Saturday, November 22, 2008

My story by Poppy (don't worry, that's my before photo)

My name is Poppy and I've been tagged by Peggy Flobbins who lives with the lovely Lane over at Lanes and I have to tell you seven things about myself.

1. When mum saw me for the first time she did not believe I was a bichon. Mum said I wasn't the right colour to be a bichon and then she found out that in two years I had never had a bath, been combed or cut and she said I was a sorry matted mess. The photo on the right is how I looked then - I couldn't see very well because my eyes were all covered by my hair and hair had got inside the eyes and it hurt me. Good mummy cried a lot when she saw me - I couldn't see her crying but I could hear her. Daddy knelt on the floor and stroked me.

2. They said my first ever mummy was a mad lady. I don't know if she was mad but she kept 16 of us shut up in a small room in France. We never went outside not even for toilet stuff. We had to do that where we were. We never got to eat very much either - my mad mummy used to throw a bit of food in, but the bigger and older dogs got most of it.

3. My doggy mummy and daddy were brother and sister. My good mummy says that I am a victim of in-breeding, whatever that means. My mad mummy came to France from Wales; she didn't have a bed and slept on a sun-lounger as she didn't have much money.

4. I was found because mad mummy got very ill and had to be taken into hospital. Nobody knew what to do with all us dogs and homes had to be found for us very quickly. I didn't like the next home I went to - they weren't very nice to me and didn't understand that I was Disturbed. I didn't know you had to do toilet stuff outside - nobody had told me.

5. After that place I went to two other homes before ending up here in my forever home. I had Problems. I was Difficult. My good mummy and daddy spent a lot of time helping me to Adjust. I had to spend five hours at the groomers after mummy and daddy decided to keep me. But I have a lot of skin trouble and have had many treatments at the vet. They found out I was allergic to lots of things and I have to wear a big lampshade collar most of the time because I want to bite myself. They think I have a bit of mental trouble too. They say I have Food Issues and, after a few incidents involving things I shouldn't have eaten but managed to get at - wax candles, a wooden apple and some sugarless sweets that gave me the yellow and pink walks - oh, I mean runs- everything in our house is high up so that I can't reach it (even though I do still try).

6. Mummy and daddy already had a bichon when they found me. Her name is Misty and she is from a posh place but mummy says that I have cost them much more in vet bills than she ever cost. The picture on the right here is how I look when I don't have the lampshade on. When I go for walks there is so much to see and smell that I forget to bite myself, which means that I don't have to wear the lampshade. In the evening it is also taken off so that I can have a shoulder and face massage. I also love going out in the car - I have a special car lookout seat and people that see us in it take our photo because they say we look cute. I'll be six next year.

7. I never see the dogs that I was shut up with. But a year or so ago by chance mummy met one of the vets who had been involved with our rescue. He told her that it was the worst case of animal neglect that he had ever seen. Mummy cried again. She picked me up and gave me a big hug and I knew that everything was always going to be alright.


Carol and Chris said...

OMG That made me cry!!! You poor wee thing....I just don't understand how people can be so cruel!! I'm very glad that you found a nice mummy and that you have a loving forever home.

*Waves Hi* to French Fancy

C x

Henry the Dog said...

Oh Poppy. That is a heartrending story. I feel so lucky to have always been wanted. But your story has a happy ending - that's the most important thing. You now have a mum who will protect you and love you forever. I daren't let mum read this she'll end up crying.

Dumdad said...

That's so sad. But you're very lucky that such nice, understanding people rescued from all that misery. I'd give them a big lick in gratitude.

Blu said...

So glad that you found lots of love, what lovely people you have found.xx

Poppy said...

Hello Carol.Mummy wishes I could live without the lampshade (she actually calls it 'my bucket') but whenever we try and see if I've got over biting myself the bucket gets put back on very quickly. I don't know why I do it - I've seen four different vets now and they don't know why I do it either.

Hello Henry - As well as mummy protecting me she also has to protect anyone that we pass on one of our walks. I always want to jump up and bark at people on walks. I hate people passing me, people running along, people cycling along. I hate cars passing but I love going out in our car, especially mum's, 'cos that's the one with our seats.

Hello Dumdad - I know you like cats best but us dogs have our place too. I was bitten on the nose by a cat in one of my temporary homes and I don't like them very much now. I probably tried to steal its food though. Mummy has to stand between our two bowls when I eat because I gobble it down and then try and eat Misty's as well. She eats much quicker since I arrived here.

