weekend is well underway. I'm going to my daughter's in-laws for the meal. They are such nice people to include me. Have a great weekend and I'll catch you later,
The Bach

French Fancy said...

Brother Tobias - 'needed a break from home' - Every teenager in the world must understand that feeling you had. You sounded like a romantic, hardy young man who stunk of pipe tobacco. Did your folks ever find out you'd gone alone?

Reluctant Blogger - you naughty girl. I can imagine the rant that followed you being found out.

I'm not going to tag people with this sort-of meme - if you want it, it's yours.

Bachelor - I'm not that kind - I just like kindred spirits who can sing along to all the old show tunes like I can. I grew up on Rodgers & Hammerstein/Hart (my dad was a musician) being played in the house almost all the time.Happy Thanksgiving to you and I'll be popping along to see you soon.

Lane said...

Congrats on the award. I'm sure the first of many:-)

Many of my first experiences I've purposely forgotten. First boyfriend? Don't want to go there:-) First flat? Even worse:-) But my first dog? Aaah. She was a Shetland Sheepdog called Cora and she was my 7th birthday present. Now she meant a lot:-)

Mama said...

I am supposed to be preparing for thanksgiving today, but could not resist a quick peek.
Congrats on your lovely award (I assumed you had hundreds of awards) all of your "firsts" made me smile, I never had a Saturday job, I was "done" with school at 15and went and got myself a job in a stockbrokers (mum was so proud hehe) they gave me a turkey (the longer you had been at the company, the bigger the Turkey!), a tin of ham, a bottle of wine and a bonus at Christmas, mum AMD dad were even more proud). I think everyone remembers their first kiss. I will borrow this if you dont mind for my FIRST post after Thanksgiving, thanks for the memories :). MamaKathy.

Brother Tobias said...

No, I never told them...It seemed kinder not to. (And I ditched the smelly pipe; I guess it was just part of my tiny revolt!)

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Well done on the award French Fancy! I've just awarded mine and I would have awarded it to you if you did not have it already!

First experience? I lived in Italy for 4 months with an Italian family when I was 13/14. Going into a pizzeria and ordering a pizza on my own was scary but fun! It took a while to understand what the waiting was asking me "Da bere? Da bere?" What did I want for a drink...Coca Cola of course! What else did expect from a 13/14 year old......

Hadriana's Treasures said...

"waiter" not "waiting"..."did he expect" meh! (I'm writing faster than I'm thinking...)

Blu said...

Most of my firsts...are forgotton and so couldnt have been that good.
However the first time that I ate spaghetti was in Venice, and the waiters helped two young English girls how to twirl it around on a fork.

Bill Stankus said...

I practice selective memory! Sort of a pick and choose kind of thing. But the first really meaningful kiss, well now .....

cheshire wife said...

Congratulations on your award.

The only first that I really remember was my first foreign holiday at the grand age of 25. My parents were not interested in going abroad. It opened up a whole new world for me of enjoying myself in the sun.

Anonymous said...

The first time I got on an aeroplane to go abroad for the first time-aged 15 and to Italy.Have been in love with travelling ever since and spend lots of time flying!

First kiss-my music teacher-loved Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Pagannini ever since.How romantic was that!

First camera shot-my mum in her garden,44 years ago-still have the picture;now love photography.

First boat when I was 38 in Brunei........hooked.

CONGRATULATIONS on your FIRST award.......richly deserved. :))

nikkicrumpet said...

I can't believe this is only your first blog award....sheesh you deserve a whole herd of em! Congrats on this's special if it's given from someone you admire!

Jessica said...

Congrats on the award! :D
Let's see, the first boy I every really kissed was named Chris, and ironically I ended up marrying a boy, also named Chris.

French Fancy said...

Lane - I didn't even know some of my memories of 'firsts' were so readily called on. I don't know if it's from all the studying or just the result of aging that is renewing these pathways to my memories. Cora the Sheltie - at rainbow bridge with Toto the first Bichon.

Mama - get back to the kitchen, you. I bet it is a great Thanksgiving day at your house Kathy. Oh I'd so like to be round your table having a laugh and lovely food.

Brother Tobias - I bet your mum smelled (smelt?) the pipe tobacco on your dirty vagabond holiday clothes. (I keep forgetting English words, too much French - ha, as if that is true)

Hadriana - you were young for such a long exchange. You must have been very good at Italian to do a long term swap. I did the obligatory week with a French family - I still remember the shock from drinking my morning coffee out of a bowl.

Blu - that's just what happened to me in Rimini (on the 'Continental Holiday'). These waiters probably take the jobs because they like all the little helpless girls - sorry to any Italian waiters reading this; go and twirl your forks.

Bill - first proper kiss - how grown up it makes us feel. Then there's all the talking about it with friends the next day - almost as good,

cheshire wife - doing things alone is as good as doing them with other people I think. I'd rather enjoy doing what I want without having to compromise. I bet your parents were worried about you the whole time - even though you were 25.

