Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February blues

Bit of a strange month really. I've felt down more than I've felt up and I'm quite a bright person normally. Been eating stodgier food than usual as a comfort thing so maybe that's made me feel a bit lumpy and there's not been much to do around here, which makes me long to be in a big city.

I know this feeling will pass. To help it on its way my lovely man took me off to our local florist yesterday and I picked many many blooms.

I won't be sorry when March comes tomorrow. Birthday months are always good and then it will almost be April which is our holiday month, when we'll be off to the French Alps. My new camera will then get its first intensive test.


natural attrill said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

uber said...

Bon anniversaire!

muddy red shoes said...

Cheer up chuck! Its stinky february and all this crappy rain, why cant we have real cold winter and a bright blue spring...I got fed up too, enjoy your birthday

French Fancy said...

Penny, Uber and Sarah - my thanks to you for your lovely messages.