Monday, September 17, 2007


My favourite guitar man is No. 19 on this list and, even though it's a few years out of date, it's probably still pretty representative of people's taste.

Not bad for someone that most people have not actually heard of.


uber said...

I dunno, he's hardly that unknown a figure. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning is an absolute masterpiece, but going down that list I reckon I've seen about a fifth of them, and the only one that would make my top five favourite guitarists is Neil Young.

French Fancy said...

I just did a count-up and I reckon I've also seen about a fifth.

Glad to hear RT is so well known; bit of trivia for you - Fairport was a house opposite my old school in Muswell Hill and that is (apparently) where they all used to get together to practice.

Anonymous said...

Since when did this website change to being a page for each one of the 100 guitarists. What a bore to have to look through to find French Fancy's fave guitarist.

I know, I bet it's Richard Thompson