Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Apologies to Syd RIP

I've bought a trike
'cos I never rode a bike

Yes, I've now got a tricycle and it's not yet had the gears adjusted by the local bike shop, but my lovely man has put it together and I've reverted to child-like behaviour by sitting it on and ringing the bell.

Lots of people might think why didn't I just learn how to ride a bike but I didn't want to. Simple as.


uber said...

Excellent, any wheels is better than no wheels. Good luck with it, and happy pedalling!

French Fancy said...

Uber, it's all down to you that I will be out on the trike some time this weekend. Your help has meant we don't have to take the bike to the shop for a mechanic to check the gears.

Thanks so much

muddy red shoes said...

A tryke, trike, three wheeler, moi, je suis jelouse!

marc aurel said...

I stood next to them as they performed at our jazz club in the fall of 1965. Was Syd still with them then?
When we make lists of our ten favourite albums, I'll have to include Atom Heart Mother, but Syd was long gone by then.