Friday, March 30, 2007

I sound like an informercial but it's all true

I regularly buy online from a great UK company called Lakeland (kitchen and household product company - one of the best in England) and they give free gifts when you spend a certain (not a lot really) amount.

My free gift with my order last week was a cloth for cleaning windows. It uses water - nothing else, no sprays or chemicals or creams, just water. You spray the area with a light mist (I used my plant mister) and just one quick wipe with this magic cloth eliminates all dirt. It is absolutely brilliant. I've just used it and been totally amazed. Lakeland are very clever to give this as a free gift because cynics like me wouldn't buy a product that said it worked well with only water.

It's called an E-Cloth and the ethos behind the company is trying to get everyone to stop using household chemicals by producing this fantastic cloth that can make cleaning safe and quite fun - yes, I have to say, it was quite fun to clean the windows, a chore I loathe and detest normally.

I've just gone to their website and ordered the car-cleaning cloths, floor mops and some bath towels.

Try it - can't recommend highly enough


Primrose Hill said...

Your new toy sounds very good, I shall have to order one as our window cleaner hasn't been round for ages. We inhereted him with the house - Mr. Mustard! Haven't had the heart yet to tell him I'm quite happy to do them myself, plus he gives me a fright every time he comes to visit - I only know he's there when he appears at the window and I promptly crap myself! Think I may well have an excuse now!
L x

rach said...

that's weird, I was just cleaning my windows this morning, (couldn't postpone it any longer, the spring sunlight was showing up all the dirt!) and bemoaning the fact that windolene and the like alway leave such awful streaks. I might have to give the cloth thingy a go.

God, I never thought I would leave a comment about housework. What am I becoming in my old age?

uber said...

Ha - you'd be surprised (or possibly not) quite what a hot topic this has been somewhere else. Suffice to say you're by no means the only person converted by the product.

French Fancy said...

thanks to all for leaving comments. I've given the cloths a second try this week and they live up to everything I wrote originally. They are absolutely wonderful. Our windows have never been so clean.

Now awaiting the floor cleaning system by the same people as, with our tiled floors, the amount of dust and grime they show up is disgusting - and yet I go over them every few days with a wet swiffer.

To be continued...