Saturday, January 26, 2008

Busy busy busy

This month has just flown and it's hard to think why days in Brittany drift by like they do. Maybe it's the slower pace of life and the fact that I'm not in an commuter/office lifestyle any longer. I have my set routines involving two demanding dogs, OU studying, housework/cooking and the like, some techy work and all the bits and pieces that make up a day here.

I love my life out here more and more and the London homesickness seems to come less and less. My lovely man is always telling me to go off for the weekend to London or Paris and have some city life, but the urge to do that is not so very strong in me any longer.We're going to explore the Loire in April and that's our next good trip away.

Now off to study more about Lord Byron. I always thought that Don Juan was a poem about love but I couldn't have been more mistaken. How outspoken he was about the politicians and high-profile people in his day. No wonder he left the country.


ParisBreakfasts said...

Dear Fancy French,
I just found you again by chance through a comment of yours and am enjoying your stories and pictures AND your pups!
Really FUN!

French Fancy said...

Hi Carol, nice to see you here. Yours is one of the loveliest blogs around, so I appreciate your remarks.