Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poppy's progress.

We are now four injections away from Poppy finishing her course of desensitisation for the many allergies that she has. I can't say she is much better but this treatment is meant to be something that can take up to a year to show results.

We've done a few other things to help modify her behaviour and surroundings. We've used an anti-dust mite spray on furnishings and rugs (glad we don't have carpets), I've ordered a DAP collar which is meant to be calming due to its having the power to release (artificially created) pheremones that would have been dispensed by her doggy mum. But best of all we've had a session with two more to come from a dog psychologist (educatrice canine) because we are trying to stop her and Misty becoming hysterical when visitors arrive and depart.

We're at the early stages of this and I'll post more after our second session which is in a fortnight's time.

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