Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to normal

The OU course is all finished now and all that I have left to do is send off the test paper I completed yesterday in as near to exam conditions that one can achieve at home. I ran out of time to complete it and maybe I'm the only person in the world that stopped the clock at precisely two hours after starting, without anyone to witness that I did obey the rules. Perhaps I'm just stupid and I should have carried on until I felt that I'd written everything that was in my head and that might get me a better mark.

What else? Well, the garden is looking very wet but very beautiful and all our hard work has paid off. It's been worth the backaches and muddy jeans when I look at all the pretty shrubs and bulbs poking their heads through.

Poppy is now on new medication from the vet, just three days into it. If she was a human it would definitely help her because these pills cost €51 for a month's supply and if you know that something you've been prescribed is very expensive then you think it must automatically be brilliant. Sadly of course this is not the situation with our little number two bichon with the itchy skin.

At least I can begin blogging more regularly again now - my time is more my own but I do miss studying. I'll begin again in September and I think I'll do Literature for my next course and maybe begin a second one halfway through, this time in History which doesn't start until February 2008. . The trouble is that when you are not UK based they really wack the price up and each course costs £1,340! By the time I get this OU degree I might be clever but I'll also be poor!

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