Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tag alert

I have been tagged by hadriana's treasures to tell you six random things about myself.

I once arrived at a party after a long convoluted journey to get there, went straight upstairs to the loo then came out of the bathroom and fell down the stairs. I banged my head on the wall and ended up in Casualty with concussion which later became two black eyes. No, I had not been taking anything - the heel had come off my shoe and I just lost my balance. Once back from the hospital I spent the rest of the time in the corner of the room with a banging headache and feeling miserable. It was too far away from home for anyone to volunteer to drive me back and the shock my parents had when I returned the following morning - well, you can imagine.

When I was young I had an imaginary friend. Nothing odd about that really, except that mine was a headmistress called Katherine Anderson who had a sister called Victoria

I can't ride a bike, so I ride a trike instead.

I once fell into Regents Park lake whilst out boating with a couple of friends. It is quite deep in the middle, I lost my shoes and a crowd gathered at the side laughing at us. This was in the days before mobile phones (although I suppose it would have got wet anyway) so we walked to Baker Street Station, rang my parents and sat on the pavement waiting for them. All the passengers on the many many buses that passed us had a right old laugh.

I love all the beach communities along the USA west coast and once got obsessed with the idea of living in Santa Barbara. If the means had presented themselves, who knows?

I once won a trip to Bangkok but it was just for one. I stayed in a suite in one of the top hotels, had two bathrooms and a chambermaid sitting outside the room to tidy it each time I left. I palled up with two American guys also staying at the hotel, one of whom asked me to pretend to be his wife so that the three of us could go to the red light district without him being hassled by women of the night. I agreed, but they hassled both of us instead - 'you want threesome?'

Right, now it's my turn to find six bloggers to do the same and I've selected
just a moment of miscellany

I wonder if these tag posts are the blogging equivalent of chain letters. I never send emails like that on to anyone - I want that noted in my defence.


nikkicrumpet said...

Ya know...it's okay that you tag me...but c'mon...how am I EVER gonna come up with things that don't pale in comparison to THOSE stories. Sheees I never realized how boring I was until I read your random things. I'm gonna have to totally make stuff up so as not to put everyone into a blah coma. hmmmm...or maybe I could just push everyone down the stairs!

Thanks for thinking of me. I'll try to do this justice...but don't take any bets.

Jessica said...

I'm loving your blog! :) Yours is the most interesting list of six random things that I've read!

Dumdad said...


Without wanting to sound like a sourpuss, I don't do memes. I explain why in a blogpost here:


This post includes a great meme as posed by Bernard Pivot. And my cat Scabby answers it in full.

French Fancy said...

nikki - you are not boring. How do I know that? It's because I read your blog and it's anything but boring. You mustn't make anything up though - if you do I'll know :)

Jessica - thank you for such kind words but I have read so many interesting and funny 'random things' I can't possibly believe mine are the best. You must be looking in the wrong places:) Thanks again though.

Dumdad - what can I say? If I'd read that entry of yours from last year I never would have tagged a sourpuss (sorry Scabby) like you.

blogthatmama said...

FF I will try!! I'm crap at the tagging, find it hard to get around to doing it. Blogthatmamax

marc aurel said...

I've done my duty. Further back I read the rules. I also learned how to place a link under a word or words. Yupee! Now, if I could only get spellcheck on Leave your comment.

Fred said...

Nice to learn six fun facts about you. Thanks for not tagging me.

Bill Stankus said...

My 6 things will appear midnight Pacific coast time.



French Fancy said...

marc - I'll go and check out your six random facts and I'm delighed you can link. I expect to see lots of them now :)

blogthatmama - I know you must be cursing me, but I had to do my duty.

fred - You're too busy marking all those papers to do random facts.

Bill - well you're very busy too but it would be good to find out more about you.

Carol and Chris said...

Absolutely fantastic six random things....really enjoyed reading this!!

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Oh....and I know exactly what you mean about Bangkok's red light district!! When Chris and I went it was me that was propositioned...he was most upset about it!!

C x

French Fancy said...

Carol - those women, eh? brazen hussies one and all, but I must say that I did find them quite a lot of fun. What I hated were the loos in those clubs and in fact it was because of the state of them that I cut my visit short, left the two Americans to get up to all sorts and got a tuktuk back to the hotel.

When I met up with the guys at breakfast they were trying to think up a plan to smuggle their one-nighters out of their rooms because those sort of women were frowned on at such a swish establishment. I think they'd slipped the night porter some cash when they'd arrived back.

natural attrill said...

That made me laugh, fancy having a headmistress as an imaginary friend???!
Thanks for your kind comments on Toby's work - we are very proud!

French Fancy said...

Penny, it's good to 'see' you here. Yes, Mrs Anderson played a big part in my life for a while but when I was good she allowed me to call her Kathy. I wonder what a shrink would make of it all :)

Toby is a star in the making, well not so much the making as he is pretty much 'made'. It must be those remarkable genes.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Good for you, French Fancy, and I like your random list as well. I'm ambivalent about these tags and the "followers" thing as well but hey, I thought, why not?

French Fancy said...

Hadriana - the words almost typed themselves, very little forethought went into them. Story of my life really - 'did things without thinking them through properly' perhaps one day will be on my tombstone (if I hadn't specified that I wanted to be cremated, that is).