Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The postman doesn't need to visit us

For the first time in absolutely ages I have no parcels that I am awaiting. Usually I have some internet purchase or other on the go, in the offing, about to be delivered but no, there is nothing due.

One reason for this could be that I have actually been visiting our local shops and spending my money there. Another reason is that there is really nothing I genuinely want at the moment. Of course I want stuff, I always do, I'm that sort of person but there is nothing really that I am craving.

And I will be in London at the weekend.

Enough said really...

1 comment:

Justine said...

Ohh London, shopping nightmare and paradise. Last time I went there I spent ALL my money in sneakers, how come? Shops are simply irresistible and awfully expensive... but hey what's money for anyway? Like someone once said, "girls just wanna have funDS"! ;-)