Tuesday, August 23, 2005


We've just finished watching the entire series of Sharpe for the second time now. It was a Christmas present from my OH's mum and I recall spending pretty much the whole of last year's festive season in front of our wall. Why we sat in front of the wall is because we have a projector and our wall is the viewing screen. When you live deep in rural Brittany you find your pleasure where you can.

Anyway, back to Sharpe. It has to be one of the best produced programmes ever. Not only do you get Sean Bean, every single person cast seems totally suited to their role. Of course certain actors do manage to steal a bit of Sean's thunder, notably Mark Strong in a couple of episodes, Oliver Tobias (gone to seed a bit since Arthur of the Britons but still with loads of charisma) in the final episode, John Tams with the wondrous folky voice who appears in every single episode, Hugh Fraser, who was born to play Wellington; well, the list goes on and on.

I can't recommend this box set highly enough.

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