Anon - I associate you with boats, photos, and the exotic. Your comment confirmed it.

nikki - you've hit the nail on the proverbial head. When it is a writer who gives you this sort of thing (although technically all us bloggers are writers), well - it is a real compliment

Jessica - do you know for a long time my standard chat up line - if I saw a boy I rather liked - was something like 'is your name Ian - if it is you are destined to spend the rest of your life with me' . Oh, the misguided confidence of youth.

lady jicky said...

My first car was a mini and I wish I still had it for it would be worth a packet of money now! LOL

My first dog was a cairn terrier and I had to wait until I got married to get a dog for everyone in my family were "cat people" - I never "got" cats. I was a dog person all my life I guess!

My first adult holiday was one of those shocking bus tours of europe - you know 200 countries in a week. All the way from Australia - that was my first plane flight too - I was 20.

French Fancy said...

welcome back lady jicky - I'm going to nag you to get a blog, you know. anyway...

minis - a car classic although I've never actually been in one

I too have never got cats. It's dogs for me each and every time.

It must have been a holiday of a lifetime. There's still so much of Europe I've not seen.

How are Rosie's eyes? And is little Oscar well? the family dog as I was growing up was Oscar a little dachshund.

Carol and Chris said...

Congratulations on the award is well deserved!!

My first proper kiss was a bit of a let down (they did improve) - my bf at the time had just eaten chips so the kiss was all greasy...eewww

The first time I went on holiday on my own was when I visited Brighton...I wanted to be by the sea and spent a lovely few days pootering about by myself!!

C x

justme said...

I would have to think about this one! Nothing sprimgs instantly to strange!
Congratulations on your well deserved award

Henry the Dog said...

Congratulations on the award! I love your blog. I remember my first holiday in the kennels when I found out I was a dog. Up until that point I'd presumed I was human. It wasn't a disappointment. I like being a dog. Us dogs are simple. You humans are much too complex.

French Fancy said...

Carol - eugh, a chip kiss. I also used to get the train down to Brighton sometimes to 'be alone by the sea'. Bet you couldn't be alone down there now - it's almost as populated as London, from the sound of it.

justme - not even one little thing of the first time you did something? What about first LP (unless you are the CD generation?). Mine was 'Forever Changes' by Love.

Henry, aw thanks oh dog one. Yes, it must be good to be a dog with simple needs. There was a classic line in that tv series Hamish Macbeth about the Westie - Wee Jock. Something about it needing food, a place to poo and a lot of love. I've been Googling to try and get the exact quote but I canna find it

Lulu LaBonne said...

I remember very clearly my first kiss (which I found disgusting) and then I remember the first kiss that made me go all wobbly (which was quite a lot later).

lady jicky said...

Dear Fancy , I can hardly operate this computer (husband gets called alot ) I would not know how to do a blog in a fit! LOL
Thankyou for asking - Ms Rose is being a "pill" hates the bucket on her head and yesterday I thought she popped a stitch so hubby dashed her off to specialist and it was OK. She has worked out how to get the elizabethan colar Off and is rubbing that face of hers! One more week and the stitches come out and then we wait 3 months to see if no more eyelashes grow back inside the eye. Oh, she is sweet - we pull her around and do "terrible" things that she does not understand and she just loves us.
How is Ms Poppy???

French Fancy said...

Lulu - the first 'proper' kiss is not the nicest thing in the world, is it?

Lady jicky - . Sorry to hear that Rose managed to do what Poppy did just this morning - managed to get the bucket off. Poor little Rose - I suppose as it is healing it must be getting a bit itchy and she just needs to get to it.Does Oscar do anything he shouldn't (but don't all dogs - except for the uber-obedient ones likes labs/retrievers - they would be too boring for me to have).

lady jicky said...

Oscar is 13 years old so he does what he wants all the time! LOL
Actually in his old age he is good except at night when he "bothers" my husband something really bad because he wants his WALK!!! He does not let up following him around and getting under his feet until he gets his walk. Rosie will go when she fancies it - she can be a real "miss" ! LOL

Mama said...

Aw. tks FF, but Thanksgiving is only a practise for xmas and then New Year, now that's a biggie here, I know I call my Hubbie Vanni but he really is a scot and nobody knows how to celebrate New Year better than the Scots, :). get a flight out here NOW!!!!!!

French Fancy said...

lady jicky - it's good at 13 that little Oscar *can* still want to have his walk. The girls can drive me mad with 'telling' me they want to go in the garden and then of course they don't do anything but run around.

Mama - good luck with the practice run then.

One day I'll call you from the airport and say 'I'm here' and wait for you to get out of town fast.

natural attrill said...

I visited here the other day, but didnt have time to leave a comment, and ever since, I have been racking my brains to remember whereabouts was there a Boots in Muswell Hill????

French Fancy said...

Hiya Penny, just by the roundabout. I think it was actually called something else (can't recall the name) but got taken over by Boots. It was only a small branch.

Anonymous said...

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