Saturday, April 03, 2010

Our doctor's Easter message

We have a very sweet and caring doctor who is always sending his patients interesting emails.

This is is latest:

Losing a friend:
This is a very touching story about life & death and the friends that we have.
It's certain to stir up your heart and touch your soul.
This email is one I could not afford not to share with my friends.
I'm still choked up over it!

Going to visit himm takes at least 30 minutes - 20 for chatting about life and the universe and the other ten for diagnostics. I hope that you have a doctor who also inspires confidence, trust and laugher - do you?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I'm sure that he has a much higher rate of healthy patients because of his wonderful attitude!

Nora Johnson said...

In one word: no! Or at least not as far as UK NHS doctors are concerned! All the ones I ever visited didn't invite you to sit down since the "consultation" never lasted more than two minutes!

Not much better over here in Andalucia either. You've struck lucky with yours, FF!


Anonymous said...

Thanks FF. I have a dentist like that, my Doctor never looks at me or touches me. Even when I said I thought I had a lump in my breast he had to steel himself, looking away and gingerly placing two fingers on the place I had indicated. [false alarm by the way] But my dentist...just love hime to bits.

e said...

The GP takes as long as is necessary, although she tends not to ask about outside things too much. In her defence, she's usually followed about by at least one short coat (doctor in the making)...She's the best of the lot.

Ayak said...

I had a wonderful GP in England before I moved here, and I do miss him. My daughter absolutely adores him too. I do occasionally pop into the surgery with some turkish delight for him when I'm visiting the UK. He also has a wonderful sense of humour, and Im sure this helps his patients' feel so much better.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Squee! Poor little traumatized chick ;)

I don't think I've found that doctor you describe yet, but it will be wonderful when I do. My endocrinologist is close but I don't think I've known him long enough to have total trust?

Steve said...

Sacrilege! The only eggs I want to see today are chocolate!

Eleonora said...


Alas no, our trusted and long time family doctor turned out to be a terrible person, extorting money and expensive procedures by exercising his expertise as power play. He actually told my mum she needed to run €7,000 in tests last year because "she was at severe risk of dying"
Needless to say all tests came out negative.
This is a man who owns several properties in and around Rome, 3 horses, 2 luxury cars and many cashmere overcoats.
Hippocrates oath...

Delana said...

How wonderful to have a doctor who takes the time! Is he your doc here in France? I haven't needed a doc here yet (thank goodness) and only visited the "official" doctor for the required medical for my papers. That was interesting in and of itself. Very different from doctor visits back home. As in "take off your shirt". Where's my drape? Where's the nurse? You mean...I pay you...directly? Weird. Happy Easter, FF

cheshire wife said...

You seem to have struck lucky with your GP. I do not really know our GP, only having seen him twice but he seems to be pleasant enough and he did agreed to let us transfer to his practice when we did not like the previous GP that we were registered with. I had to have an interview to explain why we wanted to change GPs which was worse than going with an ailment. So I guess he is a good guy!

Happy Easter to you!

DJ Kirkby said...

What a fabulous doctor. i go to a very holistic surgery with lovely doctors but unfortunalty they are constrained to 7 minute surgery slots and so there is no time for frivolities. Such a shame.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Is this your French GP? I'm amazed! I have a lovely old-style GP, who is so sweet and thorough, I am very grateful...

As for all the young snippets who appear regularly in the practice, they hardly appear to be very 'hands on', just as Moannie said, at all!

Joyeux Paques, cherie! x

French Fancy said...

fi - when you are sitting in the waiting room all you hear is laughter coming from his surgery. We're smiling before we go in to see him

Nora - the doctors in the UK are obsessed with weight and even if you go in say for an ear ache everything comes down to the fact that the patient must lose weight.