Hello Blu. Mummy and the vet decided to give me lots of injections full of all the things I am allergic to. It's meant to help me build up immunity, but it hasn't helped yet. Mum said it was another batch of Poppy money down the drain but I don't know what she meant.

Peggy said...

Poppy, you are so lovely and I'm all sniffly because of all the awful things that happened to you. I'm going to send Teabag over to read this because she has a lot of mental problems too (though I'm not allowed to say 'mental').

I'm so glad you've got a lovely family now. I'd send you over my new chewie if I could but I've already eaten half of it.

xxx from your friend Peg

Teabag said...

What you went through was dreadful and it leaves scars. Although I have the happiest life, I still have problems when I'm outside the house. I find many things threatening. I also took a long time to learn where to 'go' too.

I'm so glad you have found the best home and I'm sorry you have to wear your collar but you know it's for the best.

My owner is ooh and aaahing at your photo but then you are rather gorgeous:-)

xxx your friend Teabag.

Misssy M said...

I was in tears reading that. Poor lovely wee Poppy. Animal cruelty enrages me.

I hope all her former companions are as lucky as she is.

French Fancy said...
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Poppy said...

Hello Peggy. I hope you get on with Teabag as well as I get on with Misty. It must have been difficult for her when I arrived because everything in the house revolved around me for a little while.

Oh Teabag - you and me have a lot of things we've both shared that nobody can even guess at. Did your mum call you Teabag? My mum gave me the name Poppy. I had a different name everywhere I went, but I like the name Poppy best. Everyone needs a name that doesn't keep changing, I think.

Hello Missy M. Mummy hates it as well. Sometimes we have to go a very long way round to get to a place because there are dogs that are chained up outside houses here and mum gets too angry and upset to go past them. She went to the gendarmes about it but it seems out here in France as long as the chain is a certain length and they have some sort of shelter, there is nothing that can be done. The one that upsets mum the most is the Cocker Spaniel - she keeps threatening to get bolt cutters and stealing the dog but daddy has made her promise not to do it.

nikkicrumpet said...

NO FAIR!! I'm at work and I can't be crying off all my mascara! I am so damn glad you rescued that poor sweet animal. It just makes me crazy when I hear stories about people abusing their pets. ARGGGH! What a blessed doggy to have found great doggy parents like you guys!

jenny smith said...

Gosh FF, you almost had me in tears. Its hard to hear how badly some animals are treated. I think Poppy;s had a very happy ending. I hope this is the case for the other dogs.

Poppy looks like a dog i used to dream of having when i was a child. its funny how you remember these things. xxxx

Lulu LaBonne said...

Poppy you are the sweetest thing, thank goodness it's all going to be alright now. Mummy must have a lot of patience.

david mcmahon said...

Thank goodness for your new family, Poppy.

lady jicky said...

Hi Poppy, my name is Rosie and I am a "rescue pug" . I got my new Forever home this Feburary. right now I have a "cone of silence" on my head - that is a "bucket" to you.LOL I have had a huge lot of eye surgery on Thursday for ingrowing lashes and bad rolling bottom lids that have been straching my eyes for 8 years!! My first family did not want me for they had 4 little kids and I was a pest. Like you Poppy, I will eat anything for food was not given much to me either but Girlfriend we are now in a better place !!
So - big hugs and kisses to you and your Mum from My Mum and me in Australia!
Girlfriends forever! XXX

willow said...

Poppy is a lucky doggie! And what an adorable face!

Mama said...

Oh Poppy you are adorable, I am so sad to hear that you had an awful start to your life, your new mummy will look after you, I know her and she is a very nice lady, but you know that already don't you.
Try to stop eating wax candles and plastic apples as they don't have any goodness in them better off with a bone or even "Tarte au Citron", I know mummy has some of that somewhere, be good Poppy and look after Misty, big doggie hugs, Mama Kathy.

ps I am going to get a doggie this Christmas, a west highland terrier, don't worry We know that a doggie is for life not just for Christmas and we intend to love him forever just like your mummy and daddy.

Poppy said...

hello nikki - I know you've got doggies too and I want to wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks every day - when I play with Duckie, my favourite toy.

hello Jenny - isn't that funny I look just like your dream dog. Maybe you're meant to have a bichon frise, not just your cat. I hope she is feeling a bit better.

hello Lulu - mummy does have 'some' patience but sometimes she gets cross and shouts at us. Usually because we stand behind her when she is cooking, in case she drops food - and she always does -but she falls over us sometimes.
She says lots of bad words then.

david - hello. thanks for coming back. Sorry it was a bit of a sad story but it has a happy ending.

