Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dicken rocks!

"Why I hoarded up this wretched little rag of the robe of hope that was rent and given to the winds, how do I know! Why did you who read this, commit that not dissimilar inconsistency of your own, last year, last month, last week?"

( Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, page 348, Penguin Classics, 1994).

It's one of my set books for my next course - Literature - at the Open University. It doesn't begin until the end of September but there's a lot of reading to be done during the course and I thought I'd spend as much time as possible making a head start.

When I saw it was this particular Dickens on the reading list I wasn't overjoyed as it has never been one of my favourites. But maybe it's because I've changed since I last read it or perhaps it's the benefit of the course I've just finished which dealt a lot with how to read and interpret texts. Anyway, I'm loving it this time round and for anyone interested in the other books I'll be covering, here is a link to what I'll be doing


muddy red shoes said...

I love Dickens, went to school in Gads Hill Place, (his home) many years ago!

French Fancy said...

Hello Muddy. How wonderful to have schooled at Gads Hill Place. I've been there. likewise his home in Rochester and also visited his place in London (Doughty Street). In fact one of my friends was the Dickens House Scholar for a year. She got a bursary in return for being the curator at Doughty Street every Friday. She even let me sit at his old desk and use his pen. (Probably shouldn't put this actually - Oh well.)