Friday, May 25, 2007

Dead heading

We've got a new hideaway in the garden - not sure whether you call it a gazebo, pagoda or pergola. Anyway it is lovely and photo will follow, as and when the patio that it needs to stand on will be completed. I'm waiting for the devis to arrive. A devis is the written quotation that needs - by law - to be signed by both parties before work can be undertaken. Of course you do get some workers here (both English and French...and probably every other nationality that is living here) that do work 'on the black' but, without sounding too much of a Proper Person, I do not like to do things that way. There is no comeback if there's a problem in the future and if you ever have an accident and there is no devis to show to the insurance people then, not only will you not get a payout, but the authorities can prosecute you for going to an unregistered company.

Well now, this gazebo or whatever has little curly bits all the way round so I can at least indulge one of my gardening weaknesses - hanging baskets. I adore them and have never really been able to satisfy this indulgence. But now I have nine baskets hanging all the way round and the only downside of this is the dead heading that I need to do pretty much all the time. It is getting to be a mini-obsession and not a bad one at that.

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natural attrill said...

Sounds beautiful, enjoy your hanging baskets!