Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Have you seen Les Miserables lately?

What a disappointment! I last saw it when it first opened, years and years ago now. I saw it three times within the space of six months and I was lucky enough to see it each time with the original cast, all of whom were first class.

What you have now are a collection of second-raters, including the dreadful Jon Lee (used to be in SClub 7) who is daring to step in the shoes once worn by Michael Ball, him of the perfect high note and baby face. Even the little kid now playing Gavroche is useless. Sorry to sound harsh about a teeny weeny performer, but I have high standards when it comes to musicals (and I am such a fan of this genre) and I like the people that are in West End shows to be top calibre, even if they are very young.

I think because it is now subtitled as London's Longest Running Musical that it is aiming itself at tourists who might not be as fussy as somebody like me. The rest of the audience went wild after the first half. And as for us, well we just got up and left at the interval.

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