Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's been a while - again

I sometimes wonder whether just to kill this blog dead once and for all but then I get a tad nostalgic for those days when not much was happening and blogging used to be something nice to do. Life is so much more full these days that it is something of an effort to sit down and write about it.

But the thing is that when I try and think of all the things I've been doing to add on to here I go quite blank and then just consign the draft entry to the delete button.

Enough to say that I've finished the OU course, culminating in an exam in Paris last week. Results will be in a couple of months and let's just hope that I've done well. One good thing that came out of the course is that I made a new friend - a lovely lady who lives about an hour's drive away and who is Extremely Clever. Whether or not our OU paths cross in the future I would like to think that we will remain in touch.

I've been exploring other bits of Brittany and going to arty crafty type things.

Still loving gardening.

Been playing host to people coming to stay.

Lazing around in our pretty house - and I can daydream for hours.

All sorts of stuff - boring to others reading this but nice for me to be doing.

Have a good summer

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