Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting ready for another trip

Yes, we're off again. To London on Thursday. Lots of things planned, but the main reason for the trip is for a tombstone-laying ceremony on my dad's grave, which is to be held Sunday morning.

To counter this rather solemn occasion I have booked us 5th row centre stall seats at Evita on Friday; the same seats (I always try and get E12/13 whenever I book theatres) for Les Mis on Saturday (haven't seen it since it left the Palace Theatre, hope it works just as well on a smaller stage); We're off to the Corn Exchange in Cambridge Sunday evening to see a singer I have long admired - Al Stewart (yes, he of Year of the Cat). Friends and food will be fitted in around these plans and I am so looking forward to seeing London again.

One thing is the restaurants I will be selecting for our lunches. Living in France with a superb, prize-winning restaurant about a 15 min drive from our home, we really want to pick a different cuisine but what to choose? We're spoilt for choice really in London town. Maybe Michael Moore in Baker Street? Perhaps Pasha in Kensington?

Can't wait.


uber said...

Al Stewart and Peter White put on a decent show of excellent material, though I have not seen them for a few years.

In recent times, Al's pretty much a full time wine connoisseur in California with a horrifically valuable collection of vintages, or last I heard anyway.

French Fancy said...

His concert was fantastic. I've seen him loads of times over the last 20 or so years and he just gets better and better, like a good claret really.