Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Isn't this a beautiful space. This is Anish Kapoor's house, designed by the architect Tony Fretton. Something like this would be my ideal theoretical place to live.

I've never been one for the minimalist approach to living. I like bits and pieces around the place, although most of them are in two glass cabinets in our living room. Some of them are inherited pieces that my parents bought - they used to love spending money in antique shops - and we have a few mandolins and violins on the walls - things given to my man by a musical uncle. We have lots of paintings - my ma's best friend had a gallery in Brighton, in short we have lots of Stuff.


natural attrill said...

I really like Anish Kapoors work.
Saw a big silver dish type sculpture like this purple one at RA summer exhib a couple yrs ago.

French Fancy said...

Penny, how nice to see you here. Ditto about Kapoor. the man is a genius.