Monday, January 09, 2006

Operation Day

Misty is off to the vet in about an hour to be neutered/spayed/fixed/done - pick the word. I know it's for the best long term but it doesn't stop me worrying about the outcome. Will it all go well - I'm sure it will: will it change her personality - who knows? Some books say yes, others say barely. Will it change her interaction with her adopted sister, Poppy, - again, who knows? Poppy is quite an alpha female, although we've always given Misty number one status in the house - something she is sometimes not able to carry off. Maybe it will make her more confident, less nervy and highly-strung.

All I know is that the anaesthetic being used is an old-fashioned type compared to the gas used by the vets in the USA and the UK. I could have requested isofleurane but worried that the vet might not be able to cope well with using a different product. I also know there is no MRI machine for dogs there, something our old vet in Hampstead Garden Suburb was about to buy when I left London quite a long time ago now. I'd probably have to go to Paris to find a veterinary practice that was cutting edge. The vets here are gentle kind men though and they seem to understand animals, it's their equipment that is a bit old-fashioned.

Misty realises something is different. She's had no breakfast for a start and can smell it on the breath of Poppy, even though we used subterfuge to enable Poppy to eat alone. It's chicken soup and rice for our first bought this evening - and Label Rouge chicken at that!

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