Friday, February 16, 2007


Out here in France I don't work. Well, sometimes I do testing for my software -writing husband and I even get a rather generous stipend for doing it, but it isn't like going to work. But I got to thinking last night about age discrimination in the workplace. Like you do!

Someone in their forties or fifties going for a job is far more likely to stay at that job rather than use it as a stepping stone to further their career. But offer the job to someone in their twenties or thirties and it's likely that, after a few years, they'll be off climbing the corporate ladder. So why do employers usually offer the job to younger people ? It's not even that they would be cheaper; a market rate is a market rate regardless of age. Better to go with the older person if you ask me.

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marc aurel said...

I found it depended on the employer. Print and copy shops preferred young people, as the customers would often rather see someone who looked energetic. I was hired for my present job when I was 55, in part because I was older and had done several different things unrelated to the job. Now that I am in my sixties, it is clear that am no longer as likely to show up every day, but I presume I bring something to the work that the thiry year olds cannot.