Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Madeleine cakes did it for him, music did it for me

I had a strange experience yesterday. I was transported back to when I was a teeny weeny, sitting on the bathroom stool watching my father shaving. This was something I did at weekends because in the week I was at school. I should add that my dad, being a musician, began and finished his day quite late. So the shaving thing used to be just before my kiddie's lunch at noon.

We often used to have a record playing whilst the shaving took place or I'd read aloud (oh, the patience of a parent) and practice new words my dad would have given me the day before. Well, one of his favourite records was Sinatra at the Sands, the live recording with Count Basie. He'd sing along and I'd try and keep time banging on my knees.

I saw the digitally rewhatsit CD on ebay the other week, bought it and played it yesterday. The years fell away and I was a little girl again. So many other memories were there as well; things I didn't even know I had stored. Just like a key unlocking a bit of my memory that had had a long sleep.

I wish I still had a mum and dad. You take them for granted when you've got them and you miss them like hell when they've gone.


muddy red shoes said...

Oh, sweetheart! Hope that your time travel was a kind of "happy" sad memory, and you are right, enjoy what we have, now.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi French Fancy,

You commented on my blog a little while back - I've been meaning to come over and say hello for ages but it's a bit mad at the mo! Love your post - I know exactly how you feel, I often have moments like that, as I get older I find myself doing things that my nana used to do when I was little, it's so lovely to be able to travel back to these memories, but a little sad too. I'm keen to join the SOSF, are you enjoying being a member?
Lisa x

natural attrill said...

Hello! just found you through sosf, and I see you come from North London, I wonder where? I grew up in Barnet, and lived in Muswell Hill, Finchley, Southgate. Moved up here to the North of England years ago, but still go down south to visit.

French Fancy said...

Penny, I've sent you a mail. And primrose I think I left a message on your blog. And muddy Sarah, well, there's something in the post for you