Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Spent a long while with the vet this morning going through the results of Poppy's allergy tests that she had a fortnight ago. It turns out the results show a bad reaction to so many substances - trees, pollen, dust mites, other mites I can't recall the name of, chicken, duck, pork, peanut oil - you name it, from the sound of it they tested her for it.

Poor little dog; the laboratory that did the tests is one of the foremost animal diagnostic places in Europe. They've recommended desensitisation shots, which have a 60% success rate. Well, it's not a bad statistic so I've agreed and am now waiting for the lab to produce the vaccine that will be used. The first shot will mean she has to stay at the surgery for the whole day to enable them to monitor for a possible bad reaction. They amalgamate all the allergens into one shot so it might be a bit of a shock for her. Plus she also has a slight heart murmur.

The most expensive little rescue dog in the world