Monday, June 25, 2007

sad state of affairs

It's been a while since I've paid a visit to my home town of London and I thought I'd go through the theatre listings to work out when to go (according to what is opening when), see a few shows, meet up with friends and family and generally have some hustle and bustle. Apart from something at the Royal Court and Michael Ball cross-dressing in Hairspray, there is very little that fills me with enthusiasm.

Of course if I was still UK-based there would be some things I'd half-heartedly go and see and no doubt enjoy them tremendously but, considering the amount of effort involved in us driving over from Brittany to North London (about ten hours solid in the car), I just can't be bothered.

Most of the musicals currently on offer I either saw first time around and with a better cast or else I have no interest in them. The dramas - on paper anyway - do not sound my sort of thing.
What a shame. Oh well, maybe much later in the year there will be something. Perhaps Stephen Fry's Cinderella will be worth a trip.


uber said...

You never know who else might be interested in catching a show. Timing turning out to work, and so on.

French Fancy said...

Excellent! Will do. Looks more and more like October