Thursday, July 23, 2009

Concert atmosphere and possible bad sound versus television comfort at home

I'm glad someone uploaded these from French tv - at least the sound ended up much better than it was for me. I should have stayed at home! Lesson to be learned I reckon - although then I wouldn't have seen (well, on a big screen anyway) the Boss.

The next post will not be about The Killers or the Open University (scratches head at the thought of something else)


Steve said...

I saw the lead singer interviewed on Wossy a couple of months ago and he impressed me hugely.

French Fancy said...

wossy handled a very shy Brandon Flowers extremely well. It's strange a flamboyant lead singer of a popular band being so shy but he clearly is. I even stayed up for the end of that Woss prog (remember-I'm an hour ahead) to catch the performance - it was very good. In fact if I was still in the Uk I'd be following them around from concert to concert (just as I did when Bowie did Ziggy - much to the worry of my folks)

Carol said...

I've just been thinking about the fact that I said in my last comment that I think we have similar musical taste.....If you've not heard any of their music yet I suggest that you check out Florence and The Machine. They have just released their first album and I am totally addicted to it!!

C x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I happen to be blogging about Florence + The Machine demain, tomorrow!

I am now off to Youtube to check out your attempts to besmirch the entente cordiale, FF - Fabulous!

As for my energies - I have none, my dahlink - Too busy blogging!

BTW, my back went twang while bending to do laundry at the weekend - Do you think it's possible for it to go again, or do you think it might be the weak core muscles - I know that in spite of your op, FF, you still obviously suffer with your back, poor thing...

Hope you're feeling better soon x

Anonymous said...

The video has good sound. What were those folks complaining about?
When I saw Springsteen and the coverage of the Vielles Charrues on the news, I thought of you, hoping you had a good time!

French Fancy said...

Dedene - I wish I could remember exactly what Mr FF explained to me about sound through the television but it will not have been the same sound as that heard live at a festival. He used lots of words like digital and analogue.

I can confirm that their live sound at this festival was poor, really poor

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Amazing the difference between what the video could get (probably had some kind of direct feed from the microphones? -- I know nothing about sound technology) and what carried over the live crowd. It's too bad!

French Fancy said...

that was it - Contem - direct digital feed - that was what Mr FF talked about. We were standing right beside the huge column of speakers at the back of the crowd - maybe we should not have been so near them.

French Fancy said...

plus this recording is direct from Virgin television - channel 17 out here in France

French Fancy said...

Carol, yes I do like Florence and the Machine - been watching quite a few festivals during this summer's tv and have seen them about four times now. They are pretty good.

AWONI - I have very weak core muscles - my stomach ones are more or less non-existent. I'm trying to remember to pull them in at every opportunity - that is the best way to strengthen one's back. Sorry to hear you are also suffering.

LadyFi said...

Oh those French - so hard to impress! Still, The Killers have lots of fans so I guess they are not too bothered.

Nora Johnson said...

Can't stop, FF - off to check out the YouTube revelations!

PS I wonder if Sarkozy will feel it incumbent (as he so often does) to intervene...!!

Lulu LaBonne said...

I've been thinking of you as I'm getting continuous assault by the publicity for a doc going out about Byron starting Monday on 4, will you be able to see it?

*whispers* I don't like The Killers

French Fancy said...

Ladyfi - I think something must have happened to the band whilst they were at the festival. In the local paper's pull-out souvenir edition of the festival every band is photographed during their set bar The Killers. It appears they would not let the press take their picture. Now they are normally meant to be cool, easy-going guys so the vibe must not have been right somehow

Nora - actually the three songs in the clips here are not my favourite ones of theirs - it's always the way

Lulu - ta for this - the OU sent out a thing about it about 6 weeks ago. I'm looking forward to it and hope it is not too gimmicky. I hope there are no re-enactments with actors and that Everett does not camp it up too much.

Never mind aboout your whisper - there are quite a lot of their tracks that I skip.

the fly in the web said...

I can't get at the Youtube thingy...will have to wait for a friend with a brain to get at it when she comes over on Sunday.
Live event and TV?
Well, I liked going to cricket matches, but I saw a hell of a lot more on the, of course, unless I cough up for Sky that is a thing of the past, so I join the huddled groups round the radio for Test Match Special.

Nora Johnson said...

Dear FF!
Thanks so much for your lovely comment at my place and just to let you know you won't be included in the draw! But of course you're welcome to the meme as a special Xmas gift to a dear blogpal like yourself!

But can’t stop ‘cos got to visit the 60 odd other participants and other visitors!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you again soon!


Hadriana's Treasures said...

FF...Thank you SO much for all your wonderful comments over at mine. They are really cheering me up.

I used to be so uptodate with bands..I used to get Smash Hits and The Face all the time. I had the first editions of those...what did I do...I threw them out. What would they be worth now?

I keep hearing about The Killers and Florence in the Machine and reading about them. Must watch your clips and get onto You Tube.

I so totally agree with fly in the web about cricket...must pop over to his/her site and commiserate.

Up to date group these days? Hmm. I bought Coldplay's CD about a year late because I liked Life in Technicolor only to find that I should have bought Life in Technicolor #2 (not on the CD but played continuously on Radio 2). To what depths have I plumbed?

And just managed to buy Pink Floyd's Division Bell because I'd taped it years ago from the one I'd bought for my ex. He took the CD with him. I played the tape in the car and the last half of the last track was missing.

Ten years later I got to hear it.

(Sorry this has turned into a Joycian novel!!!)

Ayak said...

I have presented you with the Honest Scrap Award

Cynthia said...

More and more I'm finding staying at home so much easier than dealing with the crowds. It's good to get out if you want to interact with people and place. I'm still downloading these videos. It takes a few minutes. I want to see what all the excitement is about "The Killers!" Love to you!

Veggie Carrie said...

At least you got the atmosphere of being there, if not the sound. Next time you can watch at home with Poppy and Misty!

P.S. The Killers remind me of Muse in that top clip.

Veggie Carrie said...

P.P.S. I saw something in Waitrose today which reminded me of you. It was a giant french fancy, the size of a normal cake. I didn't realise they could be made so big!

French Fancy said...

fly in the web - huddled around the radio with a group of like-minded friends sounds just perfect to me. TV makes everything just too easy sometimes

Nora - was it the Paul Newman story then?

Hade -even though I live with someone years younger than me it is I that stay in touch better with music news - maybe it is desperation for lost youth or maybe I just like the music :p

Ayak - aw, I've already done it a while back and it seems cheating to do it again -but thank you

cyn - they do some better songs than the ones I've linked to - maybe your daughter has some CDs?

Carrie - I've read about the huge cakes but never seen them - actually I don't like fondant icing really but I do like the look of a fancy

Ann said...

"maybe it is desperation for lost youth or maybe I just like the music :p"

Nothing to do with lost youth FF, music is in your soul, and it will always stay there, I cannot ever imagine not loving music, from being very young, music was always with me.

French Fancy said...

Ann - me too. My dad being a musician meant that music was always around in one form or other somewhere in the house.

Thinking of you.