Moannie - fancy your doc not getting up close and personal - that's his job for goodness sake

e- glad you've got the best one at the centre

Ayak - how lovely you keep in touch with your UK doc. If we left this area I'd also stay in touch with our wonderful medic

CT - you and I have certainly seen our share of docs and I hope eventually you find one you can believe in as much as I do ours

Steve - I am very proud that I've not had one easter egg or indeed any choc whatsoever

Lola - I hope he has got found out - that sounds terrible that he has abused his position

Delana - yes, that's our doc about ten minutes away. He's very pro the Brits and think that a lot of the Bretons are just a waste of time. Needless to say most of his patients are indeed my fello countrymen and women

CW - yes, yours does sound like a good one by UK standards

DJ - Even though you might not have much time with your doc the practice does sound an excellent one

AWONI - yep, our French doctor this is - he is a lovely lovely man and speaks English like you or I. He also has the same birthday as me but that's irrelevant - even though we say we are kindred spirits

Jennysmith said...

Good one FF. Yes, we have a nice one at the local surgery who would happily talk to you all day. Lovely bloke. The trouble is there is a huge queue for him! Miserable doctors aren't always a bad thing!


ammonite said...

Is that a French GP sending you that card?

When I lived in France the Maire was always sending out those spammy round robin emails - schmaltzy rubbish that was usually some sort of chain letter.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Whoops wrong identity - that was me above

Dumdad said...

Funny! We have a woman doctor who also likes to chat for about 20 minutes about this and that then wraps everything medical up in about five.

Larry M. Brow said...

I've been having a bout of doctors deciding to retire, including my favorite, younger than me, who did it TWICE. I don't consider the current one really my doctor. He's just the last one standing.

I do have a favorite specialist, who I'm happy not to need anymore, but who's a delight to see around town and remembers me with no effort.

My kids' pediatrician is also a familiar face around town. Been going to her with one kid or another since 1989. Wow. [Youngest is just seven.]

Rob-bear said...

My GP doesn't send me notes, but he is an excellent physician and a great human being. He takes time to listen. He takes time to explain. He believes in "standard" and "complementary" medicine, and often suggests some of both.

Angie Muresan said...

Too cute! Our family physician is in his seventies and every time he comes in he makes little bird noises, does a quick check up, then starts telling us about his childhood.

Laura [What I Like] said...

I'm sure my doctors are all very competent but I don't think I've ever had a 20 minute conversation with them about anything! Sigh. Problems with American healthcare I suppose.

e said...

Dear FF,

Thanks for visiting today...You are so right about the basics!

A happy spring to you...

Do you know what's up with ASD? I'm a bit concerned...

French Fancy said...

Jen - how good you've got the English equivalent to our lovely doc

Hello ammonite and welcome to the blog
Yes, that mail and picture was from our doctor. He doesn't send schmaltyz mails - but he has sent very risque ones and upset quite a lot of the more prudish expats.

Lulu/ammonite - caught you! You multi named blogger you. One of the ones he sent not so long ago was a picture of a boob job and the woman was complaining her nipples were not in the same place each side. The doc in the photo says 'well they look perfectly straight to me - and then there is a photo of him turning round and he is totally cross eyed. It looked funnier than it sounds.

Dumdad - yes, maybe it's a French thing - they like their 'one to one' time with their patients

Larry - how great to have social interaction when you see your ex docs in the area. In the UK if I saw one of my doctors at the supermarket I would hide in another aisle - that's how much I didn't like them

Rob - doesn't it make a difference, having a doctor who can trust and rely on.

Angie - the little bird noises just sounds wrong. When I go into the surgery our doctor kisses my hand and then kisses me on both cheeks. He is lovely.

Laura - you have to really try hard to shut my doctor up, although the time I was seriously ill he did not mess about at all with the niceties and the chat but just sent me straight to the hospital.

e - yes, Spring is here too and isn't it lovely to see

Sarah said...

Yes, my GP is a bit of a card too. No emails, but he's full of joie de vivre whenever I go and see him. He's usually cursing his computer too.

Apparently he worked for several years in the French islands where you literally have to be able to do everything, so I have a lot of confidence in him. He's very gung-ho.

French Fancy said...

Hello Sarah, I think French doctors are ever so good. I've had quite a lot of experience of the French medical system and it has never let me down. They really do seem to know their stuff.

Isn't the phrase 'joie de vivre' wonderful