Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Edge of the seat - I nearly fell off

We're a little behind the times in our Breton town. I don't really know much of the current fads and vogues that are de rigeur in London town any more. But one thing I've just seen and think is absolutely gripping and exciting stuff is the first series of Prison Break. Of course I know that it's the second series that is currently on UK tv and I'm sure the first series generated loads of interest ages ago, but it's only just crossed my radar. We got the DVD at the weekend and stayed up watching cliff-hanger episode after episode. I cannot say enough good things about it.


Anonymous said...
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Lucy said...

Hello there, thanks for coming over1
Noticed the being idle in France,bichon frise dogs and buying shoes while browsing other Brittany blogs a while back, but didn't take it any further.
One of my young students recently had her wisdom teeth out and was distraught to realise the final episode of Prison Break was on that night and wished fervently to be awake enough to see it. She wasn't but they taped it for her!
Doesn't that counter thing you've got on the left drive you mad? I'm probably just jealous as you get more visitors than me!
Good luck with the OU degree, etc.
Be seeing you.

Anonymous said...
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uber said...

I'd strongly recommend going to the Comments tab and setting 'Show word verification for comments?' to yes, it'll cut down the comments that you've found yourself having to remove, if not cutting them out completely.

I know nothing of Prison Break btw, hope this helps!

French Fancy said...

thanks Uber, just done it. Hope you're well.