Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fairy parcels

I'm not much of a joiner of things. I don't send on chain letters or emails, I subscribe to forums, get very enthusiastic initially then disappear, I don't go along to expat events; I just don't. But recently I saw on a blogging friend's blog details of little present swaps - - and it sparked my interest. I didn't realise that everyone involved were illustrators, artists, craftspeople - people with real talent who make a good living from their skills. If I'd realised that I probably wouldn't have joined.
Well, yesterday my parcel arrived from this lovely lady here- She is a Proper Artist. In fact the criteria for this Christmas swap was a home made card and decoration and when I saw her card my initial reaction was she didn't bother to make the card, what a copout, she just bought a fancy one from a good shop. Then I looked carefully at the name on the back and realised it was indeed done by her. The decoration was also a work of art - a cardboard pyramid shape that opened in segments to reveal a pressie inside - also homemade. A very unusual giftie of beads and silver that you drape around a glass or mug so that you know the right one to pick up. Excellent!

There were such pretty things that she had bought me: some lovely foot gel; some pretty yellow bed socks (Deb, how did you know I get cold feet?); some lavender incense sticks;another of her beautiful cards; a Christmas pud chocolate which I ate whilst opening all the red-wrapped goodies; a lovely pale apricot chiffon scarf - the long drapey sort; and, because my bichons had donated their hair to make her Christmas card, she had bothered to go and buy them a foodie treat. What a lovely lady! She's had a rotten time of it lately and yet she still went to extra trouble to think of the dogs. Thank you so much, Deb. I sincerely hope that 2007 is a better year for you.


natural attrill said...

How lovely - that little pyramid is cute, what a clever idea for holding a little gift.
Lucky you!!

French Fancy said...

She is so very gifted - but then all of you fairy lot are!

PG said...

Oy, we'll have none of that humbleness, the SOSF is for EVERYONE who has a good heart. That means you. It's only because the founding fairies knew each other through illustration that it's a bit arty crafty.

Debs is indeed a great illustrator though, and I take my hat off to the pyramid!

Soozcat said...

Don't be overly concerned. I am SO NOT a professional artist/illustrator/much of anything really, except an occasional writer, and have been participating in the SOSF with glee and zest.

Debs said...

A happy belated New year to you.
So glad you like the gifts Julie.

Naturegirl said...

A fellow faerie coming in for a landing..oh how nice all these goodies! Nice to meet you.