Friday, March 23, 2007

Battling poor Poppy's problems

Our rescued bichon is having so much trouble with her skin. I thought changing to home cooking might have produced some sort of improvement but there are more and more itchy spots on her body and she is having to wear the Elizabethan collar more or less all the time now.

She's had conventional treatment from the vet, homeopathic remedies for skin and nerves and now I've just sent away for a couple of other products. There's nothing I won't try and buy to help this sweet dog so let's all hope there'll be an improvement soon.


natural attrill said...

Hope she gets better soon.

PG said...

your dogs are such beauties, I hope you get something sorted.

French Fancy said...

thanks Penny and Gretel.

We've finished with the homeopathic remedies but the skin one hasn't helped and the relaxant makes her drowsy (which I guess is its 'thing')but doesn't help the cause.

She's off to the vet on Tuesday for allergy tests. She has a new problem now with her derriere. It's not worms or anal gland probs and nobody seems to know what to do.

Oh well. We'll just keep on taking her to places and people.