Friday, December 15, 2006

Cross Words

We've now been getting the international Guardian for a couple of weeks and it's well worth the subscription. Not so much for the articles - which are of Guardian quality, but appertaining more to international news as opposed to UK stuff (which makes sense I suppose) - but for the crosswords.

There are two - a quick one (yeh, right, really quick !) and a cryptic one and we are finding them most enjoyable. My parents used to spend endless hours with cryptic crosswords and, as I occasionally wandered through the living room, I would join in. But not with the same enthusiasm as I seem to have dug up from somewhere.

All eyes are now on the postman's arrival today as he brings the latest issue with the answers we need to check.

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natural attrill said...

In my degenerate youth, when not out partying, I remember staying up all night pondering upon cryptic crossword puzzles. I find them easier than the 'easy' ones, as you can work out the answer, you dont have to know it!