Lady jicky and Rosie - hello to both of you. Rosie, you are in my thoughts, you poor little pug. Why don't people treasure us, Rosie? Dogs are special, like children are (although mummy likes dogs better, between you and me).I hope your eyes will be better soon. I'll come and visit your blog and follow your progress.

willow - hello and thank you for saying that about my face. At the moment it is covered in ice cream because I jumped on the table and licked someone's bowl It's mum, she is always forgetting to push the chairs back and then daddy gets cross.

Hello Mama - I musn't have sweet things very ofen, but nor must mum but it doesn't stop her :). We're both watching our weight - watching it go up, Misty says.

Veggie Carrie said...

Oh poor sweet little Poppy. I just read your story and it left me feeling quite sad. At least you have a wonderful mum now, who understands you. I think you are both meant to be together.

cheshire wife said...

Poppy looks like an angel but gosh she is high maintenance!

lady jicky said...

Poppy - we do not have a blog but now I have found you - we will visit you !!!
I have a pug x brother Oscar - he is keeping me company when you know who goes out shopping! LOL
You want to know a secret? Oscar and I are my Mums favourite too - even more than her grandchild! Shhh? Secret Girlfriend! LOL

P. S. Eyes are going OK so far!

Goin Fishin said...

Ok - I had a blonde moment. I just started to full on read and didnt realize you were talking about a dog.......

Poppy said...

Hello Veggie Carrie - Skye is very lucky too. He had one wonderful mummy and now he has another one. I think I'm a big dog really.

cheshire wife - French Fancy here. What can I say? the first 18 months were the worse. A long time ago I made a conscious decision that I did not want to have any children; having dogs just suits me better, I think.

I've been accused of anthropomorphism, but to me dogs are very special and I don't dress them up like children (as do some others). If we hadn't taken Poppy she would have been PTS and that would have upset me for a very long time.

Rosie - thank you for coming back to0 see me and a big hello to Oscar. I do hope your eyes are healing nicely and that the 'cone of silence' does not get on your nerves too much. I try and get mine off sometimes and then there is a bit of kerfuffle and I get a carrot stick instead.

Goin Fishin - not much I can say really. Thanks for popping in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Poppy, my name is Milou and I got my mum to write this for me, 'cos of course though I am extremely clever, being A West Highland Terrier, some things are beyond me. She was crying as she read your story out to me and she said that cruelty to animals and children were the worst offences, as we are all defenceless creatures domesticated by man and that they have an obligation of care.
We both send you hugs and licks and hope that you will soon feel better.

Sandi McBride said...

I'm such an animal lover that everyone calls me either "the Bunny Hugger or the Tree Hugger"..I don't care, I'll answer to either. This meme is so heartwarming in how the beloved Poppy lives now, yet horrendous in how she lived before...what makes a person do things like this? My husband dreads when I go to the Animal Shelter for my volunteer work, he worries that I'll come home with more than we can handle...What I don't understand is why people will answer and add for "Free to Good Home" yet won't visit the Animal Shelter (Pound, let's call a spade a spade) to save one from death. It breaks my heart. You are a good Mommy! Poppy is blessed, indeed!

Poppy said...

Hello Milou and Moannie. Mummy nearly got a Westie before she got Misty but then she decided to get a dog with curly hair.Mum also gets very upset about stories in the papers and on the news and she thinks people who hurt animals or children should be 'named and shamed'. Then she would like awful things done to them and every day daddy really hopes that nothing sets her off again. She goes on a bit sometimes.

Sandi - mummy says you are a braver and better person than she could ever be. We have a doggy refuge about an hour away and they need volunteers but mummy said she just couldn't do it. Daddy heaved a sigh of relief because he was worried she would bring all the dogs home. Now he worries because she gives them his money instead.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

A well written POTH..over from Davids

poppy said...

Hello 3F's. thanks for that. I'll have a woof in your name

Jessica said...

Aw, what a cutie :)

Poppy said...

Thanks Jessica.I'll pop over and say hello.

LadyFi said...

Oh gosh, I'm wiping away the tears! So glad you finally got a wonderful forever home!

poppy bichon said...

Hello ladyfi - please tell mummy to feed my twice as often as Misty - she'll listen to you