Sunday, June 03, 2007


Is that a word? Parcel-less?

For the first time in ages I've got absolutely nothing on order (apart from the Hot Fuzz DVD which I've pre-ordered, but it's only little so doesn't count.)

Because the dogs go absolutely crazy when the bell goes, if I'm expecting a delivery I hover within sight of the window so that I can gesture to whichever driver has turned up to pass it to me through the window. We still get a lot of noise and excitement when the dogs realise I've foxed them again but it's a lot easier than controlling them with the door open, especially Poppy - the rescued bichon with a troubled past - who lunges at arrivees and is a bit overwhelming.

She's becoming a bit of a problem in other ways lately. One of our neighbours popped round last week and went to do the bisous on the cheeks (4 kisses for special friends) and Pop lunged at him and tried to bite his ear. Very worrying and I'm searching all my books (and trust me I've loads) on how to proceed with some behaviour modification for her